Welcome to the LifeCare Design Studio

We are a niche market design/build firm, focusing on serving the special needs of Americans with disabilities (ADA).

We would like to share our mission and our passion with you. Over the years, we have continually been drawn to address the need that exists to provide quality residential options for Americans with special needs.

According to the 2003 U.S. Census Bureau, there are over 77 million individuals with disabilities in the USA. The typical waiting list for appropriate housing for people with special needs in the USA alone is now over 10 years. The need in Canada is similar to that in the USA, where we are currently concentrating our efforts. We plan expansion into Canada as our parent company expands its lifecare planning operations.

LifeCare Design Studio in conjunction with its parent company Protected Tomorrows Inc. is embarking on an all encompassing program to design, build and manage residential and community projects for young adults as well as the elderly with special needs. Funding negotiations have begun to develop these programs through both philanthropic as well as private investment programs.

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