School Advocates

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  • ACES/ACCESS Inclusion Program
    Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES) exists to improve public education through high quality, cost effective programs and services. We are the Regional Educational Service Center (RESC) for the twenty-five school districts in south central Connecticut. Over 40 states operate Educational Service Agencies because of the financial benefits that are obtained through regional collaboration.

  • ACT Assessment Test Preparation Reference Maunal
    This reference manual was developed as a resource for high school teachers and counsers in assisting students with test preperation.

  • Ada S McKinley Vocational Services
    In fulfilling its mission, the Agency continues expansion of service to thousands annually through child care, education/college preparation and placement, mental health, foster care and adoption, vocational training/job development and placement, residential living arrangements, and other services by serving the community through an increasingly effective network of social services.

  • Advocacy Project
    No attorney’s fees charged to parents for Due Process hearings or consultation.

  • Advocates for Kids
    Our advocates serve children all over the United States. We attend IEPs in person, via phone, or via Skype video. We also represent clients in Due Process Hearings. Learn more on our website.

  • Alexander Leigh Center for Autism
    The Alexander Leigh Center for Autism is a developmental learning center and therapeutic day school for children with autistic spectrum disorders. It is our mission to provide an environment where children on the autistic spectrum can develop their potential academically, emotionally, socially, communicatively, physically and gain functional Independence, using current best practice, research based, peer reviewed interventions that are selected for each child based on their individual needs.

  • Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES)
    Area Cooperative Educational Services (ACES) is the Regional Educational Service Center for the twenty-five school districts in south central Connecticut. We exist to improve public education through high quality, cost effective programs and services. Over 40 states operate Educational Service Agencies because of the financial benefits that are obtained through regional collaboration.

  • Associated Advocacy Center-Visions for the Future, Inc.
    We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides education and court advocacy for children with special needs and or learning challenges; programs for students who have been isolated, ostracized and bullied by their peers or the education system; trainings for parents/guardians, students, school personnel & student body’s, court personnel, and organizations; community organizing specific to the disparaging treatment of children with special needs and/or children of color for both students and the community. Our services are culturally and linguistically sensitive at a sliding scale fee for students who are eligible for a free or reduced lunch under the federal lunch program. We also offer virtual advocacy and advocate training. Offices in Cape Cod and Boston.

  • Cari Levin, LCSW
    I have over 20 years of experience working with families of children with special needs. I provide my expertise as a special education advocate and licensed clinical social worker to obtain appropriate, individualized educational services for children with disabilities. I also provide counseling to parents and siblings of children with special needs.

  • Center for Persons with Disabilities
    The Center for Persons with Disabilities (CPD) is Utah’s University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Services (UCEDD). Our mission statement expresses both our values and the ways in which we choose to work: “We collaborate with partners to strengthen families and individuals across the lifespan through education, policy, research and services.”

  • COPAA The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates
    The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc. (COPAA) is an independent, nonprofit, §501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization of attorneys, special education advocates and parents. COPAA’s mission is to be a national voice for special education rights and to promote excellence in advocacy. Our primary goal is to secure high quality educational services for children with disabilities.

  • Educational and Behavioral Consultation
    Educational and Behavioral Consultation Aneea Toomajian MA, PPS, LMFT is a certified school psychologist and licensed child and family therapist specializing in Educational Advocacy for parents and children with Special Needs. Advocacy and support offered in behavior planning, Student Study Team meetings, 504’s, IEP meetings, and other educational issues. Consultation provided on school sites regarding a student’s needs and accommodations and compassionate educational counseling available to children and their parents.

  • Family Matters Parent Training and Information Center
    We are a Parent Training and Information Center. We assist parents of children with disabilities to be informed participants in the special education process. We assist students with disabilities to understand their rights and responsibilities. We supply information to teachers and other professionals who provide special education and related services to children with disabilities. Centers in IL. Family Matters covers 94 counties in Illinois, all except Cook, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry and Will (there is another PTIC that covers these counties). Family Matters provides support, advocacy, information, education, and trainings related to special education.

  • Florida Inclusion Network
    Our mission at the Florida Inclusion Network is to provide learning oppertunities, consultations, information and support to educators, families, and community members resulting in the inclusion of all students.

  • From Advocacy to Action- Law Office of Charles P. Fox
    Special Education Advocate and parent of two children with a disability. Providing advocacy services to families of children with disabilities, during all stages of the educational/transition process. Presenting educational programs to parents and community groups.

  • Hawaii Advocacy Project
    We help our clients ‘take control of their child’s education’, by developing evidence designed to obtain the special education and related services our clients seek. Beyond simply arguing with the school, we will file a Due Process Hearing, when needed, to make the IDEA work for children.

  • Illinios Valley Center For Independent Living
    An organization made up of persons with disabilities who enlighten other persons with disabilities and their families about their rights; to empower persons with disabilities to assume maximum responsibility to realize their potentials; and to enrich the lives of all person in Bureau, LaSalle, Marshall, Putnam and Stark counties in Illinois, by working toward full inclusion of each individual in society. Services provided: Systems and Individual Advocacy, Peer Counseling, Independent Living Skills Training and Information and Referral. Programs offered: Deaf Services, Community Reintegration, Personal Assistant and Youth Services.

  • Midcoast Advocacy
    Providing special education advocacy for parents and caregivers throughout Maine.

  • Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation Agency
    Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (MDVR) operates under the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (DESE). The Division is made up of three core programs: Vocational Rehabilitation (VR), Disability Determination Services (DDS), and Independent Living (IL). All three programs are dedicated to providing quality services to our consumers and to increasing their independence.

  • netIEP: Special Education Management Solution
    netIEP is a revolutionary, online special education management solution. This customizable, web-based individualized education plan is designed to save special educators from excessive time, worry and frustration associated with entering and reporting individualized education plans. By organizing and streamlining the special education processes, netIEP also helps your district remain compliant with federal and state regulations (including those relating to IDEA) as well as state laws and school district policies. netIEP makes it easy for educators to offer K-12 students and their parents a powerful and successful education plan. For more information, please visit or contact us at 1.800.490.9686. For more information on our other products, please visit

  • New Hampshire Department of Education
    Our Mission… “To provide educational leadership and services which promote equal educational opportunities and quality practices and programs that enable New Hampshire residents to become fully productive members of society.”

  • Office of Early Learning
    The Office of Early Learning is dedicated to ensuring the accessibility, affordability and quality of early learning services for Florida’s children and families. With so many of our children in care, quality early learning options are a high priority because children are counting on us to make sure they have every advantage and opportunity available for success in school and in life.

  • Parent Mentor Project
    The Parent Mentor Project is funded in part through a grant from the Illinois State Board of Education. The main objective of the project is to provide support, training and ongoing technical assistance to parents and school district personnel related to the referral, identification and educational services for children with special needs.

  • Special Education Lay Advocacy Services
    Lay advocacy representation gives you greater piece of mind knowing that you have our experience and expertise to fall back on but at a lower cost than what an attorney would charge for a similar level of service. We do not practice law; we practice diplomacy with the procedural requirements of the special education process in mind. Our lay advocacy services include requesting and reviewing student records, making recommendations to IEP and 504 teams to help facilitate the most cost-effective delivery of an appropriate program possible, corresponding on behalf of parents with public education agencies, attending IEP and 504 meetings with parents in a representative capacity, and negotiating resolutions of disputes with public education agency representatives on parents’ behalves. We view litigation as the very last resort and will only recommend that parents pursue compliance complaints and/or due process when no other options for timely diplomatic resolution remain. If it becomes necessary to file for due process or engage in any other type of litigation, we assist parents in locating an ethical, qualified public-interest-law attorney familiar with special education. Attorneys’ fees and costs can be recoverable upon prevailing in litigation or as a condition of settlement. While we are headquartered in Southern California, thanks to teleconferencing technologies, we are able to remotely represent students throughout the United States and its territories. We remain available to travel to different locations should parents wish to cover our travel expenses.

  • Starr Educational Advocacy
    Collaboration With a Vision For a Brighter Future One Child at a Time

  • Susan Miltner Consulting
    Collaborating with families and students from ages three to 25, I offer hope, as we find pragmatic educational, therapeutic, social and emotional solutions. Struggling teens and young adults may need help for substance use or mental health issues. I am an expert in residential treatment facilities, therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness treatment and young adult transitional programs. This knowledge is obtained and updated from extensive contact with key persons in charge of programs, and from frequent travel to visit schools/programs throughout the U.S. I also am well versed in the range of day and private schools for students with learning differences. For students in the public school, I am an advocate in the IEP process. I also collaborate with attorneys regarding residential school placement of students with emotional disturbance (IDEA Federal Law).  I do this work, because positive change happens with targeted educational and therapeutic interventions.

  • The IEP Advocate, Inc.
    Encouraging, Educating and Empowering Families of Children With Special Needs is what we do. Is your child in need of special services in school? Is he struggling? Have his grades been dropping? Is he having behavioral problems? Have you been trying to get the school system to evaluate your child and they ignore you? For the past 12 years Pam Lindemann has been a Special Education Advocate. We work independently and are not associated with any school system. We are not an attorney. If you are frustrated because you know the school should do more for your child with special needs, but no matter what you say or do nothing happens, then we may be able to help. If you have questions and think you may need help, please call our office at 407-342-9836 and schedule an Evaluation Intake call.

  • Utah Congress of Parents and Teachers
    Utah PTA believes that “As a parent, teacher, coach, or significant adult, you have the honor and privilege of being a guiding light, bringing purpose, direction, and example to the life of a child.” This year our goal is to encourage parents and leaders at every level to step up and be an example for children in Utah today, which is reflected in our membership poster, DVD, and yearly publications.

  • Wanzenberg & Associates Educational Consulting
    Our firm specializes in alternatives to advocacy which typically lose sight of the child behind the issue(s). A rich background from various school systems tempers our mission to negotiate with a strong understanding for a student’s IEP rights. We pride ourselves on professional, moderated, and data-driven dialog between schools and families. Whether empowering your family as more efficient advocates or enhancing case management services by bridging high school and college, our mission is clear: We advocate for all students’ optimal level of performance and independence in every phase of the special education service continuum.

  • Wayne Rock: Special Education Advocate
    Attend CSE meetings to assist parents with developing the IEP and discuss placement, related services and Annual Goals.

  • Weinfeld Education Group, LLC
    Weinfeld Education Group is a group of 25 expert educational consultants, psychlogists, neuropsychologist, speech pathologists, behavior specialists and assistive technology experts. We provide advocacy for individuals with special needs, assessment, and extensive training and school consultation.