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Become a Protected Tomorrows Advocate

Filling the Support Network Gap

People with special needs are deserving of support from both their loved ones and professionals in their community, but there is a large gap between those who need support and those who can give it. As a Protected Tomorrows Advocate, you can help your special needs neighbors build brighter futures by offering professional advice and services, as well as a personal connection.



A Protected Tomorrows Advocate…

  • Is an established professional.
  • Has personal ties to or a passion for helping the special needs community.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to serving the special needs market.


We need you to become an Advocate because…

  • Nearly 20% of the population has disabilities, and for those 65 and older, it’s 40.5%.
  • Disabilities affect people regardless of age, economics, gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.
  • The demand for Future Care Plans is large, and crucial for individuals, families, and society.
  • By meeting this demand, you will be making a positive impact every day.


To be an Advocate you will…

  • Integrate your professional practices with Protected Tomorrows initiatives and special needs community needs.
  • Educate people in the special needs community through consultations, presenting to groups, consulting with Protected Tomorrows support staff, and providing life plans to families.
  • Take on an invaluable role, helping families navigate future care planning for their loved ones with special needs.

Ready to Be an Advocate?

Apply Now

If you are well-equipped to become an Advocate and are ready to make an impact on the lives of those with special needs, apply now! We will send a link to an information video to review along with an application.

3-Step Training Program


Training Webinars

Participate in comprehensive webinars covering essential topics such as client connection, financial planning, government benefits, special needs trust, techniques for expanding your special needs practice, and more.


Onsite Training

Engage in onsite training sessions focusing on technical and emotional needs, the planning process, insurance solutions, marketing opportunities, and effective coordination with Protected Tomorrows.


Live Online Classes

Attend live online classes via Zoom and learn about addressing your clients' needs. These classes will equip you with the necessary tools to assist in planning for the future.

Apply to Become an Advocate

We would like you to view an Informational Session explaining the program. Fill out this form or call 847-522-8086 to request the session information. Once you have watched the Information Session we will send you an application to complete. It's that easy!

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