Our Mission

We Believe

Every human being has a right to live life to his or her fullest potential. Desperation and fear are Mankind’s oldest enemies. A society may fairly be judged by the extent to which it spares its most vulnerable citizens from having to endure them.

Our Heritage

Self-sufficiency is less satisfying to the soul than caring for one another. As Mankind truly is one family, what benefits any one of us enhances the lives of us all. Those of us with greater needs enable their loved ones by enabling them to feel needed.

Our Goal

Make it possible for people (both the less and more fortunate) to achieve peace of mind. To love one another means you can’t feel things are OK until you know they feel that way. Your peace of mind depends on knowing you’ve helped bring peace of mind to the other.

Our Battle Cry

Live and help live. Provide a person with the means to live a fuller life, and you give more meaning to yours.

The Key

Help those with special needs attain greater independence and security. If only the strong were to survive, wouldn’t all our lives be greatly diminished?

Our Values

Prepare. Protect. Provide.
The families who count on us expect nothing less.

Our Spirit

The rock.
We are dedicated, dependable and enduring.