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  • Alexian Brothers Behavioral Health
    At Alexian Brothers Behavioral Hospital, we offer comprehensive behavioral health services, from prevention and early intervention to treatment and aftercare. Our mission is to help individuals of all ages learn practical ways to manage mental health and substance abuse problems.

  • Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center Rehabilitation Unit
    Glendale Memorial Hospital and Health Center is a non-profit medical facility committed to providing you the finest medical services, including clinical research and trials. We strive to provide you with a complete range of medical, surgical and obstetrical services. Our advanced technology, combined with our quality of and passion for care, make Glendale Memorial one of the area’s leading hospitals.

  • Rose Hill Center
    Open since 1992, Rose Hill Center is heralded as a leading provider of comprehensive programs that treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, schizoaffective disorder, major depression and other mental illnesses. It’s the only facility of its type in Michigan and one of only a few similar facilities in the U.S. Rose Hill believes people can recover from mental illness when they receive professional psychiatric care, participate in meaningful daily activity, develop mutually supportive relationships and engage in their treatment program. To achieve this, Rose Hill has a full continuum of programs to support the needs of each resident and provide them with insights, life skills, attitudes and medications needed to move to recovery and manage their illness. Rose Hill’s core program is the Residential Rehabilitation Program in which teams of dedicated professionals work together with one goal in mind: helping the residents achieve their highest level of independence. Opened in the summer of 2014, the Co Occurring Rehabilitation Program is designed specifically to meet the unique treatment needs of people who have a mental illness and are also struggling with alcohol use, prescription medication use and/or illegal substance use. The Transitional Living Program offers townhouse living on Rose Hill’s campus and is designed for those who need additional guidance before moving back to the community. The Community Support Program supports individuals who have participated in Rose Hill’s on-campus programming and are now residing independently in nearby communities. The Extended Residential Program provides a safe haven for those who need the continued oversight of a structured program. Rose Hill’s professional mental health team and support staff direct a comprehensive program, including clinical care, a therapeutic work program (horticulture, animal care, kitchen and housekeeping), job readiness classes, social interaction, and recreation. Concurrently, a Rose Hill psychiatrist works closely with each patient to develop an effective medication regimen that establishes the stability required to participate in the rehabilitation process and recover to live more independent lives.

  • Streamwood Behavioral Health Systems
    Streamwood Behavioral Health Center has provided mental health treatment to our local community, the Chicagoland area and the state of Illinois since 1991. We are dedicated to providing services to meet the emotional and behavioral health needs of the ever-changing child and adolescent community.