Magazines & Blogs

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  • Ability Magazine
    Ability Magazine is an award winning publication distributed bt Time Warner with a combined online and print readership of more than one million. For nearly 20 years, our mission has been to provide new insights into our individual levels of ability.

  • Active Living Magazine
    Featuring adapted activities, products and places for healthy living, Active Living magazine has steadily redefined what physical activity means for people with disabilities for 18 years.

  • Area Autism Search – Northeast Florida
    News and information useful for families with Autism in the Northeast Florida region.

  • LRP Publications
    Founded in 1977 by Kenneth Kahn, a practicing employment law attorney, LRP (then known as Labor Relations Press) first published case reporters for the legal profession. As the company grew, it became known as LRP Publications. For 25 years, LRP’s fast-paced, results-oriented environment has helped it to expand – both internally and externally. LRP publishes both Human Resource Executive® magazine and Risk and Insurance® magazine and more than 120 newsletters in the fields of human resources, workers compensation, education administration, law and higher education.

  • New Mobility Magazine
    New Mobility encourages the integration of active-lifestyle wheelchair users into mainstream society, while simultaneously reflecting the vibrant world of disability-related arts, media, advocacy and philosophy. Our stories foster a sense of community and empower readers to: participate in all areas of life, including education, work, love, sex, home ownership, parenting, sports, recreation, travel and entertainment. As well as, be informed of and take charge of health concerns obtain appropriate technology and assert legal rights.

  • Palaestra
    PALAESTRA’s mission is threefold: first, to enlighten parents in all aspects of physical activity, thus making them the best possible advocates for their children during IEP (Individual Education Plan) discussions with the school or community recreation staff; second, to increase the knowledge base of those professionals working with children or adults with disabilities, making them aware of the can do possibilities of their clients; third, we would like our adult readers to learn the value physical activity holds for their increased wellness.

  • Parenting Special Needs Magazine
    Parenting Special Needs Magazine is a FREE, bimonthly, online publication serving the special needs community. Covering all ages and stages of guiding children/individuals with special needs. Empowering parents, caregivers, teachers & friends of special needs children by providing resources, information and inspiration.

  • PVA Publications
    PN, a news/information magazine for people with mobility impairment. MOnthly, PN features a variety of subjects on people profiles, pain managment, or employment. Issues are filled with information on travel, caregiving, healthy living, MS, spinal cord injury research, new products and other issues affecting wheelchair users. Another publication in SPORTS & SPOKES, and this magazine covers competative wheelchair sports and recreational opportunities.

  • Schizophrenia Digest
    Launched in 1994, Schizophrenia Digest is the brainchild of Bill MacPhee, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia at the age of 24. Bill has first-hand knowledge of the isolation felt by those with the disease, and he wanted to create a resource that wasn’t available to him when he was diagnosed. He envisioned a magazine that would provide relevant information about news and research from around the world, as well as reach out to people in a personal way through interviews with others affected by schizophrenia, either directly or indirectly.

    A news feed serving the special needs community of Lake and McHenry Counties. One posting daily (M-F) at this time. Subscribe to get it by email.