Protected Tomorrows knows the anxiety that can come with caring for a family member with special needs. There’s so much to consider and all of it seems complicated. Make the wrong decision and your family member may inadvertently lose important benefits to which he or she is entitled, and likely to need. Protected Tomorrows has worked for many years with families of those with special needs to address their unique life-planning requirements. By pairing families with a Protected Tomorrows Advocate, we provide a proven, holistic approach for life planning that greatly reduces the anxiety and makes the process manageable, improving the quality of life for the entire family.

Find an Advocate

From the moment you are assigned a Protected Tomorrows Advocate, you’ll experience the relief of having someone there with you in your corner. Your Advocate is available to answer your questions, to reassure you, and to give you the Professional Support you need to navigate the often-difficult waters of caring for loved ones with special needs. Locate a Protected Tomorrows Advocate in your area.

Be an Advocate

Each Advocate in our nationwide network is specially trained and licensed with a highly developed area of expertise in serving families who have members with special needs. Many who choose to become Advocates do so because they have family members of their own with special needs, and they want to help provide support to others that they may not have themselves received. If you wish to join Protected Tomorrows in its unique mission of providing expert advice, guidance and support to families with children or other loved ones with special needs, please follow this link to learn more about how you can become a Protected Tomorrows Advocate.

Resources and Training

When you log in as an Advocate to the Protected Tomorrows website, you’ll find abundant resources at your disposal to help you in your mission of assisting families caring for loved ones with special needs. From a vast directory of professionals and services to supportive training events and workshops, the Protected Tomorrows website is a dynamic and interactive base for all of the information you will need to serve your clients.


As a Protected Tomorrows Advocate, you’ll also have access to the site’s Webinar Archive, where you’ll find easy-to-understand clips to help familiarize you with the Protected Tomorrows process, and to illustrate how you can best relate to your clients and their needs.