A Family’s Perspective on Government Benefits

(60 min)

Note: Eligible for 1.0 Hr CFP CE Credits – Click here for Certificate of Completion (pdf)

Government benefits for individuals with special needs are a crucial consideration when planning for their future. However, discussion of eligibility for government benefits can evoke varying emotions for families with special needs. Emotions range from apprehension and frustration while facing the application process, to relief and satisfaction when an approval is achieved. Mary Anne Ehlert shares some of her experiences with families who have been through the application process and are now receiving the government benefits they need and/or are entitled to.

Topics Discussed:

– Example of what SSI covers for a person with a disability.
And how important it is to their cash flow needs
– Example of what Medicaid covers for a person with a disability, and
how it can coordinate with their health insurance. The coordination of
group and individual health insurance with Medicaid provides critical coverage
– The importance of Medicaid beyond medical coverage, and how it provides
access to programs that are critical to future funding of a person with special needs
– Food Stamps and how they help a person with special needs
– Example of how a person with special needs has been negatively impacted by
accounts set up improperly in their name, and the financial and emotional impact
to the family.
– How a high net worth family feels that Medicaid has a negative connotation,
but later learns how critical it is to their family member.