Potential of increased revenue for your core business and additional revenue from your advocacy efforts.


Protected Tomorrows Advocates receive priority distribution of leads on qualified families who seek to utilize the Process for Protected Tomorrows.


Ability to leverage national brand marketing of Protected Tomorrows, including national multi-media communications and inclusion in the Protected Tomorrows online community.


Protected Tomorrows Advocates have a direct relationship with Protected Tomorrows’ professionals that help you provide solutions to your families.


Protected Tomorrows Advocates are recognized internationally for their unique expertise in serving the special needs community.

Feel-Good Factor

The most significant and satisfying benefit of being a Protected Tomorrows Advocate is of course also the most obvious. It’s the tremendous personal gratification that comes from serving individuals with special needs and their families. As a professional person, you naturally want to be of genuine and valued service to people. Few vocations in life give you that feeling as much as being a Protected Tomorrows Advocate. Our Protected Tomorrows Advocates have the spirit of an entrepreneur and the heart of an angel.

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