Stage5 Test

Document the Wonder™

In chronicling the story and gift of your loved one with
special needs, this story serves as a record for future
caregivers to understand your family member and
what makes him/her special, so that they can continue
the process of building your loved one’s abilities and
self-esteem. Your family member with special needs
often contribute their own wishes about what they
hope for their own future at this Stage in the Protected
Tomorrows process.

Before you begin this Stage, we strongly suggest that you
listen to this brief webinar about Preparing for Future
Caregivers-Document the Wonder. Also, we have provided
a quick video to guide you through Stage 5 pages.

As you begin to document your selected topics from the list below, this area will show all the topics you have worked on and make it easier to know where you left off. Choose a topic below to begin.

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About My Family and Me

My Friends

Intervention Programs and Schools

Employment and Life Skills

My Disability and Medical Support

My Emotional Well-being & Behaviors

Financial and Legal Issues