Adaptive Driver Training

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  • ADED: Association for Driver Rehabilitation Specialists
    ADED members provide driver evaluations, education and vehicle modification consultations. Our members also provide transportation consultations. Visit to locate a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist in your area.

  • Marklund Center for Children
    Marklund offers a variety of programs and services designed to provide infants, children and adults a full life experience that encompasses all realms of their needs: Loving medical and dental care provided by outstanding professionals, Home-like residential facilities in both Bloomingdale and Geneva, State-of-the-art rehabilitative therapies, Quality education and day services, Exceptional community-based programs, including Respite and Early Intervention.

  • Meltzer’s Driver Training Center
    The Meltzer’s Driver Training Center philosophy is to find people who want to drive and are capable of becoming drivers and to do what is necessary to assist them in this endeavor. Sometimes this is with Driving Instruction or Road Test Service or Driver Evaluation or Vehicle Modification Evaluation. The list goes on. Meltzer’s Driver Training Center is based in Dutchess County yet has served people to the South on Long Island and in New York City, to the North in Albany, to the East nearing Connecticut and to the West nearing Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Some people travel to the Hudson Valley for services. To some people, I do the traveling. I am well known for my expertise in the field of training those with Learning Differences. Tutoring is available for those who are having trouble or even for those who anticipate having trouble passing the New York State Learner Permit Test.