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At Protected Tomorrows, we know that caring and planning for the future of a family member with special needs is often overwhelming. We take your hand and guide you through the process of planning that future, alleviating your anxieties and transforming your uncertainty into positive action that not only secures a brighter future for your loved one with special needs, but helps you and your family member to grow on your journey together. More>


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  1. Join us June 13th for our 6th class of 2024 Parent University: Father’s Day Month at it’s Best – Dads, Dads, and More Dads! The Important Role of Dad in the Planning for the Future
  2. On-Line Educational Tutorials – Ready NOW! ($2.99 – $10.99)
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  4. Advocate Program – More information Here

What is Protected Tomorrows?

Our founder, Mary Anne Ehlert, CFP, had a successful career in the financial industry when she decided to act on her lifelong desire to specialize in serving the families of the disabled. The source of her inspiration was very dear to her heart. Mary Anne herself had come from such a family. Her younger sister, Marcia, to whom she felt especially close, suffered severe mental handicaps due to cerebral palsy. Although their parents were naturally determined that Marcia should get the best possible care, they had also been understandably confused how best to plan and provide for her future.

“How do you Integrate Tax Planning Into your Overall Plan?”

Presented by: Mary Anne Ehlert, CEO and Founder of Protected Tomorrows

Sponsored by: Center for Independent Futures

During this free webinar, Mary Anne Ehlert discusses how to integrate tax planning into your overall plan. Tax Planning is different when you have a loved one with Special Needs. Mary Anne, along with guest speaker Amy Floyd, addresses various tax planning questions.

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“U.S. special-needs families face complex retirement planning.” Reuters article by Mark Miller

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