Application Process

Protected Tomorrows licensing is granted following a careful selection process. Applicants must demonstrate the following in order to be accepted into the program:

  • a dedication to the special needs community,
  • a desire to build a strong advocacy serving a multitude of families, and
  • a vision for creating a career path in the form of a part-time or full-time Protected Tomorrows Advocacy practice, or
  • a vision for integrating a Protected Tomorrows Advocacy practice as an adjunct to their existing business.


Step 1

Step one begins with understanding Protected Tomorrows and the opportunity before you. Learn more about this opportunity by contacting Protected Tomorrows for an Advocate Marketing Packet.

For additional information, we recommend you tour our site and Google “Mary Anne Ehlert,” our founder. You will learn about the inspiration behind the Protected Tomorrows processes and our passion for serving the special needs community.

Step 2:

Submit your application online. There is no obligation at this stage in the application process.

Step 3:

Protected Tomorrows will respond to your application within five working days via e-mail. For those continuing in the selection process, a teleconference interview will be scheduled with our Manager for Advocate Development.

Step 4:

If your application is considered favorably, the Manager for Advocate Development will request approval on your behalf from the Protected Tomorrows Selection Committee. Upon approval, you will be e-mailed an invitation to join the Protected Tomorrows nationwide network of Licensed Advocates along with a license package.

Fill out an application here.