Tutors & Consultants

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  • Academic Associates Reading Center

    I am a reading specialist and I use the Academic Associates Phonics program to teach children how to read. The program will teach your child how to decode words by mastering all the sounds (44 sounds) and rules, blend sounds to pronounce words and read standardized material proficiently and fluently while mastering comprehension. The program does not use sight words, objects or pictures. You will see your child blossom into an excellent reader because they will master all the sounds and rules and become more confident in their reading skills. You will see an improvement. I’ve worked with other children that have improved two grade levels by completing the program. I provide free reading assessments and will walk you through the program. There are no contracts to sign and you can pay as you go.

  • Academic Associates Reading Clinic

    One-on-one reading instruction for students at any stage of reading ability. Our course is the most effective for teaching all students to read, especially those with learning disabilities. We offer a free reading assessment and consultation.

  • Academic Language Therapy Association

    I am a certified academic language therapist. Academic Language Therapy is an educational, structured, comprehensive, phonetic, multisensory approach for the remediation of dyslexia and/or written-language disorders.

  • Alexsander Academy

    Alexsander Academy provides academic tutoring as well as consultative services to families, professionals and schools wishing to support their students or clients that have specialized learning needs. Alexsander Academy is a small, fully accredited, non-profit school for students with learning differences. Alexsander Academy provides an academically rigorous program that focuses on the student as an individual learner. The goal with ALL students is to give them the skills and self confidence they need to move on to larger and more traditional academic settings.

  • Allergy Words Consulting, LLC

    Certified Food Allergy Safety Educator Consultant.

  • Andrea Alvarez, LLC

    Andrea Alvarez works with students k-12 in a one to one setting to help improve study skills, academic skills, organizations skills etc.

  • Applied Learning Processes

    Applied Learning Processes is a learning center providing research-based diagnosis and treatment for learning difficulties experienced by children, adolescents and adults. Our methods are effective for those whose problems have not responded to other methods because they stimulate the basic sensory-processing deficits that underlie language disorders. Our methods are systematic, explicit, and multi-sensory and fall under the umbrella of Orton-Gillingham techniques as defined by the International Dyslexia Association. We have been successfully implementing Lindamood-Bell® concepts and techniques in the Kansas City area since 1989.

  • Atlanta Child Therapy, Inc.

    Atlanta Child Therapy, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3), charity based organization formed for the relief of children with disabilities and disorders. The “ACT House” provides therapeutic and educational services to children and adolescents. Our clients include individuals diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Learning and Behavior Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorder, PTSD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourette Syndrome, Trichotillomania, Speech Disorders, and Sensory Regulation Disorder.

  • Attorneys for Children

    Attorneys for Children represents children with special needs and advocates on their behalf for special education services. Attorneys for Children provides legal representation of children in connection with special education needs, pediatric personal injury and malpractice, guardianship, and custody issues.

  • Autism Links

    1:1 or small group sessions focusing on language, academics, social skills and managing behaviors. All sessions are based on individual goals for each child.

  • AVKO Educational Research Foundation

    AVKO provides free daily tutoring and free training of parents to be tutors. AVKO’s website provides free materials and information. Membership in AVKO provides over $500.00 worth of free educational materials as e-book downloads from the website.

  • B.E.S.T. Services, Inc.

    In-home as well as school based intensive applied behavior analysis (ABA) services. Additional services include classroom consultation, program supervision, and parent training. ABA is the primary modality throughout the program.

  • Brain Balance Achievement Center

    We work with children that have emotional, social, academic, and sensory issues like ADD/ADHD, Learning Disorders, Dyslexia, Autism, Asperger’s, PDD-NOS, Tourette’s, and other related disorders. When a child first comes to see us, we assess them on over 1,200 different point from a sensory, motor, academic, and nutritional perspective. This test can take from 4-8 hours. We then use this as our baseline to customize a multi-modal approach to working with that child. We are non-medical but work with children on or off medicine. We have almost 40 centers around the country.

  • Brain Trainers (The)

    The Brain Trainers is owned and operated by Tara Jenner, mother of a child with a prior history of auditory processing problems, sensory issues, and “diagnoses” of ADD and dyslexia. The Brain Trainers believe that dyslexia, ADD and ADHD (to name a few) are not diagnoses, but rather symptoms of other underlying learning problems. Identification of the underlying learning challenge allows those skills to be worked on to improve the brain’s ability to process the data. The programs used by The Brain Trainers promote the ‘rewiring ’of the brain using the science of neural plasticity helping individuals to improve or eliminate these symptoms. The skills addressed include: processing speed, visual processing, short term and long term memory (visual and auditory), auditory analysis, focus and attention, rapid naming/rapid recognition and organization and planning to name a few. Fine motor, gross motor, verbal output, socialization and sensory processing issues are also addressed. Imagine trying to upload a Windows 7 program into a Windows 95 system. It doesn’t work. Children with learning challenges are facing a similar predicament. You have two choices: down grade the data the child is presented using modifications and accommodations OR upgrade their brain. Once a brain is wired correctly, the data is easy to upload! The Brain Trainers have online programs, in house training, distance training via internet video conferencing, screening tests for identification of skill deficits, and consultation services.

  • California Learning Connection

    The California Learning Connection is a Multidisciplinary private practice founded in 2005 in Fresno in the heart of Central California. We offer a friendly and relaxed, family environment and are located in a beautiful and fully equipped facility. Services include specialized teaching and tutoring for dyslexia and other learning disabilities using research based interventions that have proven results. The California Learning Connection also houses speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and counselors to serve our clients. Our clients are primarily school age or younger; however there are also opportunities to work with adults in a variety of settings. We are early intervention providers for the Regional Center, serve local charter schools and provide assessments for the Department of Social Services.

  • Center for Learning

    I am a Board Certified Educational Therapist and a Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist in private practice. I work with children who may have Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Aspergers’ Syndrome or other related difficulties that respond well to multisensory strategies.

  • Christopher Donovan Center, Inc.

    The Christopher Donovan Center (CDC) provides educational, therapeutic, and respite services for children with special needs. Services include tutoring, counseling, speech/occupational/ABA therapy, social skills groups, Saturday respite, parent/sibling support groups, summer and before/after school programs.

  • Club Z! – In-Home Tutoring Services

    We provide one-on-one tutoring in your home and have LD specialists as well as certified general ed teachers who are patient and encouraging. Serving Fayette County since 2004, our director is especially passionate about helping families provide the best education options for their children and she attends IEP meetings at no charge to parents. Call today for more information! 770-460-4208.

  • College-Finder.org

    I provide students with learning differences post-secondary options.

  • Davis Dyslexia Correction Facilitator

    Reading Quest offers specialized programs for children and adults with dyslexia and ADD.

  • Debra A. Boyle, M.Ed.

    Cognitive Developer working in-(your) home via individualized and professional academic and cognitive training. Experienced with 20 years of special needs students.

  • Division of Blind Services-Florida

    The Blind Babies Program promotes early development with a special emphasis on vision skills to minimize developmental delays for children 0-5 years old. The Children’s Program supplements services already offered by the school system to foster the child’s learning and ability to function independently. The Transition Program assists students who are blind or severely visually impaired in moving from from high school to post secondary education and careers.

  • Dyslexia Solutions of Northern California

    We help children, young people and adults who have dyslexia, correct their difficulties with reading, writing, and speaking and thinking clearly. Some of the effects of dyslexia such as ADD and dysgraphia (handwriting issues)are also addressed. Assessments & Programs in Marin, Sonoma, Lake and Sacramento Counties.

  • Education Therapy

    Provides assessments, tutoring, consultation to parents and schools for kids with special needs. We utilize…many methodologies…(including) multi-sensory reading/comprehension techniques.

  • EleMental Learning – In Home Tutoring Service

    Founded in 2005 by a former classroom teacher with more than a decade of practical experience, we have helped hundreds of students from all age groups and with a wide variety of special needs. Regardless of your child’s unique situation, an EleMental Learning private tutor is the choice for you. Serving clients in: California, Illinois, New York, Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C.!

  • Focused Learning Solutions

    Focused Learning Solutions, is dedicated learning for children with significant disabilities. Its primary focus is children on the Autism Spectrum, girls with Rett Syndrome and children who are nonverbal with motor issues. Every child with special needs presents as a puzzle and as such, deserves a focused solution.

  • Generation Connection

    Generation Connection helps people create a record of their lives for themselves and their families through classes and private consultations. When you capture the unique details of a life it can help subsequent generations know the person and pass that memory on to other family members.

  • Glenwood Country Day School

    Small private school for children ages 2 to 13 who have a learning difference.

  • Global Enrichment Solutions

    I. Advocacy in Education & Navigating the Systems, II. Evaluations and Assessments with a Strength-Based Focus, III. Plans, IV. Direct Therapeutic Services, V. Training (Professional Development) for Parents, Professionals.

  • Handwriting Without Tears

    At Handwriting Without Tears, our mission is to make learning and teaching easy and fun by providing superior educational products, training, and promotional materials to educators and parents. We are the leaders in providing easy-to-learn, easy-to-teach, developmentally appropriate, and inclusive materials to preschool and elementary students throughout the U.S. Last year, more than two million students learned to write successfully using the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. The Get Set for School™ preschool program is used by thousands of public and private preschools to develop handwriting and other school readiness skills.

  • HeART of the Spectrum

    We are an art mentoring program, art center, and community center specializing in serving persons who are on the autism spectrum.

  • Hope Haven

    Hope Haven Children’s Clinic and Family Center, a nonprofit organization, serves children, young adults and families with a variety of educational, developmental and mental health needs.

  • Innovative Piano, Inc.

    IPI helps students with autism discover the piano! ABA based, individualized lessons and materials offered nationwide. Contact us to set-up your free introductory lesson.

  • Jane Iannacconi, Special Education Teacher

    Jane Iannacconi is an experienced special education Teacher offering an in-depth understanding of the different ways in which children learn. It is Jane’s life mission to adapt her approach to teaching to best fit the learning style of each student. Special education tutoring services are adapted for each student to suit different learning styles. The focus is to provide students with a motivating, positive and safe learning environment that encourages them to develop intellectually and personally. Areas of Expertise: – Receptive and Expressive Communication Disorders – Autism Spectrum Disorders – Children with Brain Injuries

  • Keeping Pace Learning Center

    We specialize in cognitive interventions to solve learning problems. We improve the underlying cause of the learning problems. These include memory, attention, visual processing, auditory processing, reasoning skills and executive function. When these skills are efficient, learning is easier.

  • Kenneth Davis, MA Ed Educational Consultant

    Educational Planning and Counseling Services is a private for profit educational business. We provide help for parents looking for placement in private independent schools and programs.

  • Ladera Reading Solutions for Dyslexia

    Ladera Reading Solutions for Dyslexia offers solutions for difficulties with reading, comprehension or staying focused. Many individuals struggle with these symptoms and more every day. Whether you are 8 or 80, Ladera Reading Solutions for Dyslexia offers you a unique drug free approach to find and resolve the sources of your confusions. Using the Davis® Correction methods our clients have a 97% success rate with this remarkable drug free approach.

  • Leadership in Disabilities & Achievement of Hawaii

    Leadership in Disabilities & Achievement of Hawaii (LDAH) serves to benefit children with any disabilities by working with their parents and families. We teach about law protecting children’s rights. We help youth with disabilities become self-advocates. We advocate for parents on behalf of their children. We provide education on disabilities and early identification and intervention for little children who may have a developmental delay or disability. Early intervention is truly a fundamental key to the success of children in school and in life.

  • Learning Resource Centers

    Training/Consultation Services The LRC staff provides regional in-service workshops, training institutes, statewide conferences, consultations, LRC orientations, and technical assistance to educators and parents of students with disabilities. A $2.00 annual membership fee provides access to the following LRC services: Information Services, Materials Circulation Services, Production Services, Van Outreach Services

  • LearningRx of Cary

    We offer Cognitive Skills Assesments and Training to identify and then strengthen weak cognitive skills associated with many learning disabilities and brain injuries. Clients include those dealing with Autism-Aspergers, Dyslexia-Dyscalculia, Traumatic Brain Injury, ADHD, PDD, and many other reading and learning difficulties.

  • Lee Pesky Learning Center

    At Lee Pesky Learning Center, our mission is to help children at-risk for educational failure succeed in school. With programs and services designed to build achievement, we focus on giving children with learning disabilities the tools they need to be academically successful. We provide evaluations to assess the individual’s strengths and needs and we provide one-on-one academic intervention to help individuals learn how to apply their own unique styles of learning to present and future academic challenges.

  • Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

    Founded in 1986 by Nanci Bell and Patricia Lindamood, Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes is dedicated to enhancing human learning. Our critically acclaimed instructional programs teach children and adults to read, spell, comprehend, and express language. Instruction is attained directly through our Lindamood-Bell® Learning Centers or our Professional Development services. We offer workshops for teachers, on-site school partnerships, and other options. Our instructional models are effective for all ages and have also been found successful for those with a previous diagnosis of dyslexia, hyperlexia, ADD/ADHD, CAPD and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

  • Make The Grade Tutoring Center

    Make The Grade Tutoring Center provides tutoring programs for children with special needs. These programs include the Orton-Gillingham Approach for teaching reading and spelling. This approach was developed to teach children with language processing difficulties associated with dyslexia. We also use two Lindmood-Bell processes: On Cloud Nine Math, and Visualizing & Verbalizing for Reading Comprehension. In addition, we provide subject support for students of all ages.

  • Marie Pense Center – Special Education Agency

    Marie Pense Center provides a variety of educational and therapeutic services to children who have special needs that impede on their learning, social and/or emotional development. MPC provides services in both a child’s home and community centers such as schools, day care centers and hospitals in the five boroughs of New York City. The Marie Pense Center provides an array of educational support services which include: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy, Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT), Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS), Counseling/Play Therapy, Bilingual SEIT, Social Skills Group, Tutoring, Consulting and Evaluations.

  • Mason Associates

    We have become the largest specialty consultancy in the Northeast and one of the largest in the US by holding strictly to our narrow market focus and by employing staff who have the personal and professional qualifications to meet the mission. All our consultants are qualified at least at the Master’s level. As you read the individual staff biographies you will see we also look for relevant professional experience far beyond academic training.

  • Milaura Spelman, Speech Pathology & Reading Remediation

    Mrs. Spelman’s office provides individualized reading remediation and reading evaluations, and speech and language therapy. Mrs. Spelman is a certified WILSON Reading instructor. The WILSON program is a systematic and explicit method of reading instruction using multi-sensory strategies, often used for children with dyslexia. Mrs. Spelman has over 15 years of experience as a speech/language pathologist and as a teacher of students with learning disabilities. Individual 1:1 sessions are provided for each student. Comprehensive evaluations are offered in the areas of speech & language skills, which may include articulation/phonology, receptive and expressive language, listening/auditory processing, and pragmatic/social skill development. Comprehensive academic evaluations are also offered in the areas of reading and writing skills. An assessment of reading skills includes evaluation in all five areas of reading: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

  • Nakata Consulting

    For some families, like my own, often disability presents a different set of challenges. As a parent of a child with special needs, I have learned first hand how to build a “team” with schools, educators, and other service providers. To that end, my office offers special education advocacy services, guiding parents through the IEP and special education process, working to help children develop their skills and capacity in order to maximize their potential through proper supports and services both academically and socially. My belief is that as parents, practitioners, researchers, and educators, we should form partnerships within communities in order to facilitate personal choice, self-determination, and the social, educational, and economic welfare of all children, especially those with special needs as they transition into adulthood.

  • National Association for Child Development

    NACD provides neurodevelopmental evaluations and individualized programs for children and adults, updated on a quarterly basis. As a family-centered organization, NACD stresses parent training and parent implementation of the program. NACD utilizes the newest strategies that yield success and incorporates them into programs custom-designed for each client. Support is provided to families through video reviews, e-mail and telephone sessions. Through frequent contact with staff and other families, parents are well-informed and well-educated in relationship to their child’s progress. NACD chapters can be found across the United States. International services are provided through videotaping and phone conferences.

  • netIEP: Special Education Management Solution

    netIEP is a revolutionary, online special education management solution. This customizable, web-based individualized education plan is designed to save special educators from excessive time, worry and frustration associated with entering and reporting individualized education plans. By organizing and streamlining the special education processes, netIEP also helps your district remain compliant with federal and state regulations (including those relating to IDEA) as well as state laws and school district policies. netIEP makes it easy for educators to offer K-12 students and their parents a powerful and successful education plan. For more information, please visit www.netIEP.com or contact us at 1.800.490.9686. For more information on our other products, please visit www.netchemia.com.

  • New England Dyslexia Solutions

    New England Dyslexia Solutions is a proud provider of the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program for children and adults struggling with Dyslexia and related learning differences. Located in Amesbury, MA.

  • Northwest Special Education Services LLC

    There are some things you can do on your own, and then there are times when you need the support and guidance of a trained professional to get the job done correctly. Negotiating your child’s IEP is one of those times. Northwest Special Education Services was created to be an effective resource for parents to successfully navigate the maze of special education laws, both state and federal and public schools’ agendas and limitations with a focus on achieving the student’s right to appropriate services. NWSES was founded by Karen Chase. Ms. Chase holds a masters degree in special education earned at the University of Oregon. She is a licensed teacher who has taught within the public school system for more than 20 years. She is a member of the Council for Exceptional Children, Council of Parents, Attorneys and Advocates, National Tutoring Association and is a nationally recognized author and speaker.

  • Optiminds

    Optiminds is a Cognitive, Professional Brain Training Skills Center, owned and operated by Jane Stewart, Ph.D. With her teaching certificate plus her Masters and Doctoral work in Education, she’s been helping people of all ages overcome and experience the exciting promise of achievement with great success.

  • Paul Eisenberg Educational Advocate

    Providing assistance with the educational needs of children from early intervention to adult. Assitance with Individual Education Plans, 504 plans, Behaviorial Intervention, and Insurance Consultation. Areas of expertise in Autism, Learning Disabilities, Attentional and Behavioral Disorders, Emotional Disturbance, Residential Treatment Centers.

  • Pennsylvania- Melmark

    Melmark is a comprehensive multi- service provider of residential, educational, therapeutic, and recreational services for children and adults with developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorders, acquired brain injury, other neurological and genetic disorders, and related challenging behaviors.

  • People Services

    The mission of People Services, Inc., is to serve as the local community agency, providing the delivery of quality services for people with disabilities. Our purpose it to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by providing services that promote life exploration and informed choices. To offer an array of service options that are designed to meet the needs, wants and desires of the person served.

  • Pride Learning Center

    Pride Learning Centers, providing one-to-one reading help for students with learning differences, including dyslexia, auditory/visual processing disorder, reading disabilities and ADHD. We are Orton-Gillingham reading specialists and have locations in Los Angeles and Orange County, California.

  • Rogue Valley Learning

    Dyslexia Specialist Tutor, teacher trainer, workshop presenter, 25 years of experience teaching students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Fellow of Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators

  • Santa Clara Valley Blind Center, Inc.

    For more than 50 years, SCVBC has provided support to individuals facing the uncertainties, fears, and challenges related to uncorrectable vision loss. We are a community-based organization dedicated to increasing the confidence, independence, and quality of life of the blind and visually impaired. SCVBC tackles complex vision loss issues comprehensively through rehabilitative, educational, and recreational services that ensure the long-term independence and empowerment of our clients.

  • Special Education Links

    This site contains contemporary products for students across the disability continuum, k-12. Features teacher created materials for staff development.

  • Special Education Parent’s Advocacy Link LLC

    Advocates who help parents prepare for IEP meetings, 504 meetings and mediation with the public schools. Telephone/skype consults available. Founded by certified teacher and due process hearing panel member. USA only.

  • Specialized Tutoring

    Specialized Tutoring empowers children and teens to read and write despite their disability. ADHD, Dyslexia, Autistic Spectrum Differences and average but struggling kids achieve success through a learning to read through the arts approach, one to one. Discover hidden talents, holistic Published articles.

  • Stephen Migden, Ph.D., ABPP and Associates

    We help the families of children, adolescents and young adults with learning or behavior/emotional problems find appropriate special education and treatment programs.

  • Susan Miltner Consulting

    Collaborating with families and students from ages three to 25, I offer hope, as we find pragmatic educational, therapeutic, social and emotional solutions. Struggling teens and young adults may need help for substance use or mental health issues. I am an expert in residential treatment facilities, therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness treatment and young adult transitional programs. This knowledge is obtained and updated from extensive contact with key persons in charge of programs, and from frequent travel to visit schools/programs throughout the U.S. I also am well versed in the range of day and private schools for students with learning differences. For students in the public school, I am an advocate in the IEP process. I also collaborate with attorneys regarding residential school placement of students with emotional disturbance (IDEA Federal Law).  I do this work, because positive change happens with targeted educational and therapeutic interventions.

  • The Achievement Centers, Inc.

    The Achievement Centers, Inc. is a diagnostic and tutorial clinic that services students of all ages in all subject areas during afterschool hours, evenings, and Saturdays. Established in 1970, the clinic of The Achievement Centers offers the following diagnostic services and personalized evaluations: *Psychoeducational Evaluations *Speech and Language *Occupational Therapy Evaluations *Social Assessments *Reading, Writing, Math, and all Content Subjects *Study Skills, Thinking Skills, Learning Disabilities *Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Regular Ed, Gifted *ACT/SAT Test Prep.

  • The English Code Language Training System

    The English Code Language Training System is an educational services company that provides language remediation and other services to dyslexics and other students with language acquisition difficulties.

  • The Peter Pan Center

    The Peter Pan Center offers social opportunity programs for children with ADHD, NLD, Aspergers and other social challenges. We also offer parenting and behavior consultations. In order to be a friend, you need to have a friend. At the Peter Pan Center, helping kids make and keep lasting friendships is our passion. The mission of the Peter Pan Center is to create a safe welcoming atmosphere to give children ages 4-15 the opportunity to learn and practice friendship skills. Whatever the barrier to friendship a child faces ~ be it behavioral issues, social anxiety and conversational skills, inability to read social cues, anger management, etc…we use our in-the-moment coaching model to effectively support children in overcoming these hurdles. Kids are not our only passion – parents are too! Here at the Peter Pan Center, we can help you learn to manage difficult behaviors, work with your school system and more.

  • Travis Psycho-Educational Services, Inc.

    Nationally Certified School Psychologist in Winter Park, FL. Evaluation for Gifted, Specific Learning Disability, Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit, Anxiety, Depression Executive Skills and emotional Intelligence. Intervention planning, consultation, collaboration and support included in all evaluation packages.

  • Y3K Tutor In Your Home

    At Y3K Tutor In Your Home, we take pride in educating all students. Since 2003, we have specialized in teaching the students that everyone else has left behind. We have also taught gifted students, who need specially tailored lessons to reach maximum potential. We do not write off any student under any circumstance, and believe everyone can learn to the best of their abilities. Our many years of experience in tutoring and educational consulting has developed the right way to motivate, the right way to teach, be understood, and be remembered.

  • Yellin Center for Student Success

    The Yellin Center for Student Success is an assessment and student care practice dedicated to helping all learners experience genuine success in school and in life. The Yellin Center is affiliated with the New York University School of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics and the All Kinds of Minds Institute. Services provided at The Yellin Center include comprehensive learning assessments, consultation, advocacy and transition support, educational therapy, organizational coaching, psycho-educational evaluation, referral services and more. We work with students from Pre-K through Post-Secondary and professional levels.