2024 Parent University 3: Our Toolbox is Full!

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2024 Parent University 2: Back to Basics. You will have access to this video for 30 days from the date of purchase. Video length is 67 minutes.


Welcome to 2024 Parent University 3: OUR TOOLBOX IS FULL!! WHAT TOOL DO I USE WHEN?  IT’S SO CONFUSING!!  HELP!!

 We hear from so many families about how they are confused as to how to use the many tools we now have for planning for our loved one.  Some of the tools we have are:  3rd Party Special Needs Trusts, 1st Party Special Needs Trusts, SSI, SSDI, DAC, ABLE accounts, and work income.

What tool to use when?  Who to call?  What to pay for? When to pay for it?  What account to use? Who needs to know this?  Parents, guardians, future guardians, the person with a disability.  Let’s talk about how to make it SIMPLE.