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Inspiration and motivation often comes from the strength and experiences of others. Whether you’re the mother of a child with autism who has found a way to work with the school system, or the son of a mother with Alzheimer’s who cherishes the small successes in each day, chances are that you have the power to help someone else, or if you yourself have disabilities and have insights to share.

We encourage you to read the stories below for inspiration, then consider a story from your own journey as a special needs caregiver or family member to share — because sharing is caring! Then take some time to share your own story with the Protected Tomorrows Family Community here.


Dreaded Diagnosis …

Hippotherapy Success!

We’re More Alike Than Different!

The American Caregiver Story, One Day at a Time


Before I was given my gift …


Job Coaching

John Bray Story/WalMart cart handler


Hippotherapy Success!


You have a story to share, and we want to hear it!


Whether it makes you laugh or cry, feel proud or embarrassed, we have all been there. By sharing with the community, you discover that you are not alone. When your story appears, feel free to share the link with your friends and family. They, too, will appreciate all you have to say. After all, sharing is caring!

Do not forget to put a copy of it in your My Special Life® book!

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