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Find an Advocate. Find Peace of Mind

Whether you're a parent, sibling, or guardian, having the right support network in place is crucial for ensuring the well-being and future security of your loved one. At Protected Tomorrows, we understand the importance of finding a dedicated advocate who can provide professional guidance and personal support tailored to your family's unique circumstances.

Why Seek an Advocate?

A Plan for Holistic Support


Expert Guidance

Protected Tomorrows Advocates are trained professionals with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with special needs and their families. They can provide invaluable guidance on legal, financial, and other special needs matters.


Access to Resources

Advocates have access to a wealth of resources and networks within the special needs community. They can connect you with support groups, job coaching, government agencies, and other relevant services to ensure your loved one receives the assistance they deserve.

How to Find an Advocate


Tell Us About You

We want to get to know you. Tell us your name and share your thoughts and feelings about being a caretaker to someone with special needs.


Tell Us About Your Loved One

Who are you caring for? What makes them unique and what are their needs? We want to know who we are providing resources to so we can better meet your and their needs.


Tell Us Where You Are

This one is simple. Where are you and your loved one located? We need this information to match you with an advocate who is near you.


Tell Us About the Assistance You Hope to Receive

What areas do you and your loved one need support in? Is there anything specific that you are seeking? We can help with all facets of life from government benefits to lifecare planning to housing and everything in between.

Find an Advocate

Protected Tomorrows can help you locate an Advocate that can work with you. Fill out a form to find out more info.

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