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  • Accessible Homes LLC

    Accessible Homes LLC services begin with a consultation, first to listen, then adapt to and meet specific accessibility needs to determine what you and your family want and need. A needs assessment done by our Occupational Therapy/ Accessibility Specialist will be completed with you. Our service goal is to create environments that maximize your accessibility, independence, safety, and social participation. We believe that quality comes from commitment, experience, attention to detail, and innovation. Our aim is to provide the highest quality and accessibility for you and those who live in or visit your home. We aim to provide a comprehensive, specialized service with your individual personal style in mind and attention to detail that will best serve you today and into the future. We build and modify homes to make the accessible for people of all abilities. We will come up with a design that will meet the individual needs of each person. We also sell the highest quality walk-in bath tubs for both residential and institutional. Our products are manufactured in the USA. You can purchase them anywhere in the United States.

  • LifeCare Design Studio, LLC
    LifeCare Design Studio in conjunction with it’s parent company “Protected Tomorrows Inc.” is embarking on all encompassing programs to design, build and manage residential and community projects for young adults as well as the elderly with special needs”. Funding negotiations have begun to develop these programs through both philanthropic as well as private investment programs

  • Welcome, House Of wheelchair-friendly Modification Examples
    The Welcome, House Of wheelchair-friendly Modification Examples program is a 501-c-3 nonprofit organizations operated entirely by volunteers. In 1998 a one-of-a-kind 3,650 sq ft wheelchair accessible design demonstration home was constructed. Tours of the home are offered free of charge – year ’round. Appointments are suggested. Although we do not sell or endorse any products or services we will share our ideas and experiences will you in an effort to help you make your home as user friendly as possible – while meeting your unique needs. One wing of the house is operated as a Bed and Breakfast – giving overnight guests the opportunity to explore our design ideas as they may be used in their own home. A nominal fee is charged for overnight stays to help defray our operating expenses. Cameras are encouraged to photograph your favorite designs.