Online Future Care Planning System

Guiding the Way for Families With Special Needs

People with special needs often are heavily dependent on their families and loved ones to help them to live a full, enriching life. When you connect with a Protected Tomorrows Advocate, you can take comfort that you have someone with you every step of the way as you plan for the future of your loved one with special needs. We work with you to design a practical and sustainable Future Care Plan, starting with the big picture and working toward the smallest details, focusing on quality of life and peace of mind for the entire family. Our Advocates know the special needs terrain and walk with you through the process, working with attorneys, financial advisors, banks, trust departments, insurance agents, schools, residential facilities, social workers and government agencies to develop the plan that works best for your family.

Let Our Advocates Guide You Through the Protected Tomorrows Process …

  • Stage 1: Take a Candid Look: Look honestly and comprehensively at the future care needs of your special-needs loved one.
  • Stage 2: Create the Future Map: Identify available options and determine the path to protecting your entire family’s future.
  • Stage 3: Filter the Legal Options: Evaluate estate solutions.
  • Stage 4: Capture Potential Benefits: Identify supplemental resources.
  • Stage 5: Document the Wonder: Chronicle your loved one’s special story.
  • Stage 6: Begin the Transition: Evaluate future options for your loved one.
  • Stage 7: Fund the Future: Funding options for your future planning.
  • Stage 8: Review and Renew: Annual review.


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