Take A Breath! Relaxation Tips for Caregivers

Caring for others can be stimulating and inspirational on the best of days, but stressful and draining on the worst. Even typical days can leave you giving so much to others that you forget to keep a reserve for yourself. When the tank is empty and stress takes over, making small changes to your daily routine can make a huge difference. Follow these relaxation tips to give you back your peace of mind, body, and soul!

Breathe Deeply

When stressed, our breathing often becomes shallow. Make a conscious effort to deepen your breaths by “breathing with your belly.” Place your hands on your stomach and make them rise and fall with each breath. As you exhale, imagine that you are pushing out all of your frustration. You’ll be left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Go for a Walk

When a situation becomes stressful, go for a walk! The rhythm of walking can be soothing, and a change of scenery and some fresh air can be invigorating. Given the chance to rest, your mind may just come up with a solution for your problems.

Get Lost In a Book

If you can’t physically leave your stress behind, consider getting lost in a book instead. Pick up something mindless, or even re-read a childhood favorite. If you’re stuck for ideas, ask your public librarian for suggestions.

Write It All Out

Whether you like to journal or write poetry, turning your attention to a creative matter will literally take your thoughts off of your stress. Engage your imagination and you will be surprised at how different the world will seem.

PhotosToGoUnlimited-824541Relax in the Bath

A warm bath may be an oldy, but it’s still a goody when it comes to relaxation. There’s nothing like a quiet room, some warm bubbles and even a few flickering candles to give your mind a rest. Put on some good music, close your eyes and enjoy the experience.

Indulge in a Massage

A massage is a fantastic way to have the stress rubbed right out of you. Make sure to let your therapist know if there is a particular area, such as your shoulders, that you would like worked on. Consider having an aromatherapy massage for total indulgence.

Meditate or Pray

Any attempt to connect to yourself or a higher power can have a profoundly relaxing effect. If you are new to meditation, practice sitting in a quiet room and attempt to empty your mind. Alternately, focus on a particular saying or prayer. Incorporate this quiet time into your daily routine.

Stretch Away the Stress

Take a few minutes to stretch and relieve the tension in your body. Find a quiet floor space and make small circles with your head and shoulders, stretch out your calves and hamstrings, and touch your toes. Make up your own variations as you go along, and feel the stress seep away.

Often times we don’t realize that we are becoming stressed until we are already there. Relaxing needn’t be complicated or expensive, and it shouldn’t disrupt your daily routine. Instead, incorporate these tips into your lifestyle and enjoy a healthier, happier day!

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