Want to Change Your Life and the Lives of Others? Train to Be a Protected Tomorrows Advocate

Protected Tomorrows is pleased to announce that our next Advocate training class will take place soon at our corporate headquarters located in Lincolnshire, Ill. The class is designed for professionals who are willing to provide a proven, holistic approach for life planning to families with special needs within their community.

The need for properly trained advocates has never been greater. Increasing numbers of people with disabilities, improved medical care and an aging population mean that now, more than ever, proper planning for people with disabilities is critical. Are you ready to help serve this underserved population and make a difference in their lives?

The Protected Tomorrows three-day immersive training class will prepare professionals to utilize our unique and proven eight step process that addresses the fears and the goals of families with special needs.

In addition, we will help professionals understand how to run and market their own special needs practice within their existing business framework. We will also provide you with all the materials needed to get your practice up and running. There’s no need to recreate the wheel, we’ve done everything for you.

Sound good? Well the training and partnership benefits don’t stop here. Later in the first year, Advocates will have additional training on specific topics that arise out of the Process for Protected Tomorrows. We also offer continuous updates on changing laws and regulations pertaining to the special needs community. In the second year, we train our Advocates on the presentation of group workshops, advanced marketing techniques and skill refinement.

It’s also important to note that you are not alone and don’t have to do it all on your own. Along with becoming a trained Advocate, you also get the support of the Protected Tomorrows organization. We support you with ongoing consultation, document review, advice and preparation assistance for speeches, as well as answers to your operational questions. The additional benefits of becoming an Advocate include referrals to qualified families, exposure via national branding of a well-regarded, well respected organization and access to the Protected Tomorrows government benefits application and processing department.

Protected Tomorrows is the leader in enhancing the lives of people with special needs. Our passionate team of professionals has a personal connection with the special needs community and understands the concerns of families firsthand. Your expert facilitators, Mary Anne Ehlert, Founder, and Brian Finn have over 40 years of combined experience with the special needs community and special needs planning. As special needs parents and special needs professionals they bring passion and a unique perspective to their work with the special needs community.

Become a Protected Tomorrows Advocate and you too can achieve the tremendous personal gratification that comes from serving individuals with special needs and their families.

We are looking for professionals who have the spirit of an entrepreneur and the heart of an angel.

Are you ready to change your life and the lives of others? For more information please call 847-522-8086.

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