Helping Family Law and Estate Planning Attorneys to Advocate for Their Clients with Special Needs Family Members

Connect with the expertise of Protected Tomorrows to get valuable information for your clients and their family members with special needs.

Protected Tomorrows, Inc. is a national advocacy firm that helps families plan a safe and fulfilling life for their loved one through a comprehensive life planning process. We create Future Care Plans™, addressing the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities, mental illness, physical disabilities, or cognitive and neurological diseases in the following areas: health care, residential, education, government benefits, financial, vocational, legal and recreational. The Future Care Plan is a comprehensive way to approach and address the fears, hopes and dreams of families with an individual with special needs.

Since 2003, Protected Tomorrows has inspired real change in the special needs community through articles, presentations and workshops on life planning focusing on family communication, special needs trusts and government benefits. Protected Tomorrows also has served as a resource with its connections to legal, financial, medical and social service professionals, parents, siblings, providers and other advocates working together to find innovative solutions for families.  We can help in several ways:

Family Consultations   Protected Tomorrows provides Life Care Planning. Learn more on how your clients can be served here.

Presentations – Protected Tomorrows can join with you to present informative and engaging one- or two-hour seminars addressing issues important to families such as Potential Funding Sources, Legal Options, Choosing Future Care People, Family Communication, Wills and Special Needs Trusts. Other topics include Sibling Support, Residential Focus Groups, Employment Issues, and many other topics.

All-Day Family Workshops – Protected Tomorrows Advocates guide families through its planning process to begin the development of a Future Care Plan. After this interactive and entertaining session, individuals and their families will understand what they need to do to plan for a safe and fulfilling future for their loved one with special needs.

Estate Planning Support – Protected Tomorrows assist families to identify the amount and types of funding available to support future special needs trust funding.

Online Care Planning System – Protected Tomorrows can provide your families with an online planning system to supplement the legal planning you are doing for them.

Planning Books and My Special Life Book – Protected Tomorrows can provide your families with tools to provide additional planning to complement your legal planning process

For Family Law attorneys working with families facing divorce situations, you know the brands of stress they experience in their lives. Add to that mix the need to care for a special needs family member, and the stress levels go up, which causes confusion and the feeling of being alone. You know their stories, and so do we. We work with these families every day. Let us help your families feel less alone. Connect with the expertise of Protected Tomorrows to get valuable information for individuals and their families with special needs.

Protected Tomorrows can help your clients:

  • Develop a Future Care Plan for the child with the disability, including the calculation of the funding needed into the future.
  • Identify therapists who work in this area of expertise to provide the much needed support for the divorcing couple.
  • Coordinate the development of a special needs trust and the funding of same, to ensure the child remains eligible for government benefits into the future.
  • Understand the need for child support paid after the age of 18 to be paid into a payback special needs trust.
  • Identify other resources that might be available, to keep life as uncomplicated as possible.

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