Coaching & Training Library


What’s New with Protected Tomorrows and the Disability Community in 2014 (43:38)
Learn about current legislation, medical updates, and services from Protected Tomorrows.

What Is a Future Care Plan? (6:25)
Learn how creating a Future Care Plan for your loved one with special needs can bring you peace of mind.

Creating the Vision of the Future — Explore the Possibilities! (6:35)
Think outside the box and explore the possibilities of what a safe and fulfilling future for your loved one could be.

Preparing for Future Caregivers — Document the Wonder (7:27)
Think back to the beginning of your journey caring for your loved one. Family members…friends…doctors … behaviors … routines. You have learned so much! How can you document everything there is to know about your loved one in order to ease the transition to future caregivers?

Families Helping Families — Join the Conversation! (26:54)
As a caregiver or family member of a loved one with special needs, we often find ourselves seeking guidance and resources from others who have “walked in our shoes” and have shared similar experiences, frustrations, roadblocks, successes and blessings! The Protected Tomorrows Family Membership is a Web-based community of families helping families — and you are already a MEMBER! This webinar is a walk-through of the Family Membership Community so you can learn how you can play an integral role in building our community.

Government Benefits

Understanding Healthcare in Illinois (44:13)
This workshop is designed to help prepare individuals for the changes and options available in health care with the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The ACA and the Changing Healthcare Insurance Landscape (72:27)
This workshop covers the important items you need to know regarding insurance options and new coverage (both in and outside of the Marketplace), as well as the financial help available to manage increasing costs.

Government Benefits Primer (6:30)
Simplify the complex — SSI, SSDI, Medicare, Medicaid, Asset & Income Limits and more …

Applying for Government Benefits — A How-To Guide (10:26)
Getting started with a few easy tips!

Medicare Primer (2:38)
A quick and basic introduction into Medicare.


Special Needs Trust Primer (7:08)
Is there more than one kind of Special Needs Trust? How does a Special Needs Trust work?