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  • A Chance To Grow
    A Chance To Grow is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded on the drive to help every person succeed. We offer nine integrated brain-centered programs and services all under one roof. Our holistic approach to developing individual programs for each client ensures a comprehensive experience at A Chance To Grow for you and your family. Trained in the areas of speech pathology, occupational therapy, traditional and developmental vision interventions, auditory therapy, neurotechnology, elementary and early childhood education, our variety of specialists bring a tremendous amount of knowledge and care to every client’s experience. Each and every day, we are driven by an agency-wide passion for helping every person reach his or her highest possible potential.

  • ABA Nashville, LLC.
    We provide treatment for Autism and Other Related Developmental Disabilities. We provide ABA therapy to children ages 1 to 12 in Nashville and surrounding areas.

  • Abilities in Action
    The mission of Abilities in Action is to provide excellence in therapy to children with disabilities. We strive to enhance the lives of children with disabilities so they can play and learn with their peers. The purpose of Abilities in Action is to deliver comprehensive intervention to infants and children within a fun and therapeutic environment. Abilities in Action holds a strong commitment to the education and collaboration of our staff. We use the most advanced techniques and equipment to help children reach their maximum potential.

  • Ability and Beyond Occupational Therapy of Houston
    Providing occupational therapy pediatric home care to children in the North Houston/Spring/Woodlands area. Personalized professional programs for kids with developmental delays, PDD, and spectrum disorders. Specializing in The Listening System, Interactive Metronome, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Sensory Integration techniques.

  • ABX Solutions
    ABA therapy for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.

  • AERI Behavioral Health Services
    AERI provides Behavioral Consultation and Intervention Services, Head Start Consultation, Adult Autism Services, Intellectual and Developmental Disability Services, Family Based Mental Health Services, Emotional Support Classrooms, Bullying Prevention, Psychological Testing, Transition and Higher Education Services and more in several states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, California and more.

  • Allied Services, John Heinz Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
    Serving the Scranton / Wilkes-Barre area in northeastern Pennsylvania, Allied Services offers a full array of health care and support services. As one of the area’s most diverse providers of rehabilitation medicine, senior care, home health care, vocational and residential services, Allied Services employees and volunteers touch the lives of nearly 5,000 people every day.

  • Aloha Nursing & Rehab Center
    Our unique nursing care facility is nestled in the picturesque town of Kaneohe, Oahu, amid the towering Koolau Mountains and the panoramic vistas of Kaneohe Bay. In this tranquil setting, our 141-bed facility offers both long and short term care to residents who meet intermediate or skilled level of care criteria.

  • Angels Reach Foundation
    Angels Reach Foundation, Inc. is committed to assisting children with a range of abilities and needs to consistently develop their individual strengths and maximize learning and functioning potentials through innovative, comprehensive and individualized treatment programming and caregiver support.

  • Ann Stout, MSW, LCSW, BCIA-EEG
    Neurofeedback and brain mapping services for children through adults for Autism, ADD/HD, learning disablitiies, anxiety and mood disorders.

  • Arc of Meriden- Wallingford, Inc.
    Welcome to the Arc of Meriden-Wallingford where we provide advocacy, residential, recreational, community and employment services to adults with intellectual, developmental and cognitive disabilities. Our site includes a complete overview of our services as well as many of the programs that generate funds for our organization.

  • Arizona Centers for Comprehensive Education and Life Skills (ACCEL)
    Our mission is to provide exceptional educational, therapeutic, and vocational programs to individuals with special needs, to give them the necessary skills to learn, to work, and to live successfully with dignity and independence.

  • Arlington Pediatric Therapy Managment Services, Ltd
    Our mission is to provide quality therapy for children on an out patient basis. Our primary focus is to improve the quality of life of children with special needs and their families. We offer therapeutic intervention for newborns through young adults for neurologic, orthopedic, or congenital conditions. Professional services are delivered in a friendly, family centered atmosphere. Our skilled physical therapists will help your child improve strength, mobility and function through the use of playful and child-friendly exercises.

  • Arts4Autism
    Our intent is to give the gift of the arts and technology through donated musical instruments, arts supplies, and tablets and along with proper training to children and young adults with autism, their families, and the educational programs and schools that could make use of them. We also plan to fund applications to use with the technology. We plan to help the arts in schools as well as promote inclusion of people on the spectrum. Tablets, and musical instruments are a very kinesthetic devices and they make learning easier for many people with autism. Tablets like Apple iPads aid in education and improve the level of involvement in many aspects of their lives. However, a decent tablet runs $400-$800 which is very expensive for most families of people with autism. In addition, musical instruments, the arts such as dance classes are very costly to the individual. We also hope, plan and intend to give the gift of music and the arts, and to save the music especially for people with autism and special needs. Schools are very short on funding especially for the arts and music. Most parents of kids with autism cannot afford instruments, band trips, choir events and other arts materials. We want to help. We will donate musical instruments to people with autism and education to improve quality of life. In addition, we will give the resources to provide help to theatre programs in both private and in public schools, as well as other arts that accept people with autism in their programs. We strive to promote inclusion and acceptance. In order to further the quality of life for people with autism we want to expose them to cultural events. We will donate tickets, to musical events, theater, and other arts to enrich their lives. I feel that many people with autism are talented in the arts and music. Even if not talented in the arts, I feel they can definitely benefit from the exposure to arts, music and technology.

  • ASL Pediatric Therapy Services
    ASL Pediatric Therapy Services is the leading provider of services for Special Needs, Learning Disabled, and Non-verbal children in Broward County. We believe children are best served by a multi-disciplinary, collaborative team approach to therapy. We provide Speech-Language Therapy, Sensory Integration Therapy, Intensive Reading, Math, and Academic Tutoring and Coaching for K – College, Behavior Therapy, Music Therapy, Feeding Therapy, Parent Advocacy Assistance, Parent/Caregiver Training, and Summer and vacation intensive learning programs. Therapy is available in our clinic, your home, or your child’s school. It is amazing what the right therapies can do to change a child’s future. ASL says, “LET’S CHANGE YOUR CHILD’S FUTURE TODAY!!” We look forward to helping your child, and your family.

  • Atlanta Child Therapy, Inc.
    Atlanta Child Therapy, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3), charity based organization formed for the relief of children with disabilities and disorders. The “ACT House” provides therapeutic and educational services to children and adolescents. Our clients include individuals diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, Learning and Behavior Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Mood Disorder, PTSD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Tourette Syndrome, Trichotillomania, Speech Disorders, and Sensory Regulation Disorder.

  • Auditory Intergration Training
    Auditory Integration Training (AIT) is a ten day, noninvasive educational and therapeutic technique which helps people to hear all frequencies more evenly, to improve in the processing of auditory input, and to decrease hypersensitivity or hyposensitivity to specific environmental or speech sounds.

  • Augmenting Ability
    Group and individual therapy services Adaptive music lessons.

  • Autism Home Support Services Inc.
    AHSS provides therapy in-home in the greater Chicago area. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the cornerstone of our care and our support staff is available to families 24/7 in-home and via technology. Our highly trained staff is hired locally and matched with each family to ensure consistency and a positive experience by all. AHSS provides respite for children in the home in the greater Chicago area.

  • B.E.S.T. Services, Inc.
    In-home as well as school based intensive applied behavior analysis (ABA) services. Additional services include classroom consultation, program supervision, and parent training. ABA is the primary modality throughout the program.

  • Baptist Pediatric Rehabilitation
    Regarded as one of the premier health care systems in the nation, Baptist Memorial Health Care is an award-winning network dedicated to providing compassionate, high-quality care for patients. With 15 hospitals throughout the Mid-South, Baptist combines convenience with excellence of care—two reasons we have been named among the top health care systems in the country for several years.

  • Barbara A. Smith. M.S., O.T.R.
    I am the author of The Recycling Occupational Therapist and From Rattles to Writing: A Parent’s Guide to Hand Skills. I also provide pediatric evaluations, home treatment and provide OT presentations at conferences, colleges and seminars.

  • Barber National Institute
    Providing hope and opportunity to individuals with autism, intellectual disabilities or behavioral health challenges is the mission of the Barber National Institute.  We offer a range of education, job training, residential and behavioral health services to more than 7,300 children and adults and their families from our main campus in Erie, PA, and in the Northwestern Pennsylvania, Central Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia regions, as well as training and development to professionals around the world.

  • Beautiful Minds of Princeton
    We are a company dedicated to helping individuals, families, and professionals who care about or have special needs. We commit to promoting a world where all individuals, regardless of their disability, learn and expand their potential, becoming part of this world. Services include: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy, Behavior Assessments, Skills Assessments (VB-MAPP, ABLLS-R), Transition Planning, Community Based Instruction, Social Skills Assessments and Training, Parent & Staff Training.

  • Behavioral Consulting Associates, Inc.
    Behavioral Consulting Associates (BCA) specializes in a wide range of skills training in addition to reduction of problematic behaviors. This allows BCA to work beyond behavioral barriers to achieve positive outcomes with persons of all ages and abilities. Most persons served by BCA have at least one developmental disability, such as mental retardation, autism, or pervasive developmental disorder. Many also have at least one psychiatric diagnosis, such as depression, anxiety, or psychosis. BCA works closely with families, support staff, psychiatrists, and others to minimize the impact of such conditions on a person’s life.

  • Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay, Inc.
    Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay, Inc. (“Behavioral Consulting”) is an organization that provides behavioral consulting services to families and children affected by autism and other similar conditions as well as children who display disruptive behavior. Behavioral Consulting provides a variety of services to its clients, including hands-on training of children and parents, to resolve behaviors most commonly exhibited by children with autism and other special needs. Additionally, Behavioral Consulting prepares and implements verbal behavior programs to teach a wide variety of skills such as language, self-help skills, play skills, social skills, academic skills, and fine/gross motor skills.

  • Behavioral Perspective Inc. (BPI) Adult Services
    Behavioral Perspective Inc. began with a simple belief that utilizing high quality Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) with a team of passionate, dedicated staff would yield maximum gains. BPI’s programming is individualized – based on the needs, strengths and priorities of each client and their families. BPI meets every family right where they are, providing ongoing support and teaching valuable new skills that families can implement permanently. BPI provides ABA therapy and Adult Services through ongoing assessments and updated priorities. Medicaid Waivers for service are accepted.
    Autism Therapies & Services in Chicago IL, Columbia MO, Austin TX | BPI
    Adult Services Throughout Illinois | BPI
    Parent Academy – Autism Support | BPI

  • Berard Auditory Integration Training
    BERARD Auditory Integration Training is a non-invasive therapeutic procedure which enhances aspects of hearing perception. Individuals over the age of 3 can participate. Teenagers and adults benefit also. Individuals with Autism spectrum disorders, ADD, LD, PDD, CAPD, hypo- and hypersensitivity have benefited from this innovative therapeutic program. AIT is a procedure that trains the ear to listen more accurately. Dynamic music with a wide range of frequencies is processed through an electronic system in the AIT device. The volume and tone of the melody are constantly and randomly modulated, but the rhythm and phrasing are unchanged. Specific filters may be used to reduce the intensity of selected frequencies. This auditory stimulus activates the listening abilities, which then open up to the whole sound spectrum in a coordinated and efficient manner. Children who are learning to read and write will integrate verbal and written messages more easily. Self-confidence will grow as the children become competent learners. As individuals develop efficient listening abilities, it will be reflected in other educationally related areas as well. Verbal directions given by teachers will be understood more easily and rapidly, allowing responding without further questions. Individuals who appear to be more cooperative and obedient may actually be more able to comprehend what they have been asked to do. It is difficult to cooperate if you don’t understand the directions. Results from BERARD AIT practitioners around the world document that when the Berard protocol is used, in conjunction with BERARD equipment, positive results are achieved. We provide Berard AIT throughout the US. Please contact us to coordinate an AIT session in your area, and check our schedule on the website for a list of upcoming sessions and events.

  • Beyond Boundries of Autism
    Beyond the Boundaries of Autism (BBA) provides services designed to help children and young adults with autism maximize their independence and better manage their behaviors in order to be successful in their homes, schools, and communities. BBA’s therapeutic approach is built on the foundation that every individual is unique and therefore has a unique set of needs and circumstances.

  • Brain Balance Center of Wayne
    Brain Balance is designed for kids ages four through seventeen . Who have been labeled with or exhibit the signs of such neurobehavioral disorders as ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, Asperger’s, Tourette’s, learning disabilities or processing disorders. These conditions were previously thought to be unrelated, but we now know that they share many common features and can be accurately grouped into what is referred to as a Functional Disconnection Syndrome.

  • BraveHearts Therapeutic Riding & Educational Center
    Provides therapeutic horseback riding lessons and recreational therapy to adults and children with physical, mental and emotional disabilities.

  • Breakthrough Developmental Services, LLC.
    Breakthrough Developmental Services is a Maryland-based company offering behavioral therapy (ABA/VB) and educational consulting for families and schools. We also offer behavioral treatment plans to tailored to meet the needs of the individual need. We are available to provide training to parents, paraprofessionals, teachers, and other groups regarding developmental disabilities (i.e.: Autism, Asperger’s, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Down Syndrome, etc.), challenging behaviors, life skills, social skills, play skills, and educational planning. We are also a Maryland Waiver provider for Family Training, IISS, and Respite Care.

  • Brigham Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center
    Our nursing center provides a full range of medical services to treat the residents who live with us and the patients who come to us for short-term, episodic medical or rehabilitative care. The care we deliver includes daily nursing, pharmacy, dietary and social services for all residents and patients, as well as a range of specific services. We invite you to visit and see for yourself the face of quality care.

  • Bright Futures
    Bright Futures is a national health promotion initiative dedicated to the principle that every child deserves to be healthy and that optimal health involves a trusting relationship between the health professional, the child, the family, and the community as partners in health practice.

  • Broadview Multi-Care Center
    Broadview Multi-Care Center (BMCC) is a facility that exists for the benefit of its residents and the greater community. We provide short and long-term rehabilitation services in order to promote the highest functioning of our clients. BMCC management and staff are dedicated to providing high quality care in a homelike and loving atmosphere for each resident.

  • Brooks Memorial Hospital Rehabilitation Center
    Brooks has a long-standing tradition of providing quality inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation care to Florida and Southeast Georgia. The 143-bed acute physical rehab hospital is unique in the region with a highly trained staff and an unmatched range of services. Brooks has an extensive network of 25 outpatient centers and an established home health services division, Brooks Home Care Advantage, which provides the best continuum of post-acute services possible to the communities served. Brooks also has a cutting-edge research facility offering over 20 clinical trials.

  • Burke Rehabilitation Hospital
    The goal of the intensive inpatient rehabilitation program at Burke is to maximize your recovery. Whether you have had a stroke, brain or spinal cord injuriy; a neurological condition; knee or hip replacement; amputation; pulmonary or cardiac disease– our expert rehabilitation team is committed to helping you return to as active and productive a life as possible.

  • C-CAD Center of United Cerebral Palsy of Metropolitan Dallas
    What do we do? United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) is one of the nation’s leading organizations serving and advocating for more than 54 million Americans with disabilities. Many UCP consumers are people with disabilities other than cerebral palsy. Here in north Texas UCP offers services to individuals, families and communities, such as early childhood development and education, community living assistance and support services (CLASS), home and community support (HCS), consumer direct services (CDS), group homes, adult Impact program, and removing limits through technology with our assistive technology programs. Additionally, UCP of North Texas provides OT, PT, and speech therapy along with a vast array of adaptive equipment available through our equipment loan program.

  • Cadenza Center for Psychotherapy and the Arts, Inc.
    Providing comprehensive psychological and creative arts therapies for persons with special needs and their families. We provide diagnostic evaluations, educational testing, family therapy, individual psychotherapies, play therapy, music therapy, art therapy, and small group services. Our licensed providers included psychologists, mental health counselors, clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists.

  • California Learning Connection
    The California Learning Connection is a Multidisciplinary private practice founded in 2005 in Fresno in the heart of Central California. We offer a friendly and relaxed, family environment and are located in a beautiful and fully equipped facility. Services include specialized teaching and tutoring for dyslexia and other learning disabilities using research based interventions that have proven results. The California Learning Connection also houses speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and counselors to serve our clients. Our clients are primarily school age or younger; however there are also opportunities to work with adults in a variety of settings. We are early intervention providers for the Regional Center, serve local charter schools and provide assessments for the Department of Social Services.

  • Cardinal Hill Rehabilitation Hospital
    A leader in providing physical rehabilitation services in Kentucky and the southeast region, Cardinal Hill Healthcare System is dedicated to helping people of all ages regain maximum independence and health.

  • Carolina Coast Behavioral Services, LLC.
    ABA services for children, adolescents, and adults with autism, intellectual disabilities, behavior challenges, and related disorders: skill acquisition and problem behavior reduction.

  • Carondelet Brain Injury Programs and Services (Bridges Now)
    Carondelet Health Network in Tucson, Arizona is a member of Ascension Health, the nation’s largest, religious-sponsored not-for-profit health care system. Carondelet’s strategic initiatives mirror those of the entire Ascension Health system and reflect our passion for a better, more just health care system.

  • Casa Colinas Centers for Rehabilitation
    Casa Colina is a non-profit, freestanding, community-governed organization. With incredible support from our community, we have been privileged to bring the benefits of rehabilitation to tens of thousands of people since our first patient in 1936.

  • Center for Communication Skills
    The Center for Communication Skills is a Speech-Language Pathology private practice founded in 1996 in Fresno in the heart of Central California. We offer a friendly and relaxed, family environment and are located in a beautiful and fully equipped facility. The practice is housed in the spacious California Learning Connection, a multidisciplinary center where speech-language pathologists work with occupational therapists and counselors to serve our clients. Our clients are all ages and we do accept insurance plans if speech-language therapy is covered. We are early intervention providers for the Regional Center, serve local charter schools and provide assessments for the Department of Social Services.

  • Center for Developmental Services
    Multi-disciplinary treatment for children with disabilities and developmental delays with six partner agencies under a single roof. Children can receive speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, audiology assessments, developmental assessments, educational evaluations, and audiology services.

  • Center for Learning and Autism Support Services, Inc. (CLASS)
    The Center for Learning and Autism Support Services Inc. (CLASS) is a certified non-public agency with a dedicated group of qualified professionals committed to the highest standards of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), positive Behavior Support and Intensive Early Intervention. We proudly provide comprehensive individualized programs to individuals with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other neurological and developmental disabilities in schools, homes and throughout the community. CLASS serves children from age of diagnosis through early adulthood. We collaborate with both private and public schools to achieve the highest levels of inclusion possible for our students and fade services as soon as it is appropriate to do so. Parent support, training and participation are always a cornerstone of our programs.

  • Center for Neuro Recovery
    Center for Neuro Recovery is a comprehensive activity-based strength training program for individuals with neurological injuries and disorders. We carry some of the most high-tech, research-backed equipment and modalities in the marketplace. We also utilize the latest research and experience to train our diverse client population. Our goal is for our clients to achieve maximum recovery after a spinal cord injury, stroke, mild TBI or other debilitating injury.

  • Center for Speech, Language and Learning, Inc.
    The Professionals at the Center for Speech, Language and Learning, Inc. are dedicated to optimizing the communication and learning abilities of our clients and supporting families. While primarily a pediatric facility, we address communication and motor needs of adolescents and some adults as well. As professionals who care deeply, we understand the complexities of navigating medical and educational systems to find the most appropriate planning and interventions for children with special needs. We have walked in your shoes as parents and know the blessings of partnerships when working to surround our children with a strong support network. We truly believe in teaming with families, physicians, schools, and insurance companies

  • Chicago Childrens
    The Chicago Children’s Clinic was founded to improve the lives of children and adolescents by providing the highest quality of clinical care, the greatest amount of compassion, and by striving to be the most supportive, helpful, and comprehensive center of its kind.

  • Children’s Innovative Therapy Group, LLC.
    Children’s Innovative Therapy Group, LLC is a pediatric private practice specializing in autism spectrum disorder, apraxia, and pragmatics.

  • Children’s Special Services, LLC.
    Multiple services for the special needs child: Occupational therapy for children 3-15–fine, gross, sensory, perceptual motor development. Evaluations, screenings, group and individual therapy. Modified Developmental Preschool 2 and 3 morning options–serving children for whom the typical preschool setting is too challenging. Lead teacher is an OTR with a special education degree. Math and Science tutoring for children grades 6-12–all math subjects and chemistry and phsyics.

  • Children’s Therapy Network, LLC.
    We are a therapy clinic specializing in the treatment of children with Sensory Processing Disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Behavioral and Social Difficulties, Developmental Delay, and Feeding and Eating concerns. In addition to serving children with identified needs, we also help families and community providers support children who may just be struggling to successfully get through their day. We are here to help!

  • ChildServe
    We partner with families to help children with special health care needs live a great life. Childserve will be the premier provider of connected care and specialty pediatric services.

  • Clinical Connections
    We offer trans-disciplinary services for students with special needs including speech therapy, occupational therapy, individual and group social work, play therapy (clinic/home), friendship groups, individual and group tutoring, school consultation and advocacy, tween and teen programs, early childhood programs and consortium experiences for recreational therapy, animal assisted therapy, behavioral consultation and music therapy.

  • Clove Lakes Health Care & Rehabilitation Center
    Clove Lakes seeks to rehabilitate those who have sustained injury or illness to the highest level of independence possible and support those with disabling conditions to live meaningful and productive lives.

  • Cognitive Systems
    Cognitive development via the internet with clinical oversight for cognitive deficits after strokes,TBI, PTSD, ADD, developmental delays, LD, dementia & other anomalies. 2.5 Overview:

  • Collaborative Autism Resources & Education (CARE), LLC.
    CARE offers in-home and community based ABA Programming to individuals on the autism spectrum. Our services are available for individuals from ages 3-22. Behavior programs are written and supervised by Board Certified Behavior Analysts and direct therapy is provided by our highly trained behavior technicians.

  • Colleton Regional Hospital
    Colleton Medical Center is a 131 bed acute care, medical-surgical facility that has been serving the lowcounty area of South Carolina for over half a century. A part of Tradent Health System, we are a fully acredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Orginizations and a full-range diagnostic. theraputic, emergency and surgical services.

  • Common Threads Family Resource Center
    A child with autism thrives in a strong family. Our mission is to enhance the development of children with autism spectrum disorders and to provide their families with support and direction. We will accomplish this by providing a variety of services and opportunities. We will assist families in maintaining a balance between meeting their many challenges, and flourishing as a family.

  • Communication Innovations
    Communication Innovations’ team of licensed therapists specialize in supporting your child’s development through individualized comprehensive programs developed through clinical expertise and best practice guidelines.

  • Communication Sensation LLC.
    Jackie Carter CCC-SLP is a certified, licensed, and registered speech-language pathologist and dyslexia specialist who had extensive experience working in public schools before establishing her private practice in 2006. Jackie provides comprehensive assessment and individualized treatment in all areas of communication including auditory processing, oral speech, receptive and expressive language, reading, writing, and spelling. In addition she is trained and certified to test for and treat dyslexia. Jackie has advanced training in working with children with autism, Down syndrome, language processing disorders,and speech sound productions deficits, including apraxia. In addition she is qualified to teach children to read using an Orton-Gillingham approach which is the research-based best practice for children with dyslexia and severe reading deficits. Incorporating high energy, music and multisensory techniques into her therapy sessions the children become motivated, engaged, and learn at a faster rate. Also Hanen-trained, Jackie works closely within the family structure and communicates with the child’s IEP team at school. She also provides consultation regarding IEP goals and objectives. Communication Sensation has offices in Waterloo and in Madison, WI.

  • Community Access Unlimited
    Activities are provided to help an individual or small group obtain and maintain a job in competitive or customized employment, or minimum wage and received benefits paid by the employer.

  • Community Therapeutix, PC
    We provide occupational therapy to children with special needs. We have extensive experience with children on the autism spectrum and with sensory integration dysfunction, as well as with many other exceptionalities.

  • Connect The Dots Therapy, P.C.
    Connect The Dots Therapy, PC is a pediatric occupational therapy clinic that provides comprehensive and collaborative care. Our enthusiastic and motivated team of therapists provide innovative treatments to help your child meet their maximum potential.

  • Consulting 4 the Spectrum, LLC.
    We offer quality in-home Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to families with children with autism spectrum disorders, primarily ages 18 months to 7 years old. Our goal is to assist each family with building a productive future for their child by creating an enriched environment with child and therapist led activities tailored to their individual needs, ultimately increasing functional independence. In addition to our in-home services, we offer parent, therapist, teacher and shadow training, provide ARD/IEP guidance and conduct skills and behavioral assessments.

  • Continuum Autism Spectrum Alliance
    CASA uses Applied Behavior Analysis for those who present with signs or symptoms associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related developmental disabilities. We provide services in the home, school, center and the community.

  • Corner Stone Services Inc.
    From 24-hour supervision to Intermittent Community Integrated Living Arrangements, Cornerstone encourages choice and independence in its residential alternative services.Cornerstone’s employment services program works with individuals to find and retain jobs in their own communities. Field trips combined with classroom training help individuals develop the skills necessary to lead an active life in the community. Cornerstone’s nationally-recognized behavioral health services provide many options for individuals with mental health issues, including outpatient counseling, psychosocial rehabilitation, and community housing.

  • Country Gardens Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation
    Our nursing center provides a full range of medical services to treat the residents who live with us and the patients who come to us for short-term, episodic medical or rehabilitative care. The care we deliver includes daily nursing, pharmacy, dietary and social services for all residents and patients, as well as a range of specific services. We invite you to visit and see for yourself the face of quality care.

  • Courage Center
    We offer a wide range of services that improve independence and quality of life for people of all ages and abilities. Services include rehabilitation therapies, inpatient transitional rehabilitation, pain management, accessible fitness centers and pools, vocational and community-based services, behavioral/mental health therapies, family support, camping, and sports and recreation programs.

  • Covenant Health Systems Owens White Outpatient Rehab Center
    As our region’s largest health system, Covenant Health System believes it is our responsibility to provide the best possible care for every one of the 1.2 million people we serve.

  • CranioSacral Therapy
    CST is a gentle, hands-on method of evaluating and enhancing the functioning of a physiological body system called the craniosacral system – comprised of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord. Using a soft touch generally no greater than 5 grams, or about the weight of a nickel, practitioners release restrictions in the craniosacral system to improve the functioning of the brain and entire central nervous system. By complementing the body’s natural healing processes, CST is increasingly used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to disease, and is effective for a wide range of medical and developmental problems, including: * Migraine Headaches * Chronic Neck and Back Pain * Motor-Coordination Impairments * Colic * Autism * Central Nervous System Disorders * Orthopedic Problems * Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries * Infantile Disorders * Learning Disabilities * Emotional Difficulties * Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) * Neurovascular or Immune Disorders * Post-Surgical Dysfunction.

  • Cypress Creek Therapy Associates
    Cypress Creek Therapy Associates has been a proud provider of Physical Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy to the families of Anne Arundel County for eleven years.

  • Dee Walden Learning Solutions, LLC.
    Dee Walden Learning Solutions, LLC offers children and adults, ages 3-103, a device that improves handwriting. The FunnelGripper was created for those having difficulty learning to control a pencil, pen or crayon and for those with slightly limited or weak hand-finger mobility. The FunnelGripper gives support to fingers, retains a proper grip and helps adults suffering from arthritis or any condition that slightly limits their ability to grasp and apply pressure while writing. Dee Walden Learning Solutions, LLC also, offers Deez EZway To Learn reading and handwriting workbooks. These workbooks contain special lettering that helps to develop better handwriting skills. Also included are phonetic blending lessons to teach reading, page-to-page instructions and numerous pictures for coloring and learning new vocabulary. The workbooks place equal and simultaneous importance on learning to read phonetically and to write legibly. Early learners, gifted students, special education students and anyone having difficulty learning to read and write will find these workbooks a great source to teach, remediate or speed the learning process. Workbooks 1-5 are available for pre-k through grade 2.

  • Delano Regional Medical Center
    Delano Regional Medical Center (DRMC) is proud to be known throughout California and beyond as an innovative regional hospital, deeply rooted in the local communities and committed to providing an exceptional patient experience.

  • Desert Regional Medical Center
    As the regional medical center in the Coachella Valley, Desert Regional Medical Center’s vision is the continuous improvement of the health and well-being of the communities we serve. A commitment to clinical excellence shall be demonstrated through measurable quality outcomes, while ongoing financial stability will enable Desert Regional Medical Center to fulfill its mission and attain its vision.

  • Devereux Santa Barbara
    Devereux is a non-profit organization providing services around the nation for persons with emotional, developmental & educational disabilities.

  • DG Counseling, Inc.
    The therapists here at DG Counseling Inc. each have an area of expertise that serves the community well. We are a group of licensed, experienced counselors and professionals dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families by offering confidential, empathic treatment for all of life’s emotional, transitional, relational, and communication challenges. Please take time to review all the quality services that we have to offer. I am sure we will be able to meet your individual needs. Our staff has over 43 years of collective experience. We work hard to bring our highly developed intuition, excellent clinical skills, and experience to help those in need of direction and personal guidance.

  • Diane Gould, LCSW, BCBA
    I work with families to improve their child’s behavior and build effective parenting skills. I also provide counseling to children and adults to decrease anxiety and improve social interactions.

  • DignityHealth Northridge Hospital Medical Center
    Dedicating resources to delivering compassionate, high quality, affordable health services; serving and advocating for our sisters and brothers who are poor and disinfranchised; and partnering with others in the community to improve the quality of life.

  • Disability & Autism Services of Indiana (DASI)
    Providing these services for children and young adults with autism and other disabilities: ABA Therapy- in home, school, and community settings Speech Therapy Parent Training Social Groups Behavior Consultation Individual Treatment Plans and Behavior Intervention Plans Behavioral Assessment-language, learning, social, and academic assessments Caregiver, professional, and staff training Transition support into school and/or community environments.

  • Doctors Baptist Hospital
    Baptist Health South Florida is the largest not-for-profit health care organization in the region. Affiliates of the Baptist Health include Baptist Hospital of Miami, Baptist Children’s Hospital, South Miami Hospital, Homestead Hospital, Mariners Hospital, Doctors Hospital and Baptist Cardiac & Vascular Institute. Baptist Health also offers a variety of health care services, such as outpatient diagnostic and treatment facilities and home health care.

  • Dolphins and Children with Special Needs
    Introducing special needs children to dolphins in their natural environment. Aquatic bodyworks, physical and occupational therapy with expressive arts used as therapeuticaids. The emotional impact of a dolphin encounter in his own environment combined expressive art, massage, watsu and music can be a beneficial experience for emotionally challenged and fragile children.

  • Easter Seals DuPage and the Fox Valley Region
    The mission of Easter Seals DuPage and the Fox Valley Region is to enable infants, children, and adults with disabilities to achieve maximum independence and to provide support for the families who love and care for them. Founded in 1952, Easter Seals DuPage and the Fox Valley Region is one of the largest and most highly regarded pediatric outpatient rehabilitation centers in the Nation serving more than 3,000 infants, children, and adults with therapy and audiology services each year. Key services include: physical, occupational, speech-language, nutrition and assistive technology therapies and audiology services for all ages. Additional services include social services, community outreach programs, specialty clinics and The Lily Garden, an inclusive child care center.

  • Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
    The largest medical facility in the region, Eastern Idaho Rehabilitation Medical Center (EIRMC) is a modern JCAHO- accredited, full-service hospital. EIRMC serves as the region’s healthcare hub, offering specialty services.

  • Elaine Lerner MSW CSW – ADHD Parent Trainer
    Is your child having behavioral problems, hyperactivity, focus, attention and organization issues at home, in school and in social settings? ADHD Parent Trainings are forming in Long Island. Elaine Lerner, MSW, CSW an ADHD and ODD specialist will offer an eight-session training for parents of children with attention problems using the Russell Barkley Ph.D, and Ross Green Ph.D. methods of behavioral management. ADHD is one of the most common childhood developmental behavioral disorders affecting up to 5-7 percent of the school age population and accounting for the largest proportion of children referred to mental health programs in this country. Learn techniques to give your child a better chance of success in school, at home and in social settings. Her goal as a clinician is to empower parents to take charge of the demanding care of these children in a way that ensures the health of the child individually and the entire family collectively. The ultimate purpose is to help participants become scientific, principle-centered, executive parents. Elaine Lerner, MSW, CSW received her masters Degree in Social Work from Fordham University and has over 16 years of experience in the school system as a social worker. She has trained with Russell A. Barkley Ph.D. and Ross Green, Ph.D., both internationally renowned experts and authors of numerous books on the subject. Also available for individual, couple and family counseling.

  • Equestrian Connection
    At Equestrian Connection, high quality horses make a “connection” with riders and help create a difference in strength, posture, self confidence and overall well being. Equestrian Connection has a well trained and experienced staff that will work with disabled individuals to Make a Difference!

  • Ernest Health
    The mission of Ernest Health, Inc. (EHI) is the development and operation of rehabilitation and related post-acute healthcare facilities dedicated to the recovery of individuals who have functional deficits as a result of injury or illness.

  • Euro-Peds National Center for Intensive Pediatric PT
    National Center for Intensive Pediatric PT with a goal to teach new functional skills to children and young adults who have non-progressive neuromusclar disorders (CP, TBI, Spina Bifida, and a wide variety of gross motor disorders). Hospital-based clinic was established in 1999 using progressive European-inspired therapy methods. Sessions are one-on-one or two-on-one, up to 20 hours per week for 2, 3 or 4 weeks; sessions are customized to meet each child’s needs towards greater mobility and independence. Application and acceptance into program required, plus doctors prescription; Insurance accepted; medically supervised. Euro-Peds provides specialized and experienced physical therapy for children and young adults who have Cerebral Palsy, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spina Bifida and a variety of syndromes & non-progressive gross motor disorders. Children with all levels of involvement can, and do, learn new skills like sitting, crawling and walking to improve mobility, self-esteem, and independence.

  • Fagan Center for Communication
    The Fagan Center for Communication utilizes evidence-based practice to treat individuals with a variety of communication disorders, including Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), autism, and executive function disorders.

  • Family Behavioral Resources
    FBR provides Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services, Specialized Autism Services, Outpatient Mental Health Services, Psychological Testing and Evaluations, Summer Therapeutic Activities Programs, Community Outreach, Family Support Groups, and more across Western and Central Pennsylvania.

  • Family Speech & Therapy Services
    With clinic locations in Andover, Otsego and Edina, Family Speech & Therapy Services provides the highest quality speech-language and occupational therapy to help children and adults with deficits in communication, fine and gross motor or sensory skills reach their fullest potential.

  • First Health Associates
    Conservative Medical and Complementary Health Care. Our focus on wellness, fitness, and weight management is what sets us apart from conventional medical clinics.

  • Flexiciser
    Flexiciser Technology facilities the “Law of Movemment Therapy” in three modes: 1 active 2 self: passive, FlexiMotor, 3 Reisistive, muscule toning. Flexiciser is the only technology to offer a natural Elongated Stride, full Range of Motion, Non weight bearing on joints, and Movement of arms and legs simultaneously.

  • Florida Autism Center
    Florida Autism Center was founded in 2005, and serves Central Florida, Florida’s Central East Coast, and the Florida Panhandle. The organization employs a diverse and talented team of behavior analysts at each of its locations. The Florida Autism Center is owned and operated by Board Certified Behavior Analysts, and is a practicum and supervision site for Florida State University, Nova Southeastern University, and Florida Institute of Technology. Additionally, FAC’s Executive Director is an Adjunct Faculty Member at Kaplan University. The Florida Autism Center provides treatment based on the basic principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, and has a specific focus on early intensive behavioral intervention, verbal behavior (language) training, and social skills training. Additionally, the Florida Autism Center can help your child learn to display basic “following directions” skills, self-care and daily living skills, and can give your child a strong foundation in skills that will be needed as he or she advances academically.

  • Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
    An employment resource for businesses and people with disabilities. Our mission is to enable individuals with disabilities to obtain and keep employment.

  • Florida Hospital Rehabilitation Center
    Our first responsibility as a Christian hospital is to extend the healing ministry of Christ to all patients who come to us. We endeavor to deliver high-quality service, showing concern for patients’ emotional and spiritual needs, as well as their physical condition. It is our desire to serve patients promptly, with consideration and dignity.

  • Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, Inc.
    The Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, Inc. (FINR) is dedicated to excellence in the provision of rehabilitation, education and vocational services to both children and adult survivors of brain injury. Through the provision of individualized assessment, restorative service and foundational retraining in behavior, psych-social, cognitive, physical functioning, communication, daily living, education and vocational area, FINR seeks to assist its clients in attaining their maximum level of functioning and quality of life in the most normalized and least restrictive environment.

  • Florida Speech-Language Pathology, Inc.
    Central Florida private practice providing clinic and natural environment speech, language, and literacy services. Assessment and treatment provided. Several insurances accepted.

  • Foundations Developmental House, LLC.
    FDH Kids, LLC focuses on identifying and treating the underlying cause behind a student’s learning problem. We provide home-based intervention programs nationwide, statewide, and citywide. Several of our home-based programs do not require the child to come to our centers to receive the therapy service. In addition to speech therapy services we offer several evidence-based nuerocognitive programs such as Cogmed, Lindamood-Bell methods, Fast ForWord, The Speech-EZ Apraxia Program, and more.

  • Franklin Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
    Our nursing center provides a full range of medical services to treat the residents who live with us and the patients who come to us for short-term, episodic medical or rehabilitative care. The care we deliver includes daily nursing, pharmacy, dietary and social services for all residents and patients, as well as a range of specific services. We invite you to visit and see for yourself the face of quality care.

  • FreshStart(s) Behavioral Therapy
    We provide customized, in-home or in-school behavior analysis programs focusing on the reduction of maladaptive behaviors, the increase of skills, academics, socialization, self management, and daily living skills. Our unique collaborative teams give you the benefit of not just one therapist, but a team of therapists working together to find the best way to work with your child or teenager. We strive to maintain complete transparency among parents or other caretakers to ensure generalization is accomplished and faster results are observed.

  • Funtastic Gymnastic Therapy
    Funtastic Gymnastic Therapy offers physical, occupational, and speech therapy in a fun-omenal environment so that children with special needs can have a great time playing with their licensed therapists while they attain their development goals. Most insurance plans are accepted, gyms are located all over Chicagoland and Milwaukee.

  • Gaylord Hospital
    Gaylord Hospital is a long-term acute care hospital that specializes in the care and treatment of medically complex patients, rehabilitation and sleep medicine. Long-term acute care (LTAC) is a recognized designation by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for acute care hospitals whose average length of stay is at least 25 days. LTAC hospitals provide specialized care services to manage medical conditions, so that patients with catastrophic or acute illnesses and injuries can work toward recovery.

  • Gina L. Spielman, LCSW & Associates
    Licensed professional counseling and clinical social work services for clients of all ages. Individuals, couples and families served. Holistic approaches to well being.

  • Glengariff Health Care Center
    Established in 1971, Glengariff Health Care Center has earned a reputation as leading provider of quality sub-acute short-term and long term medical care. In 1996, Glengariff became one of the first facilities in New York State to receive JCAHO Accreditation for subacute care. In the Glenhaven tradition, our programs and services are developed in tandem with the latest medical knowledge and technology. Our short-term rehabilitation and complex medical sub-acute services rival those of the finest hospitals and offer realistic, cost-effective treatment alternatives to lengthy hospital stays.

  • Glenview Terrace Nursing Center
    Comfortable private and semi-private rooms and suites. A stylish day spa. Private dining in lavish surroundings to spend a special occasion. And, of course, compassionate skilled nursing, rehabilitative, Alzheimer’s and respite care that’s unsurpassed in the Chicago area. This is just a glimpse of what Glenview Terrace Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has to offer you.

  • GN Integrated Pediatric Therapy /Kids In Sync
    State of the art sensory integration clinic. Providing occupational and speech language therapies. Pediatrics. Over 15 years experience. Parent education and support emphasized.

  • Goleta Valley Cottage Hospital
    This 122-bed acute care hospital was founded in 1966 to serve the growing community of Goleta Valley. Today, we admit more than 2,000 patients a year, and see more than 17,000 emergency visits. We are also recognized for our comprehensive Breast Care Center and our level IV trauma designation. We take great pride in fulfilling our goal of providing each patient with comfortable, personalized care.

  • Gonzales Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital
    Throughout the communities we serve, the Warm Springs Rehabilitation System offers hope and acts as a catalyst for achieving an optimal quality of life by: Providing comprehensive physical and / or cognitive rehabilitative care, Investing resources in educational and recreational programs Supporting research efforts.

  • Good Samaritan Hospital
    Good Samaritan Hospital has been east Pierce County’s medical center since 1952. We provide comprehensive services, from our Family Birth Center to our Children’s Therapy Unit; from superior emergency care to extensive inpatient physical therapy.

  • Gorbold Behavioral Consulting, Inc.
    GBC aba is a collaboration of professionals who provide home-based ABA programming, early intervention services, behavioral consultation, tutoring, and school consultation in the greater Chicago area. Our team of consultants include Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) who have extensive experience providing services based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis to individuals, from infancy to adulthood, with a variety of needs.

  • Great Lakes Medical
    Designed specifically for Multiple Sclerosis, spinal cord injury, Cerebral Palsy, and brain injury patients. Used extensively worldwide for rehabilitation and physical therapy. The MOTOmed has been enthusiastically received by persons with M.S., spinal cord injury, Cerebral Palsy, physicians and therapists. It has far surpassed other movement trainers with its unique features, superior engineering and innovative design.

  • Great Lakes Regional Rehabilitation Center
    Individualized treatment for adults and adolecents can participate in and benifit from three-plus hours a day of active therapy.

  • Great Strides Rehabilitation Center of San Joaquin Hospital
    The Rehabilitation Center at San Joaquin General Hospital provides comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation for patients. Individualized intensive rehabilitation therapy programs provide patients the opportunity for maximum achievable recovery and independence. The Center has been providing rehabilitation services to patients from San Joaquin and surrounding counties since 1958. The Center is another comprehensive service of San Joaquin General Hospital.

  • Greater Baltimore Medical Center
    GBMC includes Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC), Central Maryland’s leading community hospital; Gilchrist Hospice Care, which provides comfort and care to patients with life-limiting illnesses; and the GBMC Foundation, which supports the GBMC mission by managing fundraising efforts. The 292-bed Medical Center, located on a beautiful suburban campus, serves nearly 22,000 inpatients annually as well as providing some 50,000 emergency room visits.

  • Greek American Rehabilitation & Care Centre
    This state-of-the-art facility has 204 beds featuring custom private and semi-private rooms for residents. Comprehensive services include a full range of rehabilitative therapies. Long and short term nursing care, hospice care, memory loss, and vacation care are also offered.

  • Green’s Karate
    According to CNN News, Sensei Corey Green of Green’s Karate (2006) taught the first person in history with autism to qualify and compete in the U.S. Karate Nationals in the non-handicap division. Sensei Green has accomplished this feat 5 times and with the latest being a girl. There is research that will be starting 9/7/10 with a local university with I.R.B. approval on the effects of Karate on children with autism and how it effects them physically, mentally, and with their behavior. The research could last 5 to 10 years. Sensei Green teaches students with and without special needs and is writing two books. The first book is titled “KarateWise” and will be out Fall/Winter 2010. Sensei Green is nearing 30,000 classes that he has taught. He teaches students with A.D.D., A.D.H.D., Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Spinal Bifida, Autism, Asbergers, Blind, Deaf, M.R., P.D.D. – NOS, D.D., among other diagnosis. Go to website to see video of CNN! If you google: Karate girl with autism (Katie) you will find the latest news story!

  • Handicapped Scuba Association Training Center of New Jersey
    HSA International Training Center of New Jersey is a scuba school dedicating itself to improving the physical and social well being of people with disabilities through the sport of scuba diving. By providing scuba training and scuba certification for disabled divers and able bodied divers. Enabling them to participate in a water sport locally and while on vacation travel. Disabled diving provides an excellent form of physical therapy. Classes are held at the CENTRASTATE MEDICAL CENTER.

  • Harmonious Concepts
    Harmonious Concepts is a music therapy service provider with the following vision: To improve the quality of life through music for individuals with various needs and challenges To increase access to music therapy services in the greater Southeast Texas area Promote wellness and personal growth through music Increase public awareness of the benefits of music therapy

  • Hawai’ian Association for Behavior Analysis (HABA)
    The Hawaii Association for Behavior Analysis (HABA) is a professional organization dedicated to the practice, research, and dissemination of Applied Behavior Analysis.HABA’s mission is to expand behavioral knowledge, support service providers implementing behavioral interventions, and promote board certification in behavior analysis. HABA also sponsors an annual conference, workshops, and various trainings and professional development in behavior analysis.

  • Head to Toe Therapy
    We are pediatric therapy clinic that offers occupational therapy and physical therapy. We have programs for early intervention as well as the young athlete with special needs. We accept insurance.

  • HealthSouth Harmarville Rehabilitation Hospital
    HealthSouth is one of the nation’s largest healthcare services providers with facilities nationwide. Our vast network of highly skilled physicians and clinicians working with the latest equipment and technology guarantees that all patients have easy access to high quality healthcare. We offer Inpatient Rehabilitation, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals, Home Health Care, and Rehabilitation Technology.

  • HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota
    HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Sarasota is a 76-bed state-of-the-art acute medical rehabilitation hospital that offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. Designed with patient care in mind, HealthSouth Sarasota offers 20 private rooms and 56 semi-private rooms, all with flat-screen televisions and wireless Internet capability. Offering the latest rehabilitation technology, this 78,000-square-foot hospital serves patients throughout Central Florida.

  • HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Tallahassee
    HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Tallahassee, is the only licensed rehabilitation hospital in the big bend region, providing comprehensive inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation services. HealthSouth of Tallahassee also has a Sleep Disorders Center off campus.

  • Helping Hands Center for Special Needs
    The Helping Hands Center for Special Needs was created in order to meet the needs of children with learning, communication, and developmental delays as well as those who have a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum (ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder). We offer a ABA Therapy in a structured environment for children ages 2 to 10. Each child receives one-on-one instruction, individual work time, and social time every day. Social Skills are fostered through group snack, lunch, and circle time. We have the unique ability to allow our children to interact with typical peers through music classes and play sessions at Trinity English Lutheran Church. Mainstreaming (or inclusion) gives the children the opportunity to be part of a standard social setting. This gives our kids more social tools to interact with typical peers. Our primary goal is to prepare these children for mainstreaming into a traditional classroom setting. Staff and families work together to support the skills that are developed to help your child grow.

  • Homestead Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center
    Our nursing center provides a full range of medical services to treat the residents who live with us and the patients who come to us for short-term, episodic medical or rehabilitative care. The care we deliver includes daily nursing, pharmacy, dietary and social services for all residents and patients, as well as a range of specific services. We invite you to visit and see for yourself the face of quality care.

  • Horse and Buddy Therapeutic Riding Program
    Horse and Buddy provides therapeutic horseback riding to people with disabilities in Wake County and surrounding areas.

  • HorsePower Therapeutic Riding
    Therapeutic horseback riding is a dynamic recreational activity in which individuals with special needs are able to overcome challenges and learn new skills. Communication, connection, and teamwork between the student and their horse offers opportunities for physical, emotional, cognitive, sensory and social growth. Plus, the horse provides irresistible motivation which allows students to achieve more in the saddle than other traditional sports and therapies.

  • IDEA Training Center
    The Berard method of AIT is used to enhance listening, language, learning, sensory and socialization skills. The 10 day training program re-balances the auditory system and reorganizes processing systems to reduce overload, enabling the individual to function in learning and daily life activities more efficiently.

  • Imagine a Child’s Capacity
    ICC is a nonprofit organization that imagines the capacity of a child with special needs when parents, educators, peers and the community have a wide and diverse range of tools to support that child reaching his or her fullest potential. The tools we offer include individualized therapy, education and community partnerships that foster inclusion, acceptance and independence.

  • IN Speech Language-Hearing Association
    The Indiana Speech-Language- Hearing Association is a not-for-profit organization of over 1000 members in the professions of speech pathology and audiology. Our members are employed in a variety of settings including health care facilities, hospitals, private practice, universities and public schools.

  • Inclusive Fitness Coalition
    The Inclusive Fitness Coalition is an expanded group of organizations and individuals representing a cross-section of the disability rights, sports, health/fitness and civil rights communities.

  • Innovative Piano, Inc.
    IPI helps students with autism discover the piano! ABA based, individualized lessons and materials offered nationwide. Contact us to set-up your free introductory lesson.

  • Institute for Human Development, NAU
    The Institute values and supports the independence, productivity and inclusion of Arizona’s citizens with disabilities. Based on the values and beliefs, the Institute conducts training, research and services that further these goals.

  • Institute for Therapy through the Arts
    Founded in 1975, the Institute for Therapy through the Arts (ITA) is one of the few comprehensive community-based arts therapy programs in the United States to offer all four creative arts treatment modalities – Music Therapy, Drama Therapy, Art Therapy, and Dance/Movement Therapy. ITA is nationally recognized and has distinguished itself in the use of integrated arts approaches to help children, adults and families to improve functioning related to psychological, developmental, physical or cognitive factors. ITA offers individual and group therapy sessions at the Music Institute of Chicago’s Downtown Evanston (1702 Sherman Avenue), Downtown Chicago, Lake Forest, and Winnetka campuses.

  • Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    Our professional staff of physicians, occupational and physical therapists, speech-language pathologists and psychologists improve the function and quality of life for persons suffering injury and chronic illness.

  • ITS Integrated Therapy Solutions
    Integrated Therapy Solutions is a full service therapy practice, offering various therapies to children and adults with special needs. Some of our services are Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Berard AIT, Tomatis protocol of auditory re-education and more.

  • James H and Cecile C Quillen Rehabilitation Hospital
    Mountain States Health Alliance (MSHA) is a locally owned and managed healthcare system based in Johnson City, Tennessee. Formed after Johnson City Medical Center Hospital, Inc. acquired six Columbia/HCA hospitals in Northeast Tennessee on September 1, 1998, it received its official name in January 1999.

  • Jewish Child & Family Services
    Jewish Child & Family Services offers expertise in a range of family issues. Our array of therapeutic, educational and preventative programs respond to the urgent needs of every generation. We do whatever is possible to foster personal growth and dignity in every individual, couple and family we serve. In an effort to better serve and respond to the changing social service needs of the diverse Chicago community, in July 2006 Jewish Children’s Bureau and Jewish Family and Community Service merged into Jewish Child & Family Services. With over 150 years of expertise and dedication to our credit, we are Chicago’s premier social service agency that restores hope and builds community.

  • John Muir Medical Center
    John Muir Health is proud to offer a wide array of inpatient clinical treatment services, advanced technologies, hospital and other medical facilities and equipment. We provide a broad spectrum of outpatient medical treatment services, medical research and community education and outreach programs and are dedicated to improving the health of the communities we serve.

  • Kachina Point Rehabilitation Hospital
    At Kachina Point Rehabilitation Hospital, we take care, provide comfort and rehabilitation every step of the way. Our skilled nursing and rehabilitation staff works closely with physicians to make sure that your loved one gets the best care and medical treatment needed. Our skilled nursing facility boasts over 112 beds that serves Sedona and surrounding areas.  We know that the transition between home and nursing facility can be a stressful one. Because of this, our friendly staff of volunteers, nurses, physicians, caregivers, and many others make sure that your loved one feels comfortable and at home.

  • KGH Consultation & Treatment, Inc. – In Illinois
    KGH is an innovative center providing comprehensive services to individuals 0-18 with developmental, learning, behavior and/or social difficulties, along with their families. We are a family-centered organization providing four main types of services: Treatment Services (SLP, OT, ABA, Behavior, Academic, Social Work and much more), Consultation Services (School/IEP support, behavior management and much more, Family Support Services (Comprehensive Parent Training Classes, parent coaching, social work, family counseling, sibling sessions and much more, Social & Group Services (a variety of social therapeutic and recreational groups for ages 0-18).

  • Kid Partners, Inc. – Therapy Services for Kids
    We provide home and community based physical, occupational, and speech therapy services throughout the the St. Louis area.

  • Kids Abilities
    We are a Pediatric Therapy Clinic offering Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy to children from birth to 21. We are located in Shoreview and Hugo, MN and also in Indianapolis, IN.

  • Kids In Motion Pediatric Therapy Services
    We provide outpatient, home and school therapy. We do occupational, physical, and speech and language therapy. We also have an indoor pool for aquatic therapy.

  • Kids Institute for Development & Advancement
    KiDA offers individual behavioral therapy by licensed professionals for children ages 1 to 18.

  • Kindred Healthcare Las Vegas
    Our nursing center provides a full range of medical services to treat the residents who live with us and the patients who come to us for short-term, episodic medical or rehabilitative care. The care we deliver includes daily nursing, pharmacy, dietary and social services for all residents and patients, as well as a range of specific services. We invite you to visit and see for yourself the face of quality care.

  • Kindred Heights Nursing & Rehabilitation
    Our nursing center provides a full range of medical services to treat the residents who live with us and the patients who come to us for short-term, episodic medical or rehabilitative care. The care we deliver includes daily nursing, pharmacy, dietary and social services for all residents and patients, as well as a range of specific services. We invite you to visit and see for yourself the face of quality care.

  • Kindred Hospital-La Mirada
    Vision Statement is : To become “a model of excellence” in Long-Term Acute Care. Mission Statement is : We are committed to the delivery of high quality care in a cost-effective manner to enable us to become “a model of excellence” in Long-Term Acute Care.

  • Kindred Mountain Valley Care & Rehabilitation Center
    Our nursing center provides a full range of medical services to treat the residents who live with us and the patients who come to us for short-term, episodic medical or rehabilitative care. The care we deliver includes daily nursing, pharmacy, dietary and social services for all residents and patients, as well as a range of specific services. We invite you to visit and see for yourself the face of quality care.

  • Kindred Nursing & Rehabilitation Great Barrington
    Our nursing center provides a full range of medical services to treat the residents who live with us and the patients who come to us for short-term, episodic medical or rehabilitative care. The care we deliver includes daily nursing, pharmacy, dietary and social services for all residents and patients, as well as a range of specific services. We invite you to visit and see for yourself the face of quality care.

  • Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation Parkview
    Our nursing center provides a full range of medical services to treat the residents who live with us and the patients who come to us for short-term, episodic medical or rehabilitative care. The care we deliver includes daily nursing, pharmacy, dietary and social services for all residents and patients, as well as a range of specific services. We invite you to visit and see for yourself the face of quality care.

  • Kinetic Konnections
    Kinetic Konnections …develops your child’s neuromuscular coordination to improve focus, academic skills, recreational abilities, and socialization. The Kinetic Konnections program improves function by systematically assessing and identifying missing developmentally-based neuromuscular stability patterns. These patterns develop during infancy and are fundamental to all humans.

  • Kings Harbor Multicare Center
    Kings Harbor Multicare Center provides long-term and short-term skilled nursing care for more than 700 residents. Kings Harbor is located in the Pelham Gardens neighborhood of Northeast Bronx, easily accessible to major highways and near public transportation. A three-building campus facility with surrounding gardens ensures that residents with similar capabilities are grouped together.

  • LaPalma Intercommunity Hospital
    La Palma Intercommunity Hospital is a 141-bed acute care facility located in La Palma, California, offering a wide range of healthcare services to the residents of Los Angeles and Orange County. Our team of highly qualified medical professionals is committed to providing outstanding care and service excellence in a nurturing environment.

  • Laradon Hall Society for Exceptional Children and Adults
    Laradon specializes in services to children and adults with developmental disabilities. We operate 11 programs which are designed to help each individual develop to his or her fullest potential. Laradon is more than an organization, we are a support network made up of people who care – and are committed to helping people with developmental disabilities maximize their independence in a dynamic world.

  • Laughlin Children’s Center
    Because speech and language are critical to social development and academic success, children need strong foundations in communication skills. Laughlin Children’s Center’s Speech-Language specialists address the individual needs of children facing communication challenges, offering personalized treatment methods to help them improve their speech production and develop better understanding and verbal expression of language. The Speech-Language Department staff members are licensed by Pennsylvania and also hold certification from ASHA, the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. They specialize in comprehensive diagnostic evaluations and treatment of children with a wide range of diagnoses. They encourage parents to participate in the progress of their child, with suggestions for in-home practice and support work between on-site therapy sessions.

  • Lead Changes Therapy Services, Inc.
    Leading Individuals with Challenges Toward their Goal of Independence in the Home, School, and Community in Northern Virginia. Private practice specializing in Aquatic Therapy, Community Inclusion and Consultations

  • Learning Services Corporation
    Every day, our experienced, caring teams of professionals help injured individuals and their families to a better quality of life. We work to assess each resident’s progress and develop a coordinated care plan on the path to independence, setting realistic and attainable goals on the road to recovery.

  • Learning Services of Northern California
    For twenty years, Learning Services has been providing specialized support for people with acquired brain injuries. We have a history of success in key areas of treatment, such as supported living, Residential,therapy and Neuro Services.

  • Ledgewood Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center
    Our nursing center provides a full range of medical services to treat the residents who live with us and the patients who come to us for short-term, episodic medical or rehabilitative care. The care we deliver includes daily nursing, pharmacy, dietary and social services for all residents and patients, as well as a range of specific services. We invite you to visit and see for yourself the face of quality care.

  • Lifesong Academy
    Lifesong Academy provides comprehensive services for neurobehavioral issues, including autism, from diagnosis until end-of-life, using only evidenced based treatment interventions, such as applied behavior analysis and other recommendations found in the National Standards Project, published in 2009 by the National Autism Center.

  • Lillian Chen-Byerley, MS, OTR/L, RCTC
    Private occupational therapist specializing in neurodevelopmental therapies; certification in child and adolescent mental health, sensory integration (SIPT), neurodevelopmental treatment (NDT), early childhood intervention (EI), Tomatis, IM, other listening therapies.

  • Live Oak Children’s Therapy
    Our mission is to provide therapy in a nurturing environment that will enhance the lives of children and their families by promoting growth and self-sufficiency.

  • Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
    There is a significant difference in the type of care and treatment patients receive at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital compared to that in other programs. The first difference is the belief that the body, mind, and spirit must heal together; indeed they must heal each other. Madonna’s approach to rehabilitation means not just providing therapy, it means putting lives and families and hopes and dreams back together.

  • Manor Care Nursing and Rehab Center: Tucson
    HCR ManorCare is a leading provider of short- and long-term medical and rehabilitation care. Care is provided through a nationwide network of skilled nursing and rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, outpatient rehabilitation clinics, and hospice and home care agencies. The company operates primarily under the respected Heartland, ManorCare Health Services and Arden Courts names.

  • Marie Pense Center – Special Education Agency
    Marie Pense Center provides a variety of educational and therapeutic services to children who have special needs that impede on their learning, social and/or emotional development. MPC provides services in both a child’s home and community centers such as schools, day care centers and hospitals in the five boroughs of New York City. The Marie Pense Center provides an array of educational support services which include: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy, Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT), Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS), Counseling/Play Therapy, Bilingual SEIT, Social Skills Group, Tutoring, Consulting and Evaluations.

  • Marklund Center for Children
    Marklund offers a variety of programs and services designed to provide infants, children and adults a full life experience that encompasses all realms of their needs: Loving medical and dental care provided by outstanding professionals, Home-like residential facilities in both Bloomingdale and Geneva, State-of-the-art rehabilitative therapies, Quality education and day services, Exceptional community-based programs, including Respite and Early Intervention.

  • Mary Lanning Memorial Hospital
    Care is delivered by active, ER, consulting and courtesy physicians, as well as a highly-skilled staff of medical professionals and support staff. Emergency care is provided around the clock, and all services are conveniently located on our hospital campus.

  • Masonic Healthcare Center
    Masonicare of Wallingford, Connecticut, is the state’s leading provider of healthcare and retirement living communities for seniors. We are not-for-profit and have more than 100 years of experience behind us. We’re recognized for the quality, compassionate care and steadfast support we provide to our residents and patients.

  • Massachusetts- IDDI/Crystal Springs Inc.
    Dedicated to providing a safe, enriching environment that enables individuals to thrive, IDDI offers two distinct programs; these include the Children’s Program for children under 22 years of age, and the Adult Program for individuals over the age of 22.

  • Matthew’s Center
    501(c)(3) Dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and families affected by autism and related disabilities by providing direct services through: a private day school, licensed by the VDOE; an After school program licensed by the DSS; and a large outreach services program that provides intensive in-home services, in-school assistance, parent training and respite care.

  • Maximum Potential Kids
    Maximum Potential has developed a video based autism training and curriculum platform that enables early intervention agencies or schools train their staff that works with children with autism. The program provides 5.5 hours of training that teachers staff best practices when working with students with ASD. The platform also contains 500+ fully customizable lesson plans that are compatible with the ABLLS-R.

  • Memorial Regional Rehabilitation Center
    We at Memorial Hospital & Health System strive toward providing access to compassionate, high quality health services. We serve the regional community responsibly by offering needed health services in a manner that benefits the community while preserving the hospital’s and system’s vitality. And we forge cooperative relationships with the hospital medical staff and the wider provider community, thereby heightening the viability of all parties.

  • Mercy Medical Center Mt. Shasta
    Mercy Mt. Shasta is a facility comprised of acute care beds,a long-term care skilled nursing unit, and additional ancillary services. We are a member of Catholic Healthcare West (CHW), a system of hospitals and care facilities. Mercy Mt. Shasta is sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy Auburn, along with Mercy Medical Center Redding and St. Elizabeth Community Hospital in Red Bluff.

  • Methodist Hospital Rehabilitation Institute
    Methodist Hospitals has a strong commitment to responding to the needs of our physicians and patients. Our regional reputation for excellence since 1923 continues to support our market position.

  • Miami Valley Tutoring Services
    The mission of Miami Valley Tutoring Services is to provide intensive therapy and individualized education for individuals with developmental disabilities. We offer children, young people and their families innovative services and supports that lead to growth, independence and a richer quality of life. Miami Valley Tutoring Services (MVTS) is a limited liability corporation dedicated to providing therapeutic and academic intervention for children, adolescents and young adults with special needs. MVTS specializes in serving individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). We are an approved provider for the Ohio Autism Scholarship (ASP) program. Additionally, we are an agency provider for the Ohio Medicaid Level 1 Waiver and Independent Options (I/O) Waiver programs.

  • Mid Island Therapy Associates LLC D/B/A All About Kids
    Evaluations and Therapies for Speech/Language Therapy, OT, PT, Psychological Services, Applied Behavior Analysis, Special Instruction, Family Training, Social Work, Group Therapies.

  • Mid-South Music Therapy Services
    Clinical music therapy services for children aged 0-22. Specializing in ASD, Rett Syndrome, severe/profound/multiple handicaps. Serving the Western KY/Ft. Campbell/Clarksville TN areas. Sliding scale fee for families.

  • Milaura Spelman, Speech Pathology & Reading Remediation
    Mrs. Spelman’s office provides individualized reading remediation and reading evaluations, and speech and language therapy. Mrs. Spelman is a certified WILSON Reading instructor. The WILSON program is a systematic and explicit method of reading instruction using multi-sensory strategies, often used for children with dyslexia. Mrs. Spelman has over 15 years of experience as a speech/language pathologist and as a teacher of students with learning disabilities. Individual 1:1 sessions are provided for each student. Comprehensive evaluations are offered in the areas of speech & language skills, which may include articulation/phonology, receptive and expressive language, listening/auditory processing, and pragmatic/social skill development. Comprehensive academic evaluations are also offered in the areas of reading and writing skills. An assessment of reading skills includes evaluation in all five areas of reading: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

  • Milestones – For Kids’ Success
    Milestones – For Kid’s Success is committed to providing comprehensive therapy services to allow children to be successful in all of the environments that they work, play, and interact with others. We are a staff of physical, occupational, and speech / language therapists who are dedicated to the children and families we serve. We work to achieve the goals that are important for each family and their children. Our goal is to be a stepping stone to help each child reach their Milestones. We offer a state of the art facility and evaluations and therapy in occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech / language therapy, consultation with school personnel, and participation in the state funded early intervention program. By working closely together as an integrated team and by staying current in pediatric intervention methods, the Milestones clinical staff are able to focus on meeting the unique needs of each child and family served. We work very closely with parents and other family members to assist with integrating therapeutic programming into daily routines.

  • Milestones Therapeutic Associates
    We are a therapeutic clinic of dedicated specialists, offering a broad variety of specialized therapies to children and adults. Working with Milestones begins with a professional evaluation, which includes standardized and functional outcomes assessments, clinical observation of strengths and challenges, information obtained from physicians, other medical professionals, and school personnel and most importantly, from parental/caregiver interviews so that we get “the big picture” of a patient’s overall abilities. Our staff makes detailed recommendations based upon these assessments designed to nurture individual gifts, while addressing specific needs in order to reach their maximum potential. This integrated team approach delivers a superior program of care and optimal results.

  • Misericordia Home
    The Mission of Misericordia/Heart of Mercy is to support individuals with developmental disabilities in maximizing their level of independence and self-determination within an environment that fosters spirituality, dignity, respect and enhancement of quality of life. We promote development of natural family and community support, community awareness, education and advocacy.

  • Mobile Infirmary Medical Center
    Mobile Infirmary Medical Center is the only hospital in Mobile that provides acute-care hospital treatment, full inpatient rehabilitation, and comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation. Mobile Infirmary’s rehabilitation services use the interdisciplinary team approach which is composed of many rehabilitation specialists including physicians, physical and occupational therapists, rehabilitation nurses, speech-language pathologists, psychological and vocational counselors, and recreational therapists.

  • Multicultural Rehab, Inc.
    Mrehab has been providing in-home, bilingual therapies (physical, occupational & speech) and evaluations (single & multi-disciplinary) to infants and toddlers in Washington, DC since 2000.

  • Music Matters, Inc.
    Music Matters provides board certified music therapy services to individuals with special needs, within Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati. In-home and community-based sessions are available. Director is trained as a Neurologic Music Therapist.

  • Music Therapy Rocks
    Providing one on one therapy for children with special needs and for hospitals and facilities.

  • Music Therapy Services of Greater Atlanta
    We offer music therapy services in four metro Atlanta locations as well as many schools and facilities. Besides private therapy, we also offer adaptive lessons, social skills groups and camps, and consultations.

  • Musical Surprise
    Providing Music Therapy and adaptive lessons for children and adults with special needs.

  • NAPA Center
    If your child has Cerebral Palsy or another neuromuscular disorder and they are less active than their peers due to their disabilities, then NAPA Institute’s Intensive Physical Therapy programs will benefit your child. The benefits of physical fitness are well documented for the general population. We believe that our children are less active than their peers. NAPA Institute’s Intensive Physical Therapy programs addresses the weakness and deconditioning brought on by limited physical activity and limited range of motion. Our program also teaches motor patterns with the goal of achieving developmental milestones.

  • NeurAbilities – The Center for Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Health
    Team of Neurologists, Neuropsychologists, Behavior Analysts, and Creative Arts Therapists providing Evaluation / Treatment services. Our innovative patient- and family-centered “Specialty Care Medical Home®” model of care provides a comprehensive array of assessment, treatment and support services in office, school, home and community environments: “all under one roof”. Our interdisciplinary team of experts work individually and collectively to address each individual’s unique concerns.

  • New Jersey- Matheny Medical and Educational Center
    Matheny Medical and Educational Center is a special hospital and educational facility for children and adults with medically complex developmental disabilities.

  • New York Therapy Placement Services, Inc.
    New York Therapy Placement Services, Inc. (NYTPS) is a full service multidisciplinary healthcare agency. NYTPS is dedicated to serving clients of all ages from birth to geriatrics in Nassau and Suffolk County and all five boroughs of New York City. We operate in both the educational and medical environments .We are experts in the placement of the following NYS licensed and or certified healthcare professionals: Speech Language Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Special Education Teachers, Psychologists, Social Workers, ABA specialists (Professionals and Paraprofessionals). Our clients include early intervention programs, preschools, New York City Department of Education, Long Island Public schools, private schools, rehabilitation facilities, group homes and certified home health care agencies and hospitals. NYTPS is an approved NYS Department of Health Early Intervention provider as well as a NYS Education Department approved 4410 evaluator, special education service provider and related service provider.

  • New York- The Center for Discovery
    The Adult Services Program at the Center for Discovery provides quality caring and support designed to help each individual maximize his or her full potential. Our Pediatric Program is based on the simple but essential notion that children should be valued, motivated and challenged to learn.

  • North Shore Pediatric Therapy- ILLINOIS
    With four locations conveniently located throughout the Chicago and North Suburban area, North Shore Pediatric Therapy is dedicated to helping children blossom with experience and innovation to maximize your child’s potential. Our team is comprised of Neuropsychology, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Social Work, Dietitians, and Academic Specialists (tutoring) — all motivated by our respect and love for kids.

  • North Valley Hospital
    North Valley Hospital is Northern Colorado’s premier acute rehabilitation and long term acute care hospital. Unlike a traditional hospital, ours is exclusively focused on patients with psychiatric, pain management or medically complex needs.

  • Northpointe Resources Inc.
    Northpointe Resources, Inc. is a not-for-profit, publicly-funded provider of developmental disability and behavioral health services. Founded in 1953 by a group of concerned parents with a desire for quality programming, Northpointe has continued to grow this vision through our belief in the power of people and community.

  • Northwest Medical Center
    Above all else, we are committed to the care and improvement of human life. In recognition of this commitment, we strive to deliver high quality, cost effective healthcare in the communities we serve. In pursuit of our mission, we believe the following value statements are essential and timeless. We recognize and affirm the unique and intrinsic worth of each individual. We treat all those we serve with compassion and kindness. We act with absolute honesty, integrity and fairness in the way we conduct our business and the way we live our lives. We trust our colleagues as valuable members of our healthcare team and pledge to treat one another with loyalty, respect and dignity.

  • Now I Can Center for Intensive Therapy
    Our mission at NOW I CAN is to help children with disabilities reach their full potential and greatest independence. Now I Can offers sessions of intensive suit therapy, cage strengthening, and physical therapy and massage, in three or four- week sessions. Our mission at Now I Can is to help children with disabilities reach their full potential and greatest independence.

  • Now I Can Foundation
    Now I Can provides intensive therapy for disabled children and adults.

  • Paradise Valley Hospital
    We offer a complete range of treatment for patients with physical disabilities. Our specialized inpatient and outpatient programs are designed to meet each person’s individual needs or injuries, with the goal of restoring as much independence as possible and significantly improving their lives.

  • Parent-Child Services Group, Inc.
    speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, psychology, psychiatry, behavioral, tutoring, and nutrition services.

  • Partners For Progress Therapeutic Riding Center
    Partners for Progress, NFP (PFP) is a 501(c)(3) therapeutic riding center located in Wauconda, Illinois. PFP provides horse-based therapy to residents in Northeastern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin with physical, mental, and emotional disabilities. By using quality trained horses, each individual participant rider can experience the highest quality therapeutic ride with maximum benefits in programs utilizing occupational, physical, & speech therapy programs as prescribed by licensed therapists. These programs allow them to be challenged & become more fully integrated in their homes, schools, and communities. PFP supports over 200 riders per week on 20 therapeutic horses with clinical interventions for functional life gain. Currently, PFP is achieving a 79% goal achievement success rate with their participants that are conquering fears, breaking down walls & achieving monumental milestones.

  • Pathways Awareness Foundation
    Pathways Awareness is a national non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about the benefit of early detection and early therapy for children with early motor delays. We strive to help all children develop to reach their fullest potential.

  • Pathways Center
    We at Pathways work together with your family to provide assessment and intervention for children with motor, sensory, feeding/swallowing, and communication impairments, to promote functional independence, social and emotional well being and integration into the community.

  • Pediatric Therapy and Learning Center, LLC
    We specialize in pediatric occupational and speech/language therapy. Our treatment is driven by Sensory Integration and DIR/Floortime theory and techniques. We have a dedicated and caring staff that strives to work in a child’s “just right” challenge zone.

  • Pennsylvania- Melmark
    Melmark is a comprehensive multi- service provider of residential, educational, therapeutic, and recreational services for children and adults with developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorders, acquired brain injury, other neurological and genetic disorders, and related challenging behaviors.

  • Picture This… Professional
    Software for creating photo flash cards and learning materials

  • PlayDate Behavioral Interventions
    Play­Date Behavioral Interventions provides a full spectrum of services to children with autism and other behavioral disabilities. We focus on helping these children develop the skills that can allow them to nav­i­gate day-to-day inter­ac­tions using research-based and data-driven inter­ven­tions. We do this through both group instruc­tion and through one-on-one ser­vices pro­vided at home or in our Center. PlayDate’s ulti­mate goal is to pro­vide high qual­ity ser­vices to all fam­i­lies, regard­less of their abil­ity to pay. To that end, we continually apply­ for grants and contracts with fund­ing sources to allow us to offer scholar­ships for those fam­i­lies who can­not afford to pay or who have exhausted all other fund­ing mech­a­nisms.

  • Primrose Supported Employment Programs
    Our mission is to transform the lives of people with developmental disabilities by providing opportunities to achieve their fullest potential.

  • Professional Therapy Associates
    Professional Therapy Associates, LLC is a state-of-the-art sensory gym and rehabilitation facility offering individualized and group therapy plans as well as social programs for children ages birth-21. The sensory gym is a fun, safe, interactive environment where children and young adults can explore, develop, and integrate their everyday experiences. The goal is to assist the child in developing the skills necessary to function at their maximum level of independence within their home and educational environment. Professional Therapy Associates provides, Occupational, Physical & Speech Therapy services. All treatment sessions focus on the needs of the child and/or young adult, while combining evidence-based practices and treatment approaches. At Professional Therapy Associates, all individual sessions are provided by licensed professionals.

  • Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. (PECS)
    Pyramid Educational Consultants, Inc. offers a wide range of consulting services and products for educators and parents of children and adults with autism and related disabilities. Pyramid is a consortium of highly trained professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality service. Pyramid also offers a variety of training opportunities and products that focus on the initiation of communication and the design of effective educational environments. We present a unique blend of broad spectrum applied behavior analysis, in conjunction with the development of functional communication skills. Our philosophy emphasizes the individual needs of each learner. We are the exclusive source of training and consultation for the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and the Pyramid Approach to Education. Both PECS and the Pyramid are evidence-based strategies, with supportive research from countries around the world.

  • Quadriciser Motorized Therapy
    Our Mission: To deliver motorized therapy equipment that improves the quality of life of our customers and is safe, dependable and easy to use. To ensure that our customers are well informed about the value of the Quadriciser® and will continue to demonstrate their enthusiasm through their appreciation and testimonials. To maintain an energetic, motivated and unrivaled staff that is continually inspired to exceed our customers’ expectations for service and reliability.

  • Ray Graham Association
    Since 1950, Ray Graham Association for People with Disabilities has been supporting children and adults with developmental disabilities. Today, Ray Graham Association serves…children and adults…providing developmental, recreational, residential, respite and vocational services.

  • RCS Behavioral & Educational Consulting
    RCS Behavioral & Educational Consulting provides a variety of training and consultation to schools, agencies, families, and children, ages 18 months to 22 years of age. Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and other professionals help guide parents and educators through scientifically-based applied behavior analytic (ABA) teaching methods and behavior plans.

  • RCS Learning Center
    RCS Learning Center is a non-profit, private day school for children diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities. RCS utilizes applied behavior analysis (ABA) as the main teaching methodology with a speciality in the verbal behavior (VB) approach to teaching communication and language skills. RCS offers 1:1 staff to student ratios with opportunities to transition to less intensive staffing ratios as appropriate. RCS Learning Center is a full year program.

  • ReachABA
    ReachABA provides in-home therapy to help children and their families achieve their fullest potential through individualized programming based on ABA principles and most recent and relevant research, with board-certified Behavior Analysts for every case & consistent collaboration with other service providers.

  • Rehabilitation Associates
    Since our inception in 1979, our mission has remained consistent: to enhance the quality of life for all people who require our services. We want everyone to be able to reach his or her maximum potential in all aspects of life.

  • Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana
    RHI opened its doors in January 1992 as one of the largest freestanding rehabilitation hospitals in the Midwest. Our continuum provides inpatient acute services, and outpatient and vocational rehabilitation services for adults with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, strokes, amputations, orthopedic conditions, neuromuscular diseases, burns and related disabilities. RHI is a community collaboration between Clarian Health and St. Vincent Health.

  • Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago-Day Programs
    The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) has been recognized as the “#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America” since 1991 by U.S. News & World Report.Founded in 1954, RIC has earned a worldwide reputation as being a leader in patient care, advocacy, research and educating health professionals in physical medicine and rehabilitation.

  • Rehabilitation Institute of Ohio at Miami Valley Hospital
    Miami Valley Hospital (MVH) is the region’s leader in health care. As the home of CareFlight Air and Mobile Services, the region’s only Level I Trauma Center and the birthplace of the most babies in the region, MVH offers the Dayton area a continuing commitment to medical innovation and comprehensive care.

  • Restorative Therapies Inc.
    Restorative Therapies sets the standard in Functional Electical Stimulation cycles for legs and now arms with the RT300. No transfer required. Motorized, compact. The only cycle suitable for children and adults. And the only one that lets you monitor your results via the internet.

  • Rimland Services NFP
    Since 1971 Rimland Services NFP has pioneered successful, community-based programs that support individuals with autism as they achieve their full human potential, living in the community of their choice to the maximum extent possible. Rimland has been at the forefront in lowering walls that separate individuals with autism. Over the years, Rimland has successfully established community living options for adults with autism in Des Plaines, Evanston, Highland Park, Maywood, and Mount Prospect.

  • Ronald C. Kuebler, CCC-SLP, ABDA dba Lingual Perfection
    Provider of speech therapy including all ages and disabilities and following areas: Augmentative/alternative communication(AAC), speech, voice, language, swallowing, accent reduction, aural rehabilitation.

  • Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
    Rusk Institute operates under the auspices of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of New York University School of Medicine, one of the nation’s foremost medical schools. The relationship between Rusk Institute and other clinical and research units within the Medical Center – including Tisch Hospital, a 704-bed acute-care facility – contributes to an environment which provides the optimal rehabilitation setting for patients. Should the need arise, patients at Rusk Institute have immediate access to Tisch Hospital’s superb tertiary-care facilities, with its full range of medical and surgical services.

  • Say It Therapy Services, Inc.
    Say It Therapy Services, Inc. strives to meet the unique needs of each child by providing a family centered treatment plan and by establishing a fun and creative therapeutic environment. We want your child to feel successful and confident in the skills he/she learns in therapy and to use those skills at home, in school and out in the community. Say It Therapy Services, Inc. wants families to feel empowered by providing parent education, emotional support and community resources.

  • Seacrest Village Nursing Center
    Seacrest Village Nursing and Rehabilitation Center has specialized in quality rehabilitation, transitional and restorative care for more than a decade and is a perfect alternative for bridging the gap between hospital and home.

  • SEED Center
    The SEED Center is a state-of-the-art, all-inclusive therapeutic center for individuals with autism and related disabilities. The SEED Center offers a multitude of services such as applied behavior analysis, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, social skill development, family training, assessment and testing, counseling, advocacy, home programming and professional development. The SEED Center utilizes a trans disciplinary approach; allowing professionals to work and train together as a team to maximize progress and skill development. Parents can rely on us to provide a well-coordinated, all-inclusive environment that includes curriculum, therapeutic tools, training and facility accommodations. Children can look forward to a fun, engaging and social learning environment, and parents have the peace of mind knowing that The SEED Center therapists are working in sync to achieve optimal results.

  • Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation
    As the region’s leader in medical rehabilitation services, Siskin Hospital provides outpatient care and comprehensive inpatient care for patients above the age of 13 at every level of the rehabilitation process for a variety of diagnoses.

  • Social Smart Kids
    Social Smart Kids supports children with social challenges by offering social skills consulting for parents and educators, social skills groups for kids, seminars, products and information.

  • Solutions at Santa Barbara
    Solutions at Santa Barbara is dedicated to help each client to achieve the highest level of functional independence possible. Our goals always involve returning to home, school, work and meaningful, productive activity. We encourage each client to develop original “solutions” to the problems they now face. Designed for individuals who are capable of benefitting from an active, “hands on” rehabilitative approach, Solutions at Santa Barbara offers highly personalized, comprehensive programs to meet the needs of individuals with traumatic brain injury, stroke, tumors, aneurysm, post concussive syndrome, Spinal Cord Injury, or other neurological disorders.

  • South Shore Therapies, Inc.
    Providing Pediatric Occupational therapy evaluations and services. Specializing in Sensory Integration. Providing pediatric speech and language evaluations and services.

  • Southern Indiana Resource Solutions Inc.
    Southern Indiana Resource Solutions Inc. (SIRS, Inc.), a leader in the state and local community, has established an outstanding reputation for providing quality supports for adults and children with disabilities. Our staff progressively works to provide top-notch therapies like early intervention services, developmental, physical, speech, and occupational therapy for children from birth to age 18. Adults with disabilities gain assistance in finding the right job, living independently, and being involved in their community.

  • Southern New England Rehab Center
    Recovering from a debilitating illness or injury starts with the right roadmap to assure your return to health and independent living. The first step is choosing the best rehabilitation care: Southern New England Rehabilitation Center. We’ve helped thousands of people return home following a disabling illness, traumatic injury or orthopedic surgery. As part of St. Joseph Hospital for Specialty Care in Providence and an affiliate of Rhode Island Hospital, we deliver the highest quality care with unmatched compassion. Our dedication has made us the region’s leader in rehabilitation care and services.

  • Special Education District of Lake County (SEDOL)
    To provide alternative therapeutic, educations, opportunities and to educate the whole child intellectually, emotionally, physically, and socially. To enable students to reenter educational programs in their home school environments as they become ready. To engage in collaborative relationships with home, schools, families, and communities. To enable our students to become life long learners and to become successful, productive citizens.

  • Special Kids & Families
    Special Kids & Families is a family-centered Early Intervention Program dedicated to helping children and families reach their full potential. Founded in 1986 by parents of children with developmental delays, Special Kids & Families has expanded to the unique abilities and challenges that all young children present.

  • Specialized Pediatric Occupational Therapy, LLC.
    SPECIALIZED PEDIATRIC OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, LLC is dedicated to providing quality, specialized, home-based private occupational therapy for infants and children with special needs throughout the greater St. Louis, MO area. ELLEN VENTURELLA-WILSON, MS, OTR/L is a pediatric occupational therapist with over 14 years of experience working with children. She graduated from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis with a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy in 1996. Ellen specializes in oral-motor and feeding (especially transitioning a child from G-tube to oral feedings), Sensory Processing Disorders, and neurodevelopmental treatment.

  • Specialized Speech Technologies, Inc.
    Specialized Speech Technologies, Inc. provides comprehensive assessments and treatment plans which target areas such as Myofunctional or Tongue Thrust Disorders, Articulation or Speech Delays and/or Disorders, Expressive/Receptive Language Delays and/or Disorders. Daily Living Skills, Gross and Fine Motor Delays, Handwriting Difficulties, Sensory Integration Needs, Physical Therapy and Assistive Technology Strategies. SSTI also offers Hearing Screenings and Customized Seminars.

  • Spectrum Therapy Center
    Provide OT and SLP services to children and young adults, for sensory, fine motor, feeding and oral motor, school readiness, low muscle tone, apraxia and provide family and home programing with individual services and team based services.

  • Speech 4 Kids, P.C.
    Speech 4 Kids is a small, privately-owned pediatric clinic near Fairfield, IL. It is child-friendly, decorated in an Old West theme. We offer pediatric Speech Therapy services for ages birth to 12. We soon will be adding pediatric Physical Therapy services as well. We offer a $5 Play Group on the first Monday and Tuesday evenings of every month. The play group is open to ALL community children. We are a preferred provider for BC/BS, a Medicaid/All-Kids provider and have a very affordable private pay package. We would love to have you visit the “Old West” to see if it is a good fit for your child.

  • Speech and Language, The Special Needs Store
    Offering a wide variety of products and resources for children with special needs and developmental delays.

  • Speech Disorder Resources for College Students
    Produced by Speech Pathology Master’s Programs, this guide highlights the resources that students may find on campus and how to find them. Also, it provides numerous helpful links for college students with speech disorders (Stuttering, Voice Therapy, Aphasia, Autism, and Communicative Disorders, Executive Functioning Disorders).

    The only comprehensive pediatric speech-language pathology clinic in Carroll County, Maryland, SPEECH PATHways opens the doors to communication for children challenged by speech and language deficits. Offering speech and language services since 1999, SPEECH PATHways is directed by owner Kimberly A. Bell, M.S., CCC-SLP. Along with traditional speech and language services, Kim and her highly qualified therapists offer a wide variety of specialized pediatric programs combined with helpful support groups that help pave the road to success. Clients travel from as far as Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and the Washington, DC, area to our Carroll County clinic for our creative approach and specialty services. Our therapeutic groups offer enriching opportunities for growth to kids at all developmental levels.

  • Speech Specialists, LLC.
    We specialize in clinical speech and language services for children aged 12 months to 21 years. Speech Specialists emphasizes family involvement and education and believes that considering the child’s family life, home and school environments, self-esteem and emotional development is vital for effective treatment. We specialize in: articulation disorders, expressive and receptive language disorders, stuttering, phonological disorders, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders and voice disorders.

  • Speech Therapy Jacksonville
    KidSpeak Language and Speech Therapy Orlando and Jacksonville Florida helps children with communication disorders reach their highest communicative potential.

  • Sprint Aquatics
    Over the years Rothhammer International, commonly referred to as Sprint Aquatics, has been designing and patenting products that continue to revolutionize the aquatic industry. As the current owner, Laurel Maas’s primary goal for Sprint Rothhammer was and continues to be creating products that meet the needs of those who use the pool as a form of physical therapy, training, and recreation.

  • St. Camillus Health & Rehabilitation Center
    St. Camillus Health and Rehabilitation Center is a not-for-profit healthcare facility featuring comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services including subacute and brain injury rehabilitation programs; continuing care; outpatient rehabilitation, home healthcare; audiology/hearing aids; medical transport and a variety of other support services. Located in the Westvale area of Syracuse, New York, the integrated teams of healthcare professionals at St. Camillus are dedicated to caring for life.

  • St. Jude Medical Center
    Thanks to a tradition of medical excellence, St. Jude Heritage Medical Group is widely recognized as one of Orange County’s finest medical groups. In fact, in a recent independent survey we out-scored every other medical group in Southern California. Whether the question was about quality of care or patient satisfaction – we ranked first.

  • St. Lawrence Rehabilitation Center
    Helping Our Patients Return to a Full & Active Life- We are a private, not-for-profit hospital sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Trenton, dedicated to meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our patients. While we are receptive to changes in our community and the healthcare environment, our goal has always been and continues to be providing excellence in rehabilitative services.

  • St. Patricks Hospital
    Our Mission is extending the healing ministry of Jesus Christ. The Vision of CHRISTUS Health, a Catholic, faith-based ministry, is to be a leader and advocate in creating exemplary health care services, processes, and structures that improve the health of individuals and of local and global communities so all may experience God’s healing presence and love.

  • Stand Among Friends Center
    Stand Among Friends is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization that promotes opportunities for people with neurological disabilities to live a life without limits and experience the highest degree of independence and success in their communities. Stand Among Friends provides service and support through its comprehensive Web site, television programming, video resources and through the development of models and research design to improve quality of life daily.

  • Steinberg Behavior Solutions- ABA Therapy
    Steinberg Behavior Solutions is a Chicago based company offering in-home ABA Evaluation and Treatment for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. We work with your child to create an individualized plan to help her succeed. All of our therapists have received their Masters in Psychology: Applied Behavior Analysis.

  • Steps 2 Strides Therapy Centers
    Steps 2 Strides is an Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility for Children ages birth to 21. We provide Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Behavioral Counseling and Nutrition Services. We primarily treat Special Needs children with Autism, Developmental Delay, and a number of other varying physical and neurological disorders and conditions. Our therapists treat each patient and family as a team, treating the whole child.

  • Summit Academy Schools. Community Schools for Alternative Learners
    28 schools (including a Therapeutic Martial Arts Program and much more) specifically designed for students with High Functioning Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, PDD-NOS and Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities.

  • Super Duper Publications
    We love making creative, colorful educational materials that you and your children will love. (Believe it or not, we have as much fun making them as your kids will have learning with them!)

  • Team Hope Speech and Pediatric Therapy Center
    TeamHope’s primary focus is on providing therapeutic Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy services to the pediatric population with a focus on Autism /PDD, Motor Speech Disorders, Fine and Gross Motor Delays, Sensory Disorders, Phonological/Articulation Disorders, Visual Perceptional Disorders, & Feeding Therapy. Our academically based services address a range of Literacy and Learning Disabilities.

  • Teresa Signorelli, PhD, CCC-SLP
    Teresa M. Signorelli, Ph.D., CCC-SLP is an ASHA Certified, New York State Licensed Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist and child development specialist. She is the Director of the Smadbeck Communication & Learning Center at Marymount Manhattan College and maintains a private practice. Her works are published and she presents internationally at conferences such as the International Neuro-psychological Society, the International Symposium on Bilingualism, and the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA).

  • The Arc of Monmouth
    The Arc of Monmouth is a non-profit organization in Monmouth County, New Jersey providing services and supports for individuals who have cognitive and developmental disabilities and for their families. The Arc of Monmouth is guided by a volunteer board of directors, and is affiliated with The Arc of New Jersey and The Arc of the United States.

  • The Behavioral Growing Tree
    Guided by the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), The Behavioral Growing Tree provides direct one-on-one services for children with Autism, Asperger’s syndrome and PDD-NOS. We also offer behavioral consultation for typical children with behavioral concerns. Currently, we serve Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson counties. The Behavioral Growing Tree is an approved in network provider with various insurance companies, including Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, MHNET Behavioral, Tricare, Coventry, Value Options and Medicaid Autism Waiver. We offer courtesy verification and billing to insurance companies that are our of our network. Private pay is also accepted.

  • The Communication Station
    We specialize in children with Apraxia,ASD and related disorders. Our highly experienced staff provide evaluations and therapy to children ages birth-18 years. With a background in behavioral analysis, PROMPT trained and the use of multimodality techniques, we have found success. We help the parents “put the pieces together” to assist with speech/language needs, social needs and academic needs. Sensory integration difficulties are addressed throughout therapy sessions.

  • The Early Learning Institute | teli
    Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Early Intervention.

  • The Luma Center for Development and Learning
    The Luma Center for Development and Learning offers consultation and training, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and social-skills groups to support children across home, school and community environments.

  • The Peter Pan Center
    The Peter Pan Center offers social opportunity programs for children with ADHD, NLD, Aspergers and other social challenges. We also offer parenting and behavior consultations. In order to be a friend, you need to have a friend. At the Peter Pan Center, helping kids make and keep lasting friendships is our passion. The mission of the Peter Pan Center is to create a safe welcoming atmosphere to give children ages 4-15 the opportunity to learn and practice friendship skills. Whatever the barrier to friendship a child faces ~ be it behavioral issues, social anxiety and conversational skills, inability to read social cues, anger management, etc…we use our in-the-moment coaching model to effectively support children in overcoming these hurdles. Kids are not our only passion – parents are too! Here at the Peter Pan Center, we can help you learn to manage difficult behaviors, work with your school system and more.

  • The STAR Center
    The STAR Center is a model demonstration, resource and training center dedicated to ensuring that all individuals with disabilities or other special needs maximize their potential for independence and achieve their personal goals of employment, effective learning and independent living through assertive technology, assertive aids and support services.

  • The Treatment and Learning Center
    TLC—The Treatment and Learning Centers is a local, private non-profit agency in Rockville, MD founded in 1950 that specializes in programs and services for children and adults with special needs.

  • Therabeat, Inc. Pediatric Music Therapy
    Therabeat, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and families in a familiar environment. Therabeat, Inc. is a proud partner of In Harmony Pediatric Therapy, and we have opened a new 6,000 sq. ft. clinic in Canton Georgia. Individual Or Group Therapy Sessions: Music therapy sessions address the following developmental domains: Fine and gross motor, Communication Skills, Adaptive Skills, Social and Emotional Development Skills, and Cognitive skills Therabeat, Inc therapists are credentialed Early Intervention Specialists and provide services for infants and toddlers experiencing delays in their development. Therabeat, Inc provides special instruction for infants and toddlers that are currently enrolled and pre-approved for services through Babies Can’t Wait (BCW) Health District 1-2. Adaptive piano and guitar lessons are tailored to meet the needs of specialized populations including; children and adults with developmental disabilities, people with physical disabilities, and people with learning disabilities. These lessons use a therapeutic approach in teaching the skills needed to play the piano and guitar while increasing self discipline, self awareness, increasing all motor domains, and improving self esteem through accomplishment.

  • Therapies of The Rockies-Speech and Language Therapy
    Our mission at Therapies of The Rockies is to provide the highest quality, professional speech and language therapy services to all clients in an individualized and family-centered manner. We focus on the functional needs of each client, and provide therapy with the purpose to generalize the gains in the private speech therapy setting to natural communication environments, such as a home, school, child-care center, and community.

  • Therapy Care Ltd.
    Our vision is to be the best clinical therapy and rehabilitation services group measured by the value we deliver to our clients and patients, and our strength and spirit as a firm. We offer speech/language therapy, occupational and physical therapy to a diverse group of patients both in our clinics and in home based settings.

  • Therapy Works for Kids

    Therapy Works for Kids is a private clinic offering developmental approaches to children and adults. We offer various programs combining occupational therapy with new medium such as sound based intervention, DIR, and executive functioning intensive to support neuro-plasticity and developmental growth.

  • Therapy- The Handle Institute International LLC.
    The HANDLE Institute provides an effective, non-drug alternative for identifying and treating most neurodevelopmental disorders across the lifespan including Autism, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and Tourette’s Syndrome.

  • Theratime, Inc.
    Speech and language therapy and evaluations. Autism treatment. Feeding therapy, Occupational and Physical therapies.

  • Tip of the Tongue Speech and Language, LLC.
    Primarily pediatric speech-language therapy office serving St. Louis and St. Charles counties, with an emphasis on articulation and expressive language. Experienced in Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Office meets the needs of children with sensory disorders with toys to jump on, swing, and spin. Also sees clients for tongue-thrust and foreign accent reduction. Office is in Ballwin, MO.

  • Total Burn Care
    Total Burn Care addresses the varied physiological, psychological and emotional care of acutely injured burn patients evolving through recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration back into society and daily life activities. Our hope for the future is that through multidisciplinary collaboration, scientists and clinicians will pursue solutions to the perplexing problems that burn survivors must encounter.

  • Total Poss-Abilities
    Total Poss-Abilities provides pediatric occupational therapy within the clinic and natural environment settings.

  • Training Wheels Occupational Therapy
    Training Wheels pediatric OT provides direct and consultative services to children and their families, school districts and communities throughout the seacoast region of NH.

  • Trilogy Behavioral Healthcare
    Trilogy is a private, not-for-profit community behavioral health agency whose mission is to serve people with serious mental illnesses. Trilogy has provided services in the Rogers Park and Evanston communities since 1971.

  • Turning Point
    Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center (formerly the Orchard Mental Health Center) is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that serves the mental health needs of the community using a sliding scale fee based system. The thirty-five licensed and highly credentialed social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists provide outpatient individual and group services for all ages.

  • Turnstone Center for Children and Adults with Disabilities
    Turnstone provides adaptive sports, childcare, preschool, speech, physical, aquatic and occupational therapy. We also have an adult day program, warm water pool, a health and wellness center, as well as a residential ramp building program and equipment loan program. All programs are appropriate for people with physical disabilities.

  • UC Davis M.I.N.D. Institue
    The M.I.N.D. Institute is an international, multidisciplinary research organization, committed to excellence, collaboration and hope, striving to understand the causes and develop better treatments and ultimately cures for neurodevelopmental disorders. Standing shoulder to shoulder, families, scientists, physicians, educators, and administrators are working together to unlock the mysteries of the mind.

  • Ucan
    It is the Mission of UCAN to preserve the sanctity of childhood and give youth refuge and a future. A multi-faceted social service agency, we offer therapeutic programs and support to over 10,000 children, youth and families a year in six Illinois counties. Explore our website and learn about our broad range of programs – from foster and adoptive placement to Clinical and Counseling Services and much more.

  • UCP of Tampa Bay
    Early treatment is crucial to your child’s success. UCP has a well-earned reputation as one of the most skilled and dedicated therapeutic staffs in the area. UCP provides physical, occupational and speech therapies on campus during the school day, performed by trained and licensed pediatric therapists. Physical Therapy improves capabilities such as use of large muscle skills for crawling and jumping. It also helps enhance functional independence and mobility as well as increases muscle control for improved balance and coordination. Occupational therapy addresses skills for playing, learning, and self-care tasks. It also focuses on motor skills and sensory processing. Speech therapy helps children with speech and language skills such as safe oral motor skills for eating and drinking and the ability to form sounds for communication, and to communicate with or without words.

  • Unified Therapy Services, Inc.
    Unified Therapy Services is a pediatric-focused outpatient clinic in Dubuque, IA offering physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy services. Our dedicated team of therapists believes in a collaborative approach to assist children and young adults in achieving functional goals. We believe in viewing each patient as a whole person and working with other professionals and families to build a treatment plan that will yield excellent results. Our facility is warm, inviting and child friendly. Within our 8,800 square feet facility we address each patient’s individual deficits and delays with nine private treatment rooms, a large gym, and a simulated apartment. We have an abundance of swings, pediatric equipment, and unique lighting designed for our children with special needs. We strive to provide each person that walks through our doors with the most comprehensive care to enable them to have a brighter future. Call us today to schedule a free screening at 563-583-4003. “Together We Can Make A Difference”.

  • United Cerebral Palsy of Orange County
    Founded in the early 1950s by parents and volunteers to serve the needs of children with cerebral palsy, UCP of Orange County now serves children with all types of developmental disabilities and provides vital support to families. Each year, we provide direct services to more than 3,800 people, with disabilities including cerebral palsy, autism, Down syndrome muscular dystrophy and other developmental disabilities. Our staff of highly trained professionals includes leaders in inclusion, early intervention, advocacy and community resources, providing services and materials in English, Spanish and Vietnamese.

  • Unlocking The Spectrum
    Unlocking The Spectrum was created with the mission of making ABA Therapy accessible to ALL children with autism by providing the highest quality ABA therapy services to throughout Indiana. Unlocking The Spectrum is committed to providing caring, professional Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Verbal Behavior (VB) therapy services throughout Indiana in a wide variety of settings including home, center, school, and community. Our programs include ABA/VB therapy, consultation, family/therapist training, program management, and specialized services such as toilet training, school transitions and support, and social skills training. At Unlocking The Spectrum, we believe that an effective ABA program is an essential component in allowing children with autism to reach their maximum potential. We work with families to secure insurance coverage for therapy services.

  • Verbal Behavior Center for Autism
    The Verbal Behavior Center for Autism (VBCA) is a not-for-profit center, founded in 2003 by a grassroots movement of involved and concerned parents of children with autism. These parents were not satisfied with the autism treatment options available at that time because the services did not seem to be beneficial for them or their children. As a result, the VBCA was formulated, and our services now give children and their families an effective treatment option that directly targets the symptoms of autism through an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) approach.

  • Vermont Achievement Center
    Vermont Achievement Center, Inc., a 501(c) 3 charitable organization, has been serving children and families throughout the Rutland region and Vermont since 1937. VAC continues to offer innovative and responsive programs in special education, child care, early education, family social services and intervention, water safety and therapy, and so much more.

  • Wee Speech, P.C.
    Pediatric therapy clinic offering speech, occupational, physical therapy and counseling services. We offer comprehensive evaluation, individual therapy services and small group social skills.

  • Weighted Wearables, LLC.
    Since 1996 Weighted Wearables has provided a high quality line of weighted adaptive products that facilitate proprioceptive feedback, increase postural stability and attention span, and organize arousal level for learning. Weight and pressure can be highly beneficial to some children and adults. These products are suited for children and adults with various sensory integrative needs in a wide range of sizes, colors and styles.

  • Yale New Haven Health System- Bridgeport Hospital
    Bridgeport Hospital is the most comprehensive hospital in Fairfield County with 425 licensed beds, more than 2,600 employees, 530 active attending physicians representing 70 subspecialties, 220 medical/surgical residents and fellows in programs affiliated with Yale University School of Medicine, and more than 340 volunteers and auxilians.