Helping Realtors Find Resources for Their Customers with Family Members with Special Needs

Families who have decided to look for a new home have many things to consider. Realtors provide a valuable resource by listening carefully to the family’s housing needs, finding just the right comfortable new home in just the right neighborhood. Families with children with special needs have very specific requests in regard to schools, medical professionals and other programs for their child. Or perhaps an older customer needs their home to be more accessible. Or a customer has a physical disability requiring home modifications. How do you help those families see you as a special resource for them?

As a realtor, you may often hear these questions. So do we. We work with these families every day. Let us help your families feel less alone. Connect with the expertise of Protected Tomorrows to get valuable information for individuals and their families with special needs.

Protected Tomorrows can help your customers with children with special needs:

  • Evaluate the school districts in the area to identify what special education programs might fit their needs
  • Identify doctors and therapists who work in this area of expertise
  • Connect them with other families with special needs who will introduce them to other parents, typically a huge support to parents moving into a new neighborhood
  • Identify after-school and recreation programs for children with special needs
  • Introduce them to respite and/or babysitters who know how to care for children with special needs
  • Coordinate them with benefit programs and other assistance that might be available to them

Protected Tomorrows can help your customers who need accessibility added to the home of their choice:

  • Identify the options to make the “perfect home” accessible in a cost effective manner
  • Locate financial resources to help with the cost of the modifications
  • Define tax credits available for those modifications
  • Connect them with home health care available in the area

Become a valuable resource to your customers. Become known as the realtor who takes the extra steps to find the resources for families with special needs. They will then search you out and refer you to their friends.

Protected Tomorrows, Inc. is a national advocacy firm that helps families plan a safe and fulfilling life for their loved one through a comprehensive life planning process. We create Future Care Plans, addressing the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, physical disabilities, or cognitive and neurological diseases in the following areas: health care, residential, education, government benefits, financial, vocational, legal and recreational. The Future Care Plan is a comprehensive way to approach and address the fears, hopes and dreams of families with an individual with special needs.

Since 2003, Protected Tomorrows has inspired real change in the special needs community through articles, presentations and workshops on life planning focusing on family communication, special needs trusts and government benefits. Protected Tomorrows also has served as a resource with its connections to legal, financial, medical and social service professionals, parents, siblings, providers and other advocates working together to find innovative solutions for families

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