Your PT Partnership

Becoming a Protected Tomorrows® licensed Advocate carries with it tremendous tangible value in a variety of forms. Below are some of the key features of your Protected Tomorrows® license.

Training and Continuous Education

Initially, we train you on the unique 8-step process that addresses the fears and goals of families with special needs.

  • Show clients how to take a strategic and holistic approach to planning for their special needs child.
  • Work with clients to Take a Candid Look™ at their family situation. Help them to start thinking about realistic goals for their family member with special needs and the entire family.
  • Learn how to create a Future Care Plan™ for the individual with disabilities as a goal within the overall life planning process.
  • Incorporate the special estate planning that needs to happen when a family member has a disability.
  • Learn how to help clients identify future caregivers, future care-giving needs and future money people.
  • Learn about government benefit programs for individuals with disabilities and how to interpret and explain them to clients.
  • Provide families with a concrete approach to Document the Wonder™.
  • Help families plan for and find solutions to the transition stage of a young person’s life – what to do when the bus stops coming.


Additionally, we help you understand how to run and market your new business unit within your existing business, create and give a speech, and provide you with all contracts and materials associated with Protected Tomorrows®.

But training doesn’t stop there. Later in your first year, you will have additional training on specific topics that arise out of the Process for Protected Tomorrows®. We are also continually updating you on changing laws and regulations pertaining to the special needs community.

Back Office Support

Protected Tomorrows partners with you by providing ongoing consultations, and answers to your operational questions.

Updates and Upgrades

Protected Tomorrows provides Advocates notification and explanations of changing rules and regulations at both the State and Federal levels that affect life planning for families with a member with special needs.


Protected Tomorrows provides our Advocates with licensed materials, including brochures,  advertising creative and other marketing materials. We also upgrade our materials, programs and online properties to reflect up-to-the-minute changes in rules and regulations affecting life planning for the special needs community.

Public Relations

Protected Tomorrows is a highly respected and visible brand that is internationally recognized throughout the special needs community. We are considered experts in the area of life planning for individuals and families with special needs and have been quoted and published in national newspapers and magazines, on the radio, on television and on the Internet. Our public relation efforts extend from our corporate offices to our Advocates in both local and national markets. In using our resources to create brand awareness, we also create exposure opportunities for our licensed Advocates.

Online Community

Protected Tomorrows is the premier online community for the special needs arena. Our mission is to provide information, inspiration, support and education to our members. From our articles and expert answers to questions, our purpose is to unite the special needs community in hope, support and education for the promise of Protected Tomorrows. In that unification, we hope to harness the power of the masses to create global change.

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