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  • Ada S McKinley Vocational Services
    In fulfilling its mission, the Agency continues expansion of service to thousands annually through child care, education/college preparation and placement, mental health, foster care and adoption, vocational training/job development and placement, residential living arrangements, and other services by serving the community through an increasingly effective network of social services.

  • Arbor Counseling Center
    Arbor Counseling Center is a comprehensive psychotherapy practice providing counseling services to children and adolescents, adults, couples and families. We have 28 State licensed therapists on staff and four offices to serve you in Buffalo Grove, Gurnee, Crystal Lake and Hoffman Estates, IL.

  • Attachment Services of Central Florida, Inc.
    Therapeutic services for children and families dealing with attachment issues. We also do neurofeedback for numerous mental health issues.

    Multi-disciplinary team working with infants, children/adolescents, adults and their families to assist with understanding/treating medical/mental health concerns through providing coordinated care in one location.

  • C-4 Work Center
    Since 1972, C4 has been successfully helping individuals and families who are struggling with mental illness, emotional trauma, substance abuse and the aftermath of sexual assault recover and heal their lives. Through our compassionate and community-based services, we have helped them return to work or school, reestablish personal relationships, keep their homes, and live as good neighbors.

  • Cognitive Solutions Learning Center
    Cognitive Solutions helps children and adults of all ages reach their full potential. Providing neuropsychological and psychoeducational evaluations, one on one learning specialists, therapy, and neurofeedback.

  • Diablo Behavioral Healthcare
    Diablo Behavioral Healthcare is a comprehensive diagnostic center for children and adolescents on the spectrum. We have child and adolescent psychiatrists, social worker and Educational Psychologist. We provide all services in one convenient location.

  • Dr. Jennifer Gale
    Dr. Gale specializes in providing comprehensive psychological evaluations, psycho-educational evaluations, developmental evaluations, and child custody evaluations. She works with children, adolescents, and adults who have a wide variety of presenting problems including Autism, Asperger’s Disorder, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Learning Disabilities, processing problems, communication problems, medical disabilities, developmental delays, as well as social delays, depression, and anxiety. Dr. Gale’s comprehensive evaluations are extremely helpful for clients because of the specific, client-tailored recommendations she provides at the end of the evaluation process. Dr. Gale is an independently licensed psychologist who has been working with clients in private practice since 2007. Her doctorate is in clinical psychology from Fuller Theological Seminary, Graduate School of Psychology (APA-approved) in Pasadena, California. Much of Dr. Gale’s training was obtained in community mental health clinics, schools, and in a private neuropsychological clinic. Her graduate research and current perspective includes a focus on the Positive Youth Development model, which views children and adolescents as “assets to be developed, not problems to be managed.” She believes that by increasing the protective factors and decreasing risk factors, youth are equipped to develop into thriving adults. Dr. Gale completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in a private practice setting. Her clinical practice currently serves children, adolescents, and adults throughout Georgia as well as several surrounding states. Dr. Gale is a founding member of the Pediatric Resource Network (PRN), an Atlanta-based non-profit organization which provides information and resources to families who have children with disabilities.

  • Enhancement Institute
    Advanced noninvasive treatments, based on the latest research in Applied Neuroscience, are available for a range of mental and emotional challenges at The Enhancement Institute. For more than twenty years we have been achieving favorable outcomes with ADHD, Traumatic Brain Injury, Learning disabilities, Aspergers, Autism and Tourettes, as well as Depression, Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder. Science tells us these disorders can involve many areas of the brain/body system and we take the time to identify areas of significant impact for each individual and design their treatment program accordingly. A through testing and evaluation module is available under the direction of our Medical Director and a licensed Psychologist, including a Quantitative (functional) EEG and a noninvasive full body scan using advanced European technology. A typical program may involve several types of treatment, including beta Neurofeedback (NFB), deep-state Neurotherapy (Alpha-Theta), Transcranial Electrical Stimulation (TES), Targeted amino Acid Therapy (TAAT), dietary constraints and intelligent supplementation as well as individual and family psychotherapy and life skills coaching. At The Enhancement Institute our treatments are research based and our primary technologies are approved by the FDA. Call today to see how we can help your child.

  • Epilepsy Services for Northeastern Illinois, ESNI
    Epilepsy Services for Northeastern Illinois, ESNI, provides counseling and psychotherapy for those affected by a primary diagnosis of epilepsy. Treatment is formulated to fit each case individually. ESNI also presents in-services, educational programs, neurological referral and advocacy. Fees are based on a sliding scale. No one is ever declined services due to an inability to pay.

  • Erin M. Floyd, Ph.D., LLC – Licensed Clinical Psychologist
    I am a licensed psychologist in the Atlanta, GA, area with a Ph.D. in clinical psychology with advanced expertise in clinical child, pediatric, and family psychology. I carefully review the latest research findings and use treatments that work. I counsel and conduct psychological testing for children, adolescents, and adults with problems that have arisen in their lives that they are unable to handle on their own, but with a little assistance and a guiding hand they can overcome. I strive to maintain a warm and inviting practice with the highest standards of confidential and personalized care. My goal is to work with clients and their families as a team to help them thrive and get back to enjoying life to its fullest as soon as possible. My website provides more detail about my specialties.

  • Holistic Counseling, Hypnotherapy, & Reiki Energy Healing
    Holistic and complementary wellness care – counseling, coaching, hypnosis, energy psychology, reiki energy healing, vibrational sound healing, and more. Help and healing for body, mind, and spirit.

  • Jocelyn Francisco, Ph.D.
    As a licensed clinical psychologist, I specialize in understanding the nature and impact of learning disabilities and pervasive developmental disorders, including attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism spectrum disorders. I perform psychological diagnostic evaluations, as well as provide cognitive behavioral therapy and social communication skills training with children and adolescents.

  • Kansas City Behavior Analysts
    We specialize in early childhood ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) intervention. We provide the following services: VB-MAPP assessment Individualized goal plan Progress Reports Transion support into public/private school IEP development Parent training 1:1 therapy Group therapy.

  • Life Support Behavioral Institute
    Life Support Behavioral Institute provides outpatient, home base and group services for clients experiencing severe behavioral issues and/or developmental disabilitites.

  • Lisa Konick, PhD
    Therapy, assessment, and advocacy for individuals with autism and learning disabilities and their families. We offer diagnostic assessment, psychological testing, therapy, behavior management, parent coaching, social skills training, consultation with schools, assistance with IEP plans, and behavior interventions.

  • Nancy Cason, Psy.D.
    Providing diagnosis and treatment for children, adolescents and adults with Autism, Asperger’s, and related social-communication and behavioral disorders.

  • Northeast Occupational Exchange
    NORTHEAST OCCUPATIONAL EXCHANGE, INC. is a fully licensed, COMPREHENSIVE mental health and substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation facility. NOE provides a range of services to help ADULTS AND CHILDREN achieve higher goals and live more productive lives. (Persons with developmental needs, including mental retardation, are welcome.)

  • Pathways Counseling Center
    Counseling services to children and families. Expertise in special needs.

  • Pica & Associates Psychological Services

    Pica & Associates is a full service child, adolescent, and family psychology practice that provides an array of services including individual, marital, family, and group therapy, art therapy, biofeedback therapy, substance abuse treatment, psychological assessment, LGBTQ therapy services, and school consultation.

  • Premier Healthcare
    Premier HealthCare Centers are staffed by medical professionals who have been extensively trained to work with people with disabilities and their families. In collaboration with YAI National Institute’s family services and certified home health care professionals, they effectively coordinate all the specific medical and social needs of patients and their families. Our highly skilled and multilingual staff provides the many services listed below at primary care practices located throughout New York City. To learn more about how Premier HealthCare can help you or someone you know call YAI LINK at 212-273-6182. Premier HealthCare provides primary care for both children and adults with developmental and learning disabilities in the areas of pediatrics, internal medicine, gynecology, and dentistry. It also provides a wide range of additional medical specialty, mental health, rehabilitation, and related services. Premier HealthCare has been cited by the U.S. Surgeon General as a national model for the provision of healthcare for people with disabilities. When it comes to their health and well being, people with disabilities and their families can look to Premier HealthCare with complete confidence for quality care.

  • Texas NeuroRehab Center
    Texas NeuroRehab Center provides treatment programs for children, adolescents and adults who have a history of difficult neurological and/or behavioral issues. We have been providing quality care and clinical expertise for nearly 60 years.

  • The Dream Team Coaches
    The mission of the Dream Team is to empower all children, teens, and young adults to reach their dreams. Targeting those who have suffered from mind disorders, we provide a variety of services that help these children and young adults accomplish their life goals.

  • The Lester A. Drenk Behavioral Health Center
    Qualified provider of Individualized Community Supports and Services for adults and children eligible through New Jersey’s Division of Developmental Disabilities. Supports and services may include: housing and development, provider managed and/or self-directed residential supports (individual supports), employment or day (habilitation), medical and behavioral supports and stand alone behavioral supports. Flexible individualized supports are available that are tailored to meet an individual’s current needs and choices and change as the individual’s needs and choices change.