Signs of Learning – Sign Language for Babies and Young Children
Signs of Learning creates an educational and fun atmosphere where babies and young children, as well as their parents, educators, early intervention specialists, and caregivers, learn the basics of American Sign Language (ASL). A basic ASL vocabulary can empower children to express their needs and feelings before they can speak. Signs of Learning provides workshops, classes, and playgroups designed to teach babies and their caregivers the basics of ASL in a playful, language-rich, educational environment. These opportunities equip babies and their caregivers with the tools they need to nurture their potential. Signs of Learning believes that this system of communication can open a channel for a deeper connection between children and their parents, educators, and caregivers. By integrating ASL into daily routines relationships between adult and child can be strengthened and frustration can be significantly reduced. Signs of Learning stands behind the research that shows ASL enriches children’s speech and language, boosts vocabulary, increases self-confidence, and stimulates intelligence. Signs of Learning is committed to providing quality services that will support the well being of the families it serves.