Recommended Tools for Your Journey: The Online Future Care Planning System

Protected Tomorrows Online Future Care Planning System was launched in October, 2009. Subscribers have found that the online system has become a valuable tool that has helped simplify and organize their plans for the future of their loved one with special needs. I am pleased and excited to share that the recent implementation of new technology has allowed us to make the system available at an even more affordable price.

The Online Future Care Planning System is a dynamic, interactive tool to help you on each step of your journey toward developing a future care plan specific to your individual needs. Our easy-to-navigate system allows you to identify and create a flexible, step-by-step plan that focuses on your unique future goals, hopes and dreams. The steps will help you:

  • bring together your vision of the future for your loved one with special needs;
  • prepare for meetings with your special needs attorney and financial advisor;
  • prepare for the government benefit application process; and
  • search for valuable services and resources to help you locate the best places for your family member to live, learn, work and play.

A great feature that is included as a part of the online future care system is the “My Special Life” book. Here, you can chronicle information that is critical to the future caregiving needs of your loved one. The beauty of this online book is that you can completely customize it to your own needs. Categories can be individually selected and each section can be printed separately. Everything you need can be stored in one convenient location.  Photos can even be added to help complete your story.

Our online system was purposefully designed to be completely interactive. You choose who you want to have access to the “My Special Life” book. This gives everyone who plays a crucial role in your plan the ability to assist in planning, tracking and modifying information as your loved one progresses through the different life stages. Think of the “My Special Life” book as the instruction manual for providing comprehensive care both now and into the future. With access to the book, your family and caregivers will never have a question about the care your loved one is to receive.

A one-year subscription license to use the system is now only $129.95, and includes one Client Manager user login for one client (family member with special needs).  Annual subscription renewal is a very affordable $29.95 and is renewed automatically.  You may cancel your subscription at any time prior to annual renewal.

Take the first step toward creating a valuable future care plan that will be uniquely yours to update and manage as your family member’s needs change throughout their life. Go to the Protected Tomorrows Family Store to purchase your subscription and get started on your journey.