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Every human being
has a right to live life
to his or her fullest potential.

Desperation and fear
are Mankind's oldest enemies.
A society may fairly be judged
by the extent to which it spares
its most vulnerable citizens
from having to endure them.

Self-sufficiency is less satisfying
to the soul than caring
for one another.

As Mankind truly is one family,
what benefits any one of us
enhances the lives of us all.
Those of us with greater needs
enable their loved ones
by enabling them to feel needed.

Make it possible for people
(both the less and more fortunate)
to achieve peace of mind.

To love another
means you can't feel things
are okay until you know
they feel that way.
Your peace of mind
depends on knowing you've helped
bring peace of mind to the other.

Live and help live
Provide a person
with the means to live
a fuller life and you give more
meaning to yours.

Help those with special needs
attain greater independence
and security.

If only the strong were to survive,
wouldn't all of our lives
be greatly diminished?

Prepare. Protect. Provide.
The families who count on us
expect nothing less.


Stay current with Protected Tomorrows latest services, products and announcements to enhance your life or the life of a loved one with special needs. Also, see the news stories featuring Protected Tomorrows and founder Mary Anne Ehlert’s expertise in future care planning.

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Protected Tomorrows NEWS RELEASES
January Protected Tomorrows is Collaborating with Bethesda Lutheran Communities to Offer Its Resources to Families and Their Loved ones with Disabilities (pdf)
 August Lincolnshire-based Special Needs Advocacy Firm Joins Americans Acknowledging Strides in the Civil Rights Movement Protected Tomorrows sets the tone for the “Dream Big” movement (doc)
 May Unraveling the Complex Web of Educational Options for Children with Disabilities Protected Tomorrows offers the 411 on IEPs May 14 (doc)
 March Special Needs Advocacy Firm Educates Parents and Individuals on Future Care Planning During National Disabilities Awareness Month (doc)
 January Financial Planning Association and Protected Tomorrows, Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance (pdf)
  Chicago Area Advocacy Firm Introduces Special Needs Family Membership Community to Allay Fears, Anxiety and Aloneness (pdf)
 May Protected Tomorrows Goes Global As It Establishes A Prescence in the United Kingdom and Beyond (pdf)
 August Online Planning System Brings Peace of Mind to Families with Special Needs (pdf)
 July Financial Professionals Build Business, Reduce Risks Through Web-based Program from Protected Tomorrows (pdf)


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