Membership Program FAQ

1. What are the benefits of membership?

Protected Tomorrows unique, web-based membership program:

  • Allows financial professionals like yourself to recognize special needs issues
  • Provides insights to talk confidently with these families and guide them to the right experts
  • Employs an efficient method for accessing these specialized services and approaches
  • Uses a rigorous, disciplined system that ensures special needs clients will return to you, the original financial professional, for all of their other requests in which you specialize
  • Creates a safe, compassionate atmosphere that ensures clients will be well-cared for
  • Enables you to create even deeper relationships with your clients
  • Maximizes your business opportunities while minimizing the risks related to special needs

Site features:

  • Web-based, value-priced membership program
  • No additional commissions or fees on your sales
  • Educational resources to give you a foundation of knowledge in special needs opportunities, risks and solutions
  • Comprehensive tools and insights provided with regular updates
  • Easy to access special needs experts and advice from other advisors
  • Simple process to collaborate with Protected Tomorrows staff

2. How should I contact you if I need help with the member website?

If you have any problems with the member website, please contact Protected Tomorrows at 866-544-6333.

3. What should I do if I am having problems with my account?

If you are having problems with your account, please call 866-544-6333.

4. How can I update my account information if something has changed?

At the site’s homepage, go to the “my account” button at the top left corner and click. 

5. What are the payment terms of my account?

Your membership will last as long as your account payments are up-to-date and you abide by the membership agreement. We will automatically charge the credit card that you provided each quarter for your membership maintenance fees. Should your card expire or if the credit account is no longer valid, your account will be closed unless you provide another credit card number.

6. Who can be a member in Protected Tomorrows Financial Professionals Program?

Any financial services provider, advisor or professional including, but not limited to: financial planners, investment advisors, CPAs, bankers, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, insurance agents and trust officers.

7. What are the requirements of membership?

The only requirements of membership are that members must be financial providers (as defined in question #6), that they keep their account payments up-to-date and that they abide by the terms of the membership agreement which include making Protected Tomorrows the preferred provider of special needs services to the member’s clients.

8. Can I contact other members?

Absolutely — in fact such contact is encouraged by Protected Tomorrows. Collaborating with peers is an excellent way to identify best practices and approaches that work in order to increase confidence when working with families of special needs individuals.