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  • Hard Manufacturing Company
    Manufacturer of pediatric cribs and age appropriate youth beds. We offer products for home, day cares, and hospitals. THE #1 MANUFACTURER OF HOSPITAL CRIBS AND YOUTH BEDS.

  • High Back Recliner For Special Needs Children
    This recliner is designed with extra height on the back to provide head support for special needs children. The V-Back allows a resting place with support on the sides. We can even do custom orders if the specifications don’t match your particular needs. Our kid recliners are of the highest quality and made with all hardwood frames and built to last.

  • SleepSafe Beds
    Perfect for adult home or home care use. Offering twin or full size bed frames in classic style, these beds offer an attractive alternative to a hospital bed. Keeps the user safe during rest and electrically adjusts smoothly for user comfort and caregiver ease of use.

  • Spectrum Industries Inc
    Spectrum Industries is a leading manufacturer of medical, instructional, training and computer furnishings as well as store fixtures and point of purchase displays.