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  • Advise your clients to keep their child’s school and medical records.
  • Advise your client they need at least one original birth certificate.
  • Make sure the attorneys you are referring your clients to have experience in Special Needs Trusts.
  • If your client is planning on applying for government benefits, verify and then verify again what, if any assets are in the child’s name. Make sure there are no “forgotten” US Savings Bonds.
  • Encourage your client to document information about their child with special needs by using the Document the Wonder™ process.
  • Encourage your client to think long range. What are their hopes and goals? This will help you plan for your client and review the Protected Tomorrows®.
  • Don’t forget to ask your client’s about themselves. Protected Tomorrows™ prides itself in taking a holistic approach to future planning. We want to know about the entire family. It encourages client’s to share with you and assures them that you’re not just another financial planner.
  • Remind your clients that their accounts need to reflect the Special Needs Trust and not the child with disabilities.