Special Needs Planning Series – Part 2: Taking the Next Step

You have successfully completed the first, and probably most difficult, step in the eight-step PT planning process. Congratulations! In the First Step, you took a hard and honest look at your loved one’s future requirements to get a “big picture” of the work needed to develop the perfect plan for your unique situation. In the Next Step, you will begin to build upon the solid framework you have created.

Construction on this framework will begin by creating your vision of each of the different life stages in your loved one’s future. You will identify each life need, including a quality living environment, educational supports, medical needs, a wellness program and recreational activities appropriate to their ability to support themselves in the future.  This part of the process will be somewhat time-consuming, but is integral to the overall success of your plan.

Having your vision drawn out, it is now time to crunch the numbers. You will need to specifically map out the cash flow that will be needed to support each one of the separate needs you have identified. Don’t panic if you aren’t a whiz with numbers, as help is available in two different ways. You can work with a PT Advocate directly, or utilize our Online Future Care Planning System. This easy-to-navigate system will provide you with the tools you need to successfully plan a safe and fulfilling future for your loved one. The system allows you to enter information into a database and then guides you through the eight-step planning process. This information may be conveniently accessed by other family members and caregivers as appropriate, as well.

Your vision has been mapped out in detail and you have constructed a solid and secure cash flow process to accompany it, so you are finished with this step, right?  Not exactly. This part of the overall planning process is a fluid one.  As your family member ages, the needs you originally identified will change. The map you have created must change accordingly. As your loved one proceeds through the various stages of their life, a clearer understanding of their future needs will become more apparent.  Therefore, it is important to stay committed to refining the map you have drawn each year, as life needs change. The online system is a great tool to help you with these important modifications, as it allows you to easily modify your data as it becomes necessary.

Once you have completed this step, you will already be a quarter of the way through the process of creating your Future Care Plan™. Continuing to work closely with your PT Advocate will ensure that the rest of the process goes smoothly, as they are always available to guide you and answer any questions that may arise.

In addition to working directly with your PT Advocate and using the Online Future Care Planning System, additional help is also available through our valuable 90-minute PT workshops that are held each month. These workshops are an indispensable compliment to the services offered by our Advocates. Making plans to attend a workshop is as easy as contacting Protected Tomorrows at 847-522-8086 or info@protectedtomorrows.com.

Be sure to also check our calendar of events for upcoming workshops, webinars and new online presentations.