Announcing… Family Retreats

Join us on a NEW Journey!

Join Mary Anne Ehlert at Campowerment on an exclusive endeavor
that will allow you to 
complete all of your future planning
in one place 
and so much more…


Mary Anne will be joined by several professionals at a retreat specifically there for you. These are professionals considered to be leaders in their field of expertise. They will work with you, one on one, for the needs of your loved one with a disability.

Transformative, expert-driven activities wrapped in fun.


Protected Tomorrows, interwoven with programming delivered by America’s Leading Experts in health and wellness, happiness, meditation, positive psychology, business empowerment, accountability, integrity, stress relieving and sound healing. This carefully chosen line-up
will help propel us forward, personally and professionally. We’ll glean insight,
deepen connections, and spark new beginnings as individuals
who are part of this meaningful, powerful, and evolving community.

At Campowerment
Take a Break from the Noise – Rediscover you happy self – Reignite your life!


In March 2019. We’re taking the families to great heights for not just a seminar, but a community-building retreat that will bring insight, connection and new beginnings to the mission we’re chasing, together.

That’s right: we’re taking 50 financial professionals and 50 family members and heading west to Malibu, to Campowerment, a magical place where the Santa Monica Mountains overlook the Pacific Ocean. With Mary Anne and her team of pioneers, we’ll get our mission of Helping Families Plan a Safe, Fulfilling Life for their Loved Ones with Special Needs accomplished at Campowerment, the sleepaway-camp-inspired experience designed to equip grown-ups to live life better.

We’ll retreat to a youthful summer camp built on 800 acres of sacred native land. Breathtaking views from every angle (even the campfire) will provide a landscape for us — financial professionals and families — to converge, convene, laugh, learn, forge connections, disconnect, re-ignite and play while learning from key experts to help you with your families future care plans.



Taking in the landscape, connecting and focusing on the opportunities to learn where you fit into it all, while you take a step back and channel your inner 12-year-olds, then introduce those rascals to the fierce adults we’ve grown into, blazing new trails specific to you and your family’s needs.

From Friday, March 15th – Monday, March 18th, we’ll ditch OUR suits for sweatpants (or whatever you want to wear, really) and get real. We’ll bunk together. We’ll eat really well no sloppy joe’s here! Gourmet, healthy, grown-up fare…with happy hour thrown in for good measure. We’ll learn, we’ll grow, we’ll connect, and step outside our boxes… even gathering to sing ‘round the campfire…and lots s’more…

So, join us! Let’s take your mission with us to the mountaintop, as we wrap our programming in an expert-driven, perspective-shifting, community-building, hoot-and-hollering good time.

Friday March 15th, 2019 –Monday March 18th, 2019
3 nights in communal bunking accommodations
9 delicious meals
3 game-changing Campowerment Experts

2 For 1 Special! $1000   or   $700 per individual

(flight and transportation to the camp is not included-1½ hours from LAX)

For more information call Roberta Costion 847-522-8086
or email

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