Access & Financing

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  • Arts4Autism
    Our intent is to give the gift of the arts and technology through donated musical instruments, arts supplies, and tablets and along with proper training to children and young adults with autism, their families, and the educational programs and schools that could make use of them. We also plan to fund applications to use with the technology. We plan to help the arts in schools as well as promote inclusion of people on the spectrum. Tablets, and musical instruments are a very kinesthetic devices and they make learning easier for many people with autism. Tablets like Apple iPads aid in education and improve the level of involvement in many aspects of their lives. However, a decent tablet runs $400-$800 which is very expensive for most families of people with autism. In addition, musical instruments, the arts such as dance classes are very costly to the individual. We also hope, plan and intend to give the gift of music and the arts, and to save the music especially for people with autism and special needs. Schools are very short on funding especially for the arts and music. Most parents of kids with autism cannot afford instruments, band trips, choir events and other arts materials. We want to help. We will donate musical instruments to people with autism and education to improve quality of life. In addition, we will give the resources to provide help to theatre programs in both private and in public schools, as well as other arts that accept people with autism in their programs. We strive to promote inclusion and acceptance. In order to further the quality of life for people with autism we want to expose them to cultural events. We will donate tickets, to musical events, theater, and other arts to enrich their lives. I feel that many people with autism are talented in the arts and music. Even if not talented in the arts, I feel they can definitely benefit from the exposure to arts, music and technology.

  • Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs
    The Association of Assistive Technology Act Programs is a national, membership organization of State Assistive Technology (AT) Act Programs. State AT Programs are located in every state, US territory & the District of Columbia and provide services to help people learn about and get AT. State AT Programs provide a continuum of services including: Information & Assistance; Training; Device Demonstration; Device Loan; Device Reutilization (such as online listings of AT for sale or wanted; refurbishment and reassignment of AT and open-ended loan); and State Financing Activities (such as financial loan programs, lease-to-buy programs, cooperative buy programs). To find the AT Program in your state visit the homepage of ATAP’s website & select “Get Help In Your State”.