Special Education Lay Advocacy Services

Lay advocacy representation gives you greater piece of mind knowing that you have our experience and expertise to fall back on but at a lower cost than what an attorney would charge for a similar level of service. We do not practice law; we practice diplomacy with the procedural requirements of the special education process in mind. Our lay advocacy services include requesting and reviewing student records, making recommendations to IEP and 504 teams to help facilitate the most cost-effective delivery of an appropriate program possible, corresponding on behalf of parents with public education agencies, attending IEP and 504 meetings with parents in a representative capacity, and negotiating resolutions of disputes with public education agency representatives on parents’ behalves. We view litigation as the very last resort and will only recommend that parents pursue compliance complaints and/or due process when no other options for timely diplomatic resolution remain. If it becomes necessary to file for due process or engage in any other type of litigation, we assist parents in locating an ethical, qualified public-interest-law attorney familiar with special education. Attorneys’ fees and costs can be recoverable upon prevailing in litigation or as a condition of settlement. While we are headquartered in Southern California, thanks to teleconferencing technologies, we are able to remotely represent students throughout the United States and its territories. We remain available to travel to different locations should parents wish to cover our travel expenses.