When and How to Introduce a Client to Protected Tomorrows

How do I know when to refer my client to Protected Tomorrows?

Below is a list of some of the questions financial advisors like you may ask clients to help determine when to reach out to Protected Tomorrows to discuss a client with special needs. You might also use Protected Tomorrows’ guides, “Glossary of Common Disabilities,” “Special Needs Terminology” or the “Special Needs Fact Sheet” to ascertain if there are other questions that might uncover a client’s need.

  1. Does your client have a family member with special needs?
  2. Does your client provide financial support to someone with a disability?
  3. Does your client have a family member who participates in an IEP (Individualized Education Program), or who attends special education classes or occupational therapy?
  4. Does your client have a family member who is receiving or who may receive SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance), SSI (Social Security Income) or Medicaid benefits?
  5. Is your client or any member of your client’s family named in a special needs trust?
  6. Does your client have a family member who is 18 to 65 and requires or may require residential care?
  7. Has the client provided you with information that suggests special needs planning is required?


If you answered YES to any of the above questions, either you or your client should contact Protected Tomorrows to discuss the client’s situation with a Special Needs Coordinator. Protected Tomorrows’ experienced professionals will work with you to help determine the level of special needs planning the client may require.


How do I refer my client to Protected Tomorrows?

Our goal at Protected Tomorrows is to provide assistance to our professional members who have clients with family members who have special needs. If you wish to set up a meeting to introduce your client to a Protected Tomorrows Coordinator and begin the process of special needs planning, simply:

  • Call 866-544-6333.  We will take your call, 9 am to 5 pm, CT, non-holiday, weekdays
    Or, if you prefer,
  • Email us at members@protectedtomorrows.com and we will get back to you within 24 hours during the business week, or as soon as possible the next business day.  In your email, please specify your preferred method of contact (phone, email, etc.)

We would be happy answer any questions you may have in advance of an introductory meeting. Also, if you prefer, you may have your client call us directly or send an email to the same address as above.


What can I expect during an introductory meeting with Protected Tomorrows?

During the initial consultation the client and advisor are given the opportunity to discuss the situation with a Protected Tomorrows special needs coordinator. This approach offers the necessary time to talk about the family member with special needs, as well as their hopes, dreams and fears about the future care of their loved one.

If appropriate, the special needs coordinator will discuss the services that Protected Tomorrows offers which are applicable to the client’s needs, including the Process for Protected Tomorrows™, benefits, education, employment and housing. A quotation for service fees can be developed and a Service Agreement would be prepared for review. Once Protected Tomorrows has completed the agreed upon services, the Special Needs Plan is communicated and can be incorporated into the overall financial plan for the client.

Keep in mind, as the client’s financial advisor; you remain in control of the relationship and the services that should be provided. By partnering with Protected Tomorrows, you can minimize your business risk related to special needs planning, deepen your client relationships and build your business.


How am I kept apprised of your progress for special needs planning?

Our systems and policies are designed to ensure the best interests of the advisor and his/her client are put first. We want to be sure that the client is comfortable with the service received and that the advisor has confidence that he/she will always be informed on the status. To accomplish this, we ensure that all coordinators are kept abreast of the progress with their client. In addition, our tracking systems have been created to ensure that the referring advisor is kept up to date on special needs planning milestones and remains the provider of products or services in which he/she specializes.


What else do I need to know?

Protected Tomorrows is the leader in enhancing the lives of families who have members with disabilities. Our work includes over 20 years of experience in this area along with real, personal interactions with a great many clients. Our level of client satisfaction for special needs is unequaled, and we will do whatever is necessary to provide the highest possible level of service in the area of special needs planning.