• Thank you for explaining terms, giving examples and providing information.
  • Very Informative

Comments and Feedback from DayOne PACT

  • Awesome!
  • Much Needed Information.

Comments and Feedback from CHARGE Syndrome Conference

  • Mary Anne was extremely knowledgeable and inspiring to listen to. She laid out a doable plan that I’m ready to tackle. She made saving for the future seem not as scary as I’ve always felt it to be.

Comments and Feedback from Abilities Expo-New Jersey

  • Very knowledgeable & informative speaker, with important information.
  • All questions answered so that material was fully understood.
  • Very informative, lets you know you have to start early.

Comments and Feedback from GiGi’s Playhouse

  • Such helpful information and on a detailed level!
  • Very informative presentation-I’m leaving class confident about my child’s future. Thank you!

Comments and Feedback from Next Steps Illinois

  • I was very touched by the story that you shared.
  • The real life examples were very helpful as well as all the financial information you shared.
  • We were given a lot of great information, especially on starting a Special Needs Trust
  • I enjoyed the passion you showed as you spoke about helping us plan for our special needs children’s future.
  • You gave me hope that my boys can live a fulfilling life.
  • I enjoyed your speech even more the second time I attended.
  • Thanks for giving us the motivation to document our boys’ stories.
  • This was my second time hearing your presentation. I learned a lot and you confirmed things that I had questioned.

Comments and Feedback from Naperville Dist. 203 Speech

“Mary Anne, thank you for your participation in the LADSE Parent Academy. Your information and impactful presentation style really hit home with the participants. I for one, can admit I went home that night adding 1,000,002 things to my ‘to do for the future’ list! Protected Tomorrows is a wonderful organization and I wish you the best of luck in your current endeavor with the bakery! Please keep me in the loop of its progress, and I hope to have you back to address parents again in the future.”

Jackie Clifton
LADSE Parent Education Facilitator

“Mary Anne, thank you so much for speaking at our parent meeting last Thursday. As we both know, planning for a special needs family member can be quite daunting. I felt as though you presented the material in a understandable and non-threatening way. I appreciate the time you took and the expertise you shared. Again, thank you!”

Sheri Corcoran
Life Skills Social Worker – Crystal Lake Central High School

“On behalf of the CFI board of directors, Dr. Boas and all of our CFI volunteers, I want to thank you for presenting at our CFI education retreat last Saturday at the Glen Club. For the limited amount of time you had, everyone I spoke to was very impressed with your presentation, your message and explaining a tough topic in terms they could understand. Thanks for making our 3rd annual retreat the best ever!”

Ed Laumbacher
Member – CFI Board of Directors

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have felt so completely alone in my concern for our son’s future care. I know there is much ahead for me to do but you have taken away most of the fear for me. There is not enough money anywhere to pay you for the good you are doing to help people like me! If my name pops up in a Publisher’s Clearing House you will definitely benefit from it!!!! Seriously, please know that I am truly grateful for whatever you can do to help us.”


“This note is to let you know that my mom passed away. She was ready to leave us and she had no fear.

While you worked for us and for Mom you were so kind. I’m sending along our picture so you will always remember that you do help real people. Behind the voices on the phone are folks just like my Mom and I who need your help and guidance. I want you to know that you do make a difference in our lives.”


“I met Mary Anne through her work with Special Olympics and have come to value her expertise and appreciate her ability to create an immediate sense of trust with families having to make very difficult and emotional decisions. Her great empathy for others is apparent.

As an advocate for the disabled, and as a neutral advisor, she is able to bring family members together and guide them through the steps needed to care for their child, sibling or parent.”

Michael Stillwell

“Any family with a family member with disabilities definitely must know the information provided in these workbooks and tapes. There is a tremendous need to plan ahead to ensure that everything is in place for the care of a family member with disabilities and these materials are stepping-stones to accomplishing your goals.

Mary Anne Ehlert has guided hundreds of families through this very complicated and confusing maze of processes and regulations and has had great success in helping them plan for their family member with disabilities.”

Carl LaMell
President, Clearbrook

“It was for me a great deal of experience going through what I did in the past 16 months. Thanks to you for being of such great help with your service. It was remarkable and always courteous. I will recommend you to others if I have the chance.”


“On behalf of the parents and the Philip Rock Center, thank you for your excellent presentation on ‘Planning For The Future – Guardianship, Wills & Trusts.’

You received rave reviews from the parents in their comments and on evaluation forms. We greatly appreciate your giving up a day to share your expertise with us. Many thanks!”

T.D. Project Reach
Illinois Deaf-Blind Services

“I’m sorry that my sister’s tragic situation brought us together. I am, on the other hand, extremely pleased to have met you. Thank you for your words of advice.

I am better prepared to face the next couple of months because of you and I will always be grateful.”

R. F.

“Thank you for helping me to worry less.”

M.J. Stefanik

“Mary Anne spoke at our 5p-minus conference in Minneapolis in August and I didn’t get a chance to hand in my evaluation form at the end of the meeting as my daughter had an ‘emergency’ in the day-care room. I just wanted to say thank you so much for the informative and heart-warming session. I learned so much and I am so thankful that I attended this session. You are truly an inspiration, and what a gift you’ve given to your sister to carry on and give what you know to others. Again, thank you so much!”

N. Schramm
Wayne, Nebraska

“With gratitude and many thanks, we appreciate all your efforts so very much.”

Edie S.