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Welcome to Your Special Needs Directory List

When you’re caring for a family member with special needs, having extra help is always appreciated. Here you’ll find an abundance of useful resources to help you in every aspect of the care and development of your loved one.

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  • Allied Law Group
    My law firm obtains documents from government agencies (including school districts) under laws such as the Freedom of Information Act. We find “smoking gun” documents you can use to advocate for your special needs loved one. My son has special needs so I know what you’re going through.

  • DayOne Reliance Incorporated
    DayOne Reliance is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that establishes special needs trust for families of individuals with special needs through education and case management without jeopardizing eligibility for government benefits or entitlements.

  • Disability Law Center
    The Disability Law Center (DLC) is a private non-profit organization. We are designated as the Protection and Advocacy agency for the state of Utah to protect the rights of people with disabilities in Utah. Our Mission is to enforce and strengthen laws that protect the opportunities, choices and legal rights of people with disabilities in Utah.

  • Education Law Resource Center and NHEdLaw, LLC.
    NHEdLaw’s mission is to improve the quality of education for all students by providing information, training and resources.

  • Michigan Education Law Center
    A Michigan based professional LLC providing parents, students, teachers, and administrators with law related resources

  • Michigan Protection & Advocacy Service, Inc.
    Our goal is to advance the dignity, equality, self-determination, and expressed choices of individuals. Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service, Inc. (MPAS) promotes, expands and protects the human and legal rights of people by providing them with information and advocacy.

  • West Suburban Access News Association
    A nationwide web site with over 500 posts of information for individuals with disabilities and their families. Information on ADA and other information is found on the web site which expects to welcome its 200,000 visitor before the end of 2009.