What We Do


A Helping Hand and
Peace of Mind

At Protected Tomorrows, we know that caring and planning for the future of a family member with special needs is often overwhelming. We take your hand and guide you through the process of planning that future, alleviating your anxieties and transforming your uncertainty into positive action that not only secures a brighter future for your loved one with special needs, but helps you and your family member to grow on your journey together.

Our Areas of Compassionate Guidance

  • Government

    Most of us know that dealing with the government in any capacity can present its own challenges, and navigating those waters on behalf of a loved one with special needs is no exception. We are here to help you to recognize and answer the difficult questions that are so often essential when it comes to understanding what you can — and should — expect from governmental assistance: Is your loved one entitled to government benefits? How do you go about applying for them? What are the pitfalls you need to be aware of? This is a good place to start to begin to learn about how to engage your local, state and federal resources on behalf of your loved one.

  • Legal

    Having the right attorney by your side is crucial when caring for a loved one with special needs. Protected Tomorrows helps you connect with knowledgeable professionals. Your Protected Tomorrows advocate will help you prepare for meetings regarding trustee decisions for your Special Needs Trusts (SNT), including SNTs in your estate planning and understanding the complications and impact of divorce. Learn here about how these answers can shape your loved one's life.

  • Employment

    You want a positive, enriching and friendly work environment for yourself — everyone does. Your loved one with special needs does, too, and Protected Tomorrows is here to ensure that that dream has the best chance of becoming reality. We consider every facet of the workplace environment, from the type of work that’s appropriate for your loved one to the people with whom he or she may work. Here we’ll join you in exploring how to find and keep that “perfect” job, as well as provide job coaching and more.

  • Financial

    Planning your finances can be overwhelming, and when that also involves securing the financial well-being of a loved one with special needs, it brings unique challenges, including Retiring for Three. We provide clarity in the face of questions like “Where do I begin?” and “How will government benefits affect our plans?” Protected Tomorrows provides the answers you need. Let's navigate the world of financial planning together and explore the available options.

  • Residential

    Finding the place that your loved one with special needs can call “home” is crucial. Here you can begin to explore the variety of housing options that are available. Whether you have questions about community living or need to know how to make your own home more accessible and comfortable for your family member with special needs, we can help you get started.

  • Education

    At Protected Tomorrows, we understand the challenges of finding the best options for your child with special needs. We're here to help you navigate early intervention, preschool, elementary, secondary school, and other transitions. Start here to learn about special education, finding suitable childcare, and respite care for your child.

  • Healthcare

    As a caregiver for your loved one with special needs, you are an active participant in their healthcare. From managing medical records to staying updated on new technologies and therapies, you play a significant role in your loved one's healthcare solutions. Through our resources, we provide comfort and confidence in caring for your loved one with special needs.

  • Recreation

    Play is vital for the proper development of any human being. Recreation for your loved one with special needs is not only an important part of their day-to-day well-being, but the right opportunities can also help your family member grow stronger relationships with those around them. Explore a variety of recreation options, including sports, hobbies, social engagements, and travel. Get out there and play together!