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  • Alabama Civitan International Research Center
    The Civitan International Research Center (CIRC) is an interdisciplinary center focusing on the development of the mind-brain through our unique mission of service, education and research. The CIRC was founded in 1989 on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham with the support of Civitan International – a volunteer service organization.

  • Arizona Centers for Comprehensive Education and Life Skills (ACCEL)
    Our mission is to provide exceptional educational, therapeutic, and vocational programs to individuals with special needs, to give them the necessary skills to learn, to work, and to live successfully with dignity and independence.

  • Arizona Institue for Human Development
    The Institute values and supports the independence, productivity and inclusion of Arizona’s citizens with disabilities. Based on the values and beliefs, the Institute conducts training, research and services that further these goals. For additional information about our programs, projects, staff, and other information please check out more of our home page.

  • Arkansas Partners for Inclusive Communities, University Center
    Formerly known as the University Affiliated Program, we are Arkansas’ University Center on Disabilities. Partners is a program of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) and receives federal funding from the Administration on Developmental Disabilities and other agencies to conduct research and provide education, training, technical assistance, information, and services to people with disabilities, their families, students and professionals involved with disability related programs. Partners’ activities are constantly evolving to reflect the priorities of individuals with disabilities.

  • Beyond Limits
    Beyond Limits, a collaborative partnership venture based at Bethany Global University, offers a two-year, residential post-secondary Christian campus experience and Beyond Limits life skills certificate for qualified young adults with developmental disabilities. The program includes a customized selection of audited Bethany classes, independent living skills courses, and on-campus job placement and coaching to gain work skills in Bethany’s student work/study program.

  • California Childrens Hospital, Los Angeles
    Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit institution that provides pediatric health care to more than 107,000 children each year in a setting designed just for their needs. Our history began in 1901 in a small house on the corner of Alpine and Castelar Streets (now Hill St. in Chinatown) and continues today with an urban campus that is home to medical experts who have developed more than 350 pediatric specialty programs and services to meet the needs of our patients.

  • Career Skills Institute Program/Harper College
    Career Skills Institute is for students with mild cognitvie disabilities. Students will gain an educational experience which seeks to assess and strengthen basic academic and employability skills. It is a cohort program which stays together for two years.

  • Center for Developmental Disabilities, University of Connecticut Health Center
    The Center provides model programs in innovative disability related research, training and technical assistance. Strong collaborations with the University of Connecticut, University of Connecticut Health Center and Disability Network contribute to the Center’s success in advancing policies and practices to support individuals with disabilities.

  • Center on Dis. & Human Dev., University Hospital School, The University of Iowa UCE
    Improve the health and independence of people with disabilities and advance the community systems on which they rely. Be Iowa’s most trusted resource for healthcare, training, research, and information for people with disabilities.

  • Center on Disabilities and Human Development, University of Idaho UCEDD
    The University of Idaho Center on Disabilities and Human Development is improving lives for people with disabilities and their families through exemplary and innovative education, outreach, research, and service.

  • Center on Disability Studies, University of Hawaii at Manoa
    The Center on Disability Studies (CDS) is a University of Hawai‘i Board of Regents recognized Center focused upon development and conduct of interdisciplinary education/training, research/demonstration and evaluation, and university and community service. CDS consists of several focused Centers and Programs that reflect the mission and vision of the Center on Disability Studies.

  • CLE- College Living Experience
    CLE, College Living Experience, is a program designed to help students with learning disabilities transition into a life full of opportunity, independence and success. It’s the only program of its kind!

  • College Internship Program- The Bloomington Center
    The College Internship Program provides individualized, post-secondary, academic, internship and independent living experiences for young adults with Learning Differences, Asperger’s and High-Functioning Autism.

  • College of Lake County- Office for Students with Disabilities
    The Office for Students with Disabilities serves as the entry point for many students and visitors with disabilities to the college. The goal of the Office for Students with Disabilities is to provide an educationally accessible college environment that insures an individual receives an equal opportunity to obtain college services, programs, and courses regardless of their disability.

  • District of Columbia Georgetown University UCEDD, Center for Child and Human Development
    The University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, Education, Research and Service (UCEDDs) are funded through the Administration on Developmental Disabilities (ADD) to provide leadership, advise federal, state and community policy makers about, and promote opportunities for people with developmental disabilities and their families.

  • Elmhurst College- Lifeskills Academy (ELSA)
    ELSA, the Elmhurst Life Skills Academy, offers an outstanding educational opportunity for young adults with developmental disabilities. This full-time, post secoundary program enables ELSA students to work productively and live as independently as possible.

  • ENMU-Roswell Special Services Occupational Program
    ENMU-Roswell provides enrty level competivitve employment readiness and independent living training in a one year program. Student’s live in the residents halls and participate as students of ENMU-Roswell

  • Envision Unlimited
    For over 50 years, Envision Unlimited has served people with disabilities across all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Today, our wide array of home and community-based programs benefit over 1,500 individuals across the state of Illinois. Envision provides day programs, community living services, employment services, a foster care program, and mental health services.

  • Eunice Kennedy Shriver Center University of Massachusetts
    The purpose of research at the Shriver Center is to understand human development at every stage — from the fundamental level of the cellular nervous system to the environmental and social forces that shape behavior and experience.

  • Florida Center for Inclusive Communities, University of South Florida
    Through leadership in research and evaluation, theory, policy, capacity building, and practice the FCIC is committed to developing a range of supports and services in the areas of Community Supports, Early Childhood, Transition, Education, Employment, Health, Interdisciplinary Training, Public Policy, and Cultural Competence.

  • Georgia The Marcus Institute
    The Marcus Institute works with children who have developmental disabilities. Highly trained professionals skilled in child development diagnosis and treat children with a wide range of neurological problems, finding ways to help the children cope with those disabilities.

  • Harper College’s Career Foundations Project
    Career Foundations provides a college experience and job preparation for students with mild developmental disabilities. It is designed to assist students in developing general entry level skills to obtain rewarding employment.

  • Indiana Institute on Disability and Community, Indiana University
    The mission of the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community is to work with communities to welcome, value, and support the meaningful participation of people of all ages and abilities through research, education, and service.

  • Institute for Community Inclusion UCEDD University of Massachusetts Boston
    ICI offers training, clinical, and employment services, conducts research, and provides assistance to organizations to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in school, work, and community activities.

  • Institute for Disability Studies University of Southern Mississippi
    The Institute for Disability Studies (IDS) is Mississippi’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) Research, Education, and Service. The mission of IDS is to positively affect the lives of Mississippi citizens with developmental and other disabilities and their families across the life span and to work toward increasing their independence, productivity, and integration into their communities.

  • Institute on Human Development and Disability, The University of Georgia
    The Institue on Human Development and Disability (IHDD) works with others to create oppertunities that will improve the quality of life for people with Disabilities and their families. IDHH advances the understanding of the ability of all people through education, research and public service.

  • JFK Partners, University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center
    The mission of JFK Partners is to promote the independence, inclusion, contribution, health, and well-being of people with developmental disabilities and special health care needs and their families through consumer, community, and university partnerships. At the core of our mission is a commitment to family and person-centered, community-based, culturally competent programs and services. This mission is accomplished through the pursuit of excellence in education and training, consultation, technical assistance, direct service, research, program development, policy analysis, and advocacy.

  • Kansas University Center on Developmental Disabilities
    Today it is one of the largest and most highly regarded human development and disabilities research centers in the country. The LSI brings together scientists of diverse disciplines including psychology, psychiatry, speech pathology, sociology, education, biology, pharmacology, physiology and medicine to study human development from its genetic origins through the final stages of life.

  • Kentucky- Stewart Home School
    We are a beautiful loving environment for intellectually disabled people of all ages. We offer education, vocational training and placement, an incredible variety of recreational activities and a wide choice of friends from all across the country and the world.

  • Lincoln College
    Lincoln College, a small two-year private college, in Lincoln, Illinois offers comprehensive support to all students with disabilities, and specializes in promoting success for students with attention disabilities through the ACCESS Program.

  • LSU Health Sciences Center Human Development Center School of Allied Health P
    HDC is in the business of promoting improved quality of life for all our fellow citizens. We do this by learning about effective services and the systems that deliver them, and sharing what we know with a wide range of individuals. We provide training and assistance to community and agency leaders, professionals, consumers, advocates, students, policy makers, and others to promote the adoption and appropriate use of practices we understand to be effective.

  • MAINE UNIVERSITY CENTER ON DD Research & Service Center for Community Inclusion
    The Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Studies has the following four core functions, consistent with the University of Maine’s mission as a Land Grant University:
    1. Interdisciplinary Education 2.Research and Evaluation 3. Community Services: Outreach Education and Technical Assistance 4. Dissemination of Resources

  • Maryland The Kennedy Krieger Institute The Johns Hopkins University
    Our Mission: We at the Kennedy Krieger Institute dedicate ourselves to helping children and adolescents with disorders of the brain and spinal cord achieve their potential and participate as fully as possible in family, school, and community life.

  • Maryland- The Benedictine School
    For more than 40 years, Benedictine Programs and Services have been recognized as a national leader in educating people with developmental disabilities and providing them with residential and vocational services.A wide variety of services are available, including screen-printing, embroidery, floral shop and greenhouse, duplicating and color copying, and fulfillment and light packaging services.

  • Massachusetts- Evergreen Center, Inc.
    The Evergreen Center is a residential school serving children and adolescents with severe developmental disabilities.The Center believes it is essential to build skills in the areas of communication, self-care and social interaction to successfully place students in less restrictive environments and enhance their quality of life.

  • McHenry County College
    Mission: To promote equal access to post-secondary education for students with disabilities and other special needs and to promote understanding and acceptance within the college community.

  • MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY CENTER Developmental Disabilities Institute Wayne State University
    The Institute is home to over one hundred projects and six affiliated centers. Projects & centers at the Institute fall under one or more of the following program areas, each of which addresses a different part of the life span– Early Childhood Services Program Area, School-Age Services Program Area, Transition Services Program Area, and Adult Services and Community Living Program Area.

  • Minnesota Life College
    Minnesota Life College (MLC) is a vocational and life skills training program for young adults with learning differences and autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Since 1996, MLC has remained dedicated to helping our students make successful transitions towards independent living and financial self-sufficiency. Our students are involved in a challenging work-readiness, social, and independent living curriculum with an emphasis on Real Skills for Real Life™. With the opportunity to explore traditional post-secondary academic classes if they wish, students learn by doing beyond the classroom and develop lifelong habits and skills they need to know to live meaningful whole lives. MLC offers a three-year undergraduate program, a three-week summer internship program, and for program graduates, a lifelong Graduate Living Community (GLC) option.

  • MISSOURI UNIVERSITY CENTER ON DD UMKC Institute for Human Development (UCE)
    The Institute, located within the University of Missouri – Kansas City, is an applied research and training center for human services. It exemplifies the University’s goals of academic excellence and a campus without borders by helping people, agencies, and the community reach their fullest potential.

  • National-Louis University Pace Program
    The PACE Program is a leader in the provision of integrated postsecondary services to young adults with multiple learning disabilities. Our goal is to empower students with the skills necessary to become productive and independent adults living and working in the larger community. Through instruction and support in all aspects of the students’ lives, the PACE Program strives to create an environment in which, work is accomplished, play is learned, love is felt and life is enjoyed.

  • Nebraska UCEDD Munroe-Meyer Institute for Genetics and Rehabilitation
    The Munroe-Meyer Institute throughout its long history has been and remains committed to helping individuals with developmental disabilities reach their full potential and be prepared to participate fully in and contribute to their communities.

  • Nevada UCEDD University of Nevada, Reno
    Our mission is to cooperatively work with consumers, agencies, and programs to assist Nevadans with developmental disabilities of all ages to be independent and productive citizens who are included in their communities.

  • New Jersey- Bancroft Neurohealth
    Bancroft offers a wide range of state-of-the-art services to children and adults with autism, developmental disabilities, brain injuries and other neurological impairments. Services include educational, vocational, residential, rehabilitation and therapeutic interventions based on the individual needs of each person the organization serves.

  • New Jersey- Matheny Medical and Educational Center
    Matheny Medical and Educational Center is a special hospital and educational facility for children and adults with medically complex developmental disabilities.

  • NEW YORK UNIVERSITY Rose F. Kennedy Center UCEDD Albert Einstein College
    The Albert Einstein College of Medicine is one of the nation’s premier institutions for medical education, basic research and clinical investigation.

  • NJU The Elizabeth M. Boggs Center on DD UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
    The Elizabeth M. Boggs Center, as a University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities, values uniqueness and individuality and promotes the self-determination and full participation of people with disabilities and their families in all aspects of community life.

  • North Dakota Center for Persons with Disabilities Minot State University
    NDCPD is a University of Excellence on Developmental Disabilities, Education, Research and Services. It is part of a network of similar programs at universities throughout the United States.

  • OHIO UNIVERSITY Cincinnati Children’s Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics
    Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center serves the medical needs of infants, children and adolescents with family-centered care, innovative research and outstanding teaching programs.

  • Options for College Success
    Options for College Success offers individualized support to students with learning diabilities as they transition to college and independent living.

  • Oregon Institute on Disability & Development Oregon Health & Science University
    The Oregon Institute on Disability & Development at the Child Development and Rehabilitation Center is one of 67 University Centers for Excellence in developmental disabilities education, research and service, located in major universities throughout the U.S.

  • PENNSYLVANIA UNIVERSITY Institute on Disabilities/UCEDD Temple University
    The Institute on Disabilities offers programs and products about policy and best practices on Inclusive Education, including the groundbreaking Gaskin Agreement.

  • Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. (PECS)
    Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. offers a wide range of consulting services and products for educators and parents of children and adults with autism and related disabilities. Pyramid is a consortium of highly trained professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality service. Pyramid also offers a variety of training opportunities and products that focus on the initiation of communication and the design of effective educational environments. We present a unique blend of broad spectrum applied behavior analysis, in conjunction with the development of functional communication skills. Our philosophy emphasizes the individual needs of each learner. We are the exclusive source of training and consultation for the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and the Pyramid Approach to Education. Both PECS and the Pyramid are evidence-based strategies, with supportive research from countries around the world.

  • Rhode Island College Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities
    Since 1963, University Centers on Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDDs) have worked towards a shared vision that individuals with disabilities participate fully in their communities. Independence, productivity, and community inclusion are key components of this vision.

  • Sanford School of Medicine of The University of South Dakota Center for Disabilities
    The Center for Disabilities is South Dakota’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Services (UCEDD).

  • Shepherds College
    We are a three year post-secondary school for students with cognitive disabilities. We offer two majors (horticulture and culinary arts).

  • Southwestern Blind Rehabilitation Center
    The mission of Blind Rehabilitation Service is to coordinate a healthcare service delivery system that provides a continuum of care for blinded veterans extending from their home environment to the local VA facility and to the appropriate rehabilitation setting. These services include adjustment to blindness counseling, patient and family education, benefits analysis, comprehensive residential inpatient training, outpatient rehabilitation services, the provision of assistive technology, and research.

  • Special Education District of McHenry County
    Vision: Effecting a positive difference in the lives of people with special needs to help them become healthy, fulfilled, and productive members of their community. Mission: We are dedicated to helping our children and young adults (ages 3-21) develop their individual potential by providing specialized educational services, programs and facilities in partnership with school districts.

  • Summit View Schools for Learning Disabilities
    Summit View Schools, under The Help Group, offer comprehensive elementary, middle and secondary school programs for students with learning differences. An innovative and integrated curriculum, coupled with small class sizes and a high teacher-to-student ratio, helps students achieve academic success.

  • Tarjan Center for Developmental Disabilities, University of California
    The mission of the Tarjan Center is to provide leadership in education, research and innovative practices that supports the quality of life and community inclusion of all people with disabilities. The Tarjan Center serves as a bridge between the university and persons with disabilities from state, regional and local communities, state and local government agencies and community providers.

  • Texas A&M University Center on Disability and Development
    At the Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M University, we support the self-determination, community integration, and quality of life of people with disabilities and their families. We are a federally designated University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) and part of a national network of similar centers across the country.

  • The Center for Discovery
    The Center is a private, not for profit Pediatric and Adult center located in the Catskill Mountians. Our unique, totally accessible campus, small homelike residences and innovative educational programs provide a supportive environment where individuals thrive by developing relationships, learning and growing, as well as fostering new skills.

  • The Ohio State University Nisonger Center
    The mission of The Ohio State University Nisonger Center is to work with communities to value and support the meaningful participation of people with disabilities of all ages through education, service and research. The Center provides assistance to organizations, families and service providers to promote inclusion of people with disabilities in education, health, employment and community settings.

  • The University of Texas at Austin Center for Disability Studies
    Our mission is to serve Texas as a catalyst so that people with disabilities are living the lives they choose in supportive communities. We emphasize cultural and linguistic diversity as a foundation that guides our work.

  • Triton College- Centers for Students with Disabilities
    Our mission is to provide academic accessibility for students with disabilities and to empower them to become independent, successful students at Triton College.

  • Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
    The Turning Pointe Career College addresses the needs of individuals seeking guidance and instruction in Life Skills and Career Skills. Our 36 week, comprehensive curriculum includes meaningful and creative courses that teach Life Skills, Career Prep Skills, and specific Career Skills desired by our Corporate Partners.

  • University of WI-Madison Waisman Center on Mental Retardation and Human Development
    The Waisman Center’s mission is to advance knowledge about human development, developmental disabilities, and neurodegenerative diseases. The Waisman Center focuses on many aspects of human development, from the molecular and genetic foundations of life, health, disease, and disability, to the physical and mental processes that make up intelligence, to social and family relationships throughout life.

  • University of Alaska Anchorage UCEDD, Center for Human Development
    The Center for Human Development (CHD) is one of 61 University Centers located in every state and territory, which attempts to bring together the resources of the university and the community in support of individuals with developmental disabilities.

  • University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability / UCEDD
    The Institute on Disability/UCED (IOD) at the University of New Hampshire was established in 1987 to provide a coherent university-based focus for the improvement of knowledge, policies, and practices related to the lives of persons with disabilities and their families.

  • University of New Mexico Center for Development & Disability
    The mission of the UNM CDD is the full inclusion of people with disabilities and their families in their community by: engaging individuals in making life choices; partnering with communities to build resources; and improving systems of care.

  • University of Washington Center on Human Development & Disability
    The Center on Human Development and Disability (CHDD) at the University of Washington makes important contributions to the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families, through a comprehensive array of research, clinical services, training, community outreach, and dissemination activities.

  • Utah Speech, Language and Hearing Association
    The Utah Speech Language Hearing Association (USHA) is a professional organization that advocates for the interests of its members and provides a forum for the exchange of information and ideas. USHA also promotes greater community awareness and understanding of the individuals with speech, language, and hearing problems.

  • VERMONT UNIVERSITY Center on Disability and Community Inclusion
    The Center on Disability and Community Inclusion (CDCI), in collaboration and coordination with individuals with developmental disabilities, their families and communities, will promote opportunities for valued life outcomes for individuals with disabilities of all ages in all facets of community life.

  • Virginia University Center of Excellence Partnership for People with Disabilities
    Our mission is to partner with people with disabilities and others to build communities where all people can live, learn, work, and play together.

  • West Virginia Office of Special Education Administration
    Mission: To positively affect the lives of children with exceptionalities by developing and enhancing the capacity of stakeholders through positive proactive leadership and collaborative partnerships.

  • West Virginia University Center for Excellence in Disabilities
    The Center for Excellence in Disabilities (CED) has supported people of all ages with developmental and other disabilities and their families in the movement from institutional to community settings; in the development of inclusive educational opportunities; in the preparation of professionals to meet the needs of those with the most severe disabilities and behavioral challenges; and in utilizing interdisciplinary, state-of-the-art services to support the health and related needs of people with developmental and other disabilities.

  • Westchester Institute for Human Dev. UCEDD in affiliation with New York Medical College
    A fifty year partnership with individuals with disabilities, their families, and the community supporting health and wellness, independence, productivity, and inclusion through medical and clinical services, educational programs, and research.