Your Journey Through an Eight Step Special Needs Planning Program

calender-icon April 17, 2024
clock-icon 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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Location: Hinsdale Middle School

Sponsored by: Hinsdale Consolidated School District 181

Speakers: Mary Anne Ehlert, President and Founder of Protected Tomorrows

This presentation will be uplifting, interactive and educational, as well as provide a good basic understanding so that participants will be able to develop the foundation for their family’s own personal Future Care Plan™. Some topics of discussion include: How to create a map of the future; How to prepare legally and financially; incorporate and maximize government benefits; Transition; Education; Employment/ Day programs; Housing; Medical; and Building a lifelong support network.

Protected Tomorrows, Inc., is the leader in enhancing the lives of families with members who have special needs. By guiding families through its comprehensive, proprietary planning process, Protected Tomorrows helps families plan a safe and fulfilling life for a loved one by creating a Future Care Plan.