Family Community


Online Future Care Planning System

Here you'll find the process of planning for your loved one's future broken down into concrete, manageable steps. From taking an honest assessment of your situation to building and implementing financial, legal and future care, this is the path to your loved one's secure and rewarding future. Begin here.

Educational Tutorials

As you move through your planning you may need instruction on applying for government benefits to support you family member. Protected Tomorrows has created presentations that will inform you about these. We have several ready and many more coming each week. Check out the Tutorials here.


Search our extensive library of articles, government resources, tools, contacts and opportunities. Here you’ll find what you need to start enacting positive changes in your life and that of your family member or friend with special needs.

Sharing and Caring

By sharing your story with the Protected Tomorrows Family Community, you can honor and celebrate the laughs, tears and love that you experience with your loved one with special needs and at the same time empower yourself and others.

Expert Q&A

In the face of confusion, we provide clarity. Our special needs care experts answer some of your most frequently asked questions.