Become a Protected Tomorrows® Advocate


For more than 25 years, Protected Tomorrows has worked with families that have a member with special needs to identify and address their unique life planning needs. If you are looking for an opportunity to be part of a national network of professionals who lead with their hearts in planning for families with special needs, becoming a Protected Tomorrows Advocate may be the correct choice for you.

To become a licensed Protected Tomorrows advocate, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be an established professional, and/or
  • Have personal ties to the special needs community, and
  • Demonstrate a commitment to serving the special needs market.


The Demand for Your Service

Here are some sobering facts provided from the 2005 Census data:

  • Nearly 20% of the population 5 years and over have one or more disabilities.
  • For the population 65 years and over, 40.5% of that population have one or more disabilities.

Disabilities do not know the boundaries of age.

Disabilities do not know the boundaries of economics.

Disabilities do not know the boundaries of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Disabilities do not take a time out when the caregiver is at work or unavailable for any reason.

The demand for making a Future Care Plan is enormous and growing each day. It is also profoundly critical for the individual with special needs, their family and society.

Protected Tomorrows and its nationwide network of licensed Advocates is providing this unique and welcomed service. Join us in making a difference in lives every day.

Advocacy – A Day in the Life of an Advocate

Each Advocate decides how best to integrate their Protected Tomorrows® practice with their current professional activities. However, a given day’s activities might include:

  • Spending an hour connecting with a family during an initial consultation, beginning to build an immediate and long-term relationship;
  • Presenting the Protected Tomorrows message to a group with interests in the special needs community;
  • Consulting with the Protected Tomorrows back office support staff to obtain information and/or direction in the service of one of your clients;
  • Providing a life plan to a family you have been working with, giving them peace of mind.


For more information on what the Protected Tomorrows Advocate Program click  here.