Charting the Journey

calender-icon June 30, 2018
clock-icon 9:15 am - 10:45 am
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Location: Marriott City Center

Sponsored by:  CDLS National Conference – Minneapolis, MN
Speaker:   Mary Anne Ehlert, President & Founder, Protected Tomorrows, Inc.

-Also attend Mary Anne’s speech at 11:15am – 12:00pm titled “The ABLE Act:EnABLE Savings for Life” following this Speech.

Description: As family members of a person with a disability, we so often tend to view life in light of challenges presented to us. This workshop offers a way to look at our lives in a whole new light.

This presentation will uplift and entertain as well as provide a good basic understanding of some important future care planning facts. Participants will develop the foundation for their family’s own person Eight Step Future Care Plan.

Some topics of discussion include creating a care plan for your loved one with a disability; how to create a map of the future; how to prepare legally and financially; how to incorporate and maximize government benefits; how to prepare for transition; and how to communicate your Future Care Plan to your family.

For more information contact Whitney Rinaldi      or call 800-676-8166