Helping Architects/Designers and Builders Address Accessibility Needs 
of Their Customers with Disabilities

Individuals with disabilities live full lives. They need a barrier free live, learn, work and play environment that is fully accessible to them. This environment also needs to be equally functional for their family and friends.

How do you help those families “see you as a special resource for them”? As an architect or a builder, you may often hear the above question. So do we… We work with special needs families and the communities every day. Let us help you make these families feel less alone. Connect with the expertise of Protected Tomorrows Inc. to get valuable information for individuals and their families with special needs. We are leaders in identifying and providing accessibility solutions across USA and Canada. Our in house design studio, LifeCare Design Studio, LLC  (, works closely with architects, builders, and facility managers in providing in depth audits recommendations and optimal solutions to achieve accessibility based on ADA and on the principles of Universal Design.

The scope of our services extends to design as well as consultancy on individual homes (existing and new construction), senior living centers and developments, war veterans housing, affordable self-help housing, assisted living facilities, healthcare facilities, assisted living facilities, healthcare facilities, educational campuses, corporate workplace facilities, the hospitality industry and others.

Protected Tomorrows can help you better understand and address accessibility:

  • Educate and address accessibility issues by providing good design practice examples, and comparable case studies of non workable and workable v/s non workable design solutions
  • Provide industry resources of accessibility compliant products, devices and equipments
  • Provide inspections and audit services of new and existing facilities based on ADA
  • Make design recommendations for new and existing projects
  • Develop scope, schedule and budget for accessibility modifications
  • Recommend suitable project delivery methodologies
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