Special Needs Planning Series – Part 1: Taking the First Step

The thought of having to create a special needs plan for a loved one with disabilities is, for many families, an overwhelming, daunting and even frightening proposition. The good news is that it does not need to be, especially if you take the process one step at a time.

The eight-step PT planning process was designed to help families tackle every aspect of developing a comprehensive special needs plan. This inclusive process encompasses all aspects of life, from family communications to savings solutions.  Each step of the process covers a specific area of life planning and allows for your family to develop a unique plan that meets your own individual needs. The process requires time, commitment and honesty; but the result is a comprehensive future care plan that will not only provide a full and rewarding life for your family member with special needs, but peace of mind for the rest of your family, with the knowledge that your loved one’s future needs will be met.

The foundation of the process, the First Step, begins by looking honestly and openly into all aspects of your loved one’s future requirements, while at the same time balancing those requirements against the needs of all other family members.  Scrutinizing your family’s financial situation and unique structure are integral to recognizing what work must be undertaken to build a successful plan. This may very well be the first time you are confronting face-to-face the dreams, goals and fears that you have for your family member with special needs. It may seem difficult at first, but this step provides the critical framework upon which to construct your plan.

Focusing on these specific topics is made easier with the assistance of PT Advocates, who will meet with you to candidly discuss your personal situation in detail. In anticipation of your initial meeting with an Advocate, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire designed to help you think through exactly what your dreams, goals and fears are for your loved one. Providing a brief description of your family in general, and what life has been like with your family member with special needs, assists the PT Advocate in crafting the perfect special needs plan as your family moves forward into the future.

Having a solid, comprehensive special needs plan in place makes the journey into the future a much more secure, and far less apprehensive, one for everyone in your family. Taking the First Step toward completing this process will start you on your way toward accomplishing this task. In addition to meeting with a PT Advocate to get the process rolling, we encourage you to also take advantage of several valuable 90-minute PT workshops that will be held each month. Making plans to attend a workshop is as easy as contacting Protected Tomorrows at 847-522-8086 or info@protectedtomorrows.com.