Critical Planning Strategies for Families with Special Needs

calender-icon February 08, 2021
clock-icon 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Sponsored by:  Virginia Tech
Speakers:   Mary Anne Ehlert, President & Founder, Protected Tomorrows, Inc. and Sydney Woodward, Financial Planning Associate, Ehlert  Financial Group


*** This is a private event ***

Attendees will learn about the complex financial and legal strategies that are critical to successful planning for a family with an individual with special needs.  20% of the population of the United States has a disability, and therefore, liability can exist if the needs are ignored in the planning process. Covered will be government benefits, special needs trusts, ABLE accounts, implications to divorce planning, as well as changes needed in social security retirement planning. Other discussions will revolve around the needs and fears that families face, difficult decisions that must make. Even the parents’ pensions need to be understood and how they might be impacted.

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