Competent Learner Model
Developed over 30 years and written by Board Certified Behavior Analysts, the Competent Learner Model© provides developmentally appropriate assessment, curriculum, staff training, consultation, and direct services for educators and parents of birth to 3, pre-school and school-age children with a diagnosis of autism, pervasive developmental disorders, other developmental disabilities and challenging behavioral difficulties. The primary focus of the Competent Learner Model (CLM) is on developing the seven repertoires that all learners need in order to perform well in educational settings and to function successfully in daily life. These repertoires are based upon a behavioral analysis of functional language that provides a framework for developing participation, communication, problem solving, observation, listening, and the pre-academic skills of reading and writing. The CLM is designed to build a bridge of cooperation and understanding across the school and home learning environments while supporting the goals and recommendations of the 2001 National Research Council publication, Educating Children with Autism. The CLM promotes consistency in programming across all settings.